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June 18, 1987 | JACK JONES, Times Staff Writer
Palmdale won a lobbying war Wednesday for the right to build a $2.1-billion replacement for the space shuttle Challenger, as the National Aeronautics and Space Administration decided it would cost too much and take too long to build the spacecraft at Vandenberg Air Force Base near Lompoc. NASA said Rockwell International estimated it would cost nearly $150 million more to do the work at Vandenberg than at Palmdale, where the company built the previous four shuttle orbiters.
March 5, 1987 | RALPH VARTABEDIAN, Times Staff Writer
The usually quiescent California cities of Lompoc and Palmdale are flexing their political muscles in Washington this week in a pork barrel competition to host the assembly site for the space shuttle orbiter to replace the lost Challenger. NASA has always built space shuttles in Palmdale, but the Air Force has recently suggested that its $3.5-billion spaceport at Vandenberg Air Force Base, which has become something of a white elephant in the last year, be used as the assembly site.
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