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March 24, 1990
Having a city's name attached to a sports franchise is apparently good for boosting political egos, even though currently Anaheim has settled for the "California" Angeles and the "Los Angeles" Rams. It is not necessary that any team member or owner actually be a part of the community to say that they are "our team." Let an enterprising owner hint that his team is available and watch the money head his way. If Al Davis could do with the game of football what he does with the game of finances, the Raiders would be champions.
August 18, 1991
Sadly, L.A.'s early crowd departure syndrome isn't related solely to baseball. Last fall I attended a football game between the Los Angeles Rams and the Dallas Cowboys at Anaheim Stadium. With just a few minutes remaining, behind by 4 or 5 points, deep in their own territory, the Rams' offense gamely trotted onto the field. Thus the stage was set for what very well could have been a memorable and exciting finish. (It matters not that it wasn't). By this time, of course, nearly a quarter of the crowd had already departed, having started their pilgrimage way back in the third quarter.
January 15, 1994
After more than a decade of bonehead decisions made under Georgia Frontiere's reign, we have a team that reflects to a T her ineptness as an owner and a human being--little heart, no character and a propensity to adopt her lifelong philosophy: When the going gets tough, escape to greener pastures. Good riddance. DANA MERINO Studio City I find it interesting that the Rams wish to explore the economic viability of remaining in Anaheim because more-recently designed stadiums provide better revenue prospects than Anaheim Stadium.
December 16, 1989
I've been suffering for 20 years now, but as of today I feel like a new man. Gone are the August days when I wished that a miracle cure was just around the corner. Gone are the Sundays when my hopes would start to blossom, only to be snuffed out like a cigarette butt by the end of December. And thankfully, I will never again have to weather the cold of Minnesota or the winds of San Francisco, that have hovered over me like the messenger of death for years. For this morning I awoke and realized what it has been that has kept me feeling so poorly for the last two decades.
May 28, 1994
The writers of this letter have been longtime Ram fans and season ticket-holders. We have watched a team rich with history, pride and leadership descend to a level of selfish disarray under the ownership of Georgia Frontiere and parsimony of John Shaw. We speak for a much larger group of Ram fans who still live and die with and support the team but who have had their enthusiasm and pride stripped away. There is no joy in being a Ram fan anymore. The fans of Baltimore and St. Louis are understandably filled with great expectation and hope.
November 18, 1989
The Los Angeles Rams organization can meet a payroll into the millions of dollars for its players and yet refuses to pay $36,000 to a union band for a season's work ("Union Puts Case Against Rams Before NLRB," Oct. 24). They waste that much on Gatorade in one year. Management can't afford a union band? Once again, this smacks into union-busting tactics by employing a scab band, typical of what has been happening in America since the Reagan Administration moved into the White House.
November 13, 1993
The Rams are so inept they can't even pull off a decent quarterback controversy. DANA MERINO Studio City I read that the Rams are starting Jim Everett on Sunday and now are going to make a run at the playoffs. I'm a little confused. What were they trying to do in the first half? In truth, I'm scared to find out. JASON BARRY Los Angeles Dear City of Baltimore, If the Los Angeles Rams move to Baltimore, your city will still be known as a city without an NFL franchise.
October 9, 2009 | Times Staff And Wire Reports
Leon Clarke Flanker for L.A. Rams Leon Clarke, 76, a Pro Bowl offensive end and flanker for the Los Angeles Rams who was a three-year letterman at USC, died of pancreatitis Monday in Los Alamitos, USC announced. After the Rams picked him in the second round of the 1956 NFL draft, Clarke played for the team for four seasons. The 6-foot-4, 230-pound football player was selected to the Pro Bowl in his rookie season. He also played for the Cleveland Browns from 1960-62 and the Minnesota Vikings in 1963.
April 30, 1986
FIRST ROUND 1. Tampa Bay, Bo Jackson (Auburn), rb; 2, Atlanta, Tony Casillas (Oklahoma), nt; 3. Houston, Jim Everett (Purdue), qb; 4. Indianapolis, from New Orleans, Jon Hand (Alabama), dl; 5. St. Louis, Anthony Bell (Michigan St.), lb; 6. New Orleans, from Indianapolis, Jim Dombrowski (Virginia), ot; 7. Kansas City, Brian Jozwiak (West Virginia), ot; 8. San Diego, from Minnesota, Leslie O'Neal (Oklahoma St.), 9. Pittsburgh, John Rienstra (Temple), og; 10. Philadelphia, Keith Byars (Ohio St.
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