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June 14, 2001
76er Quotes "We've got to go back to the drawing board and see what we can do to contain that type of player. That team starts with Shaquille O'Neal and ends with Shaquille O'Neal." ALLEN IVERSON "When you consider the fact that we did make a run and they didn't panic but made good plays, that's why they're a championship team" LARRY BROWN on the Lakers "It's difficult to defend them because you have to always worry about Shaq and Kobe, and they are two of the best players in the game."
May 5, 1988
The young and the restless live at a breakneck pace. One minute Mark is going out with Julie, and the next he's holding hands with Karen. Kurt is always getting in and out of trouble. Marcia's so weird, no one knows what she's thinking. It's hard to keep up. We're not talking about a soap opera. We're talking about high school, where gossip spreads through campus faster than the aroma of cafeteria meat loaf.
June 11, 2009 | Kevin Baxter
The crop for this year's first-year player draft was considered by some analysts to be among the weakest in years. That may explain why the Angels decided to spend their 10th-round selection on a guy who has played only 10 games in the last three years and already has another steady job. But it may turn out to be the shrewdest pick in the draft if Jake Locker's career goes the way the Angels think it will.
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