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November 10, 1985
Thank you very much for your kindness in introducing my business in Los Angeles Times Magazine's beauty section (Oct. 6). However, instead of Kim's Nail Garden, my business name is Kim's Nail Care, 426 N. La Cienega Blvd., Los Angeles. Nancy Ton Los Angeles
November 20, 1988
I can accept the fact that 51% of the Sept. 18 issue of the Los Angeles Times Magazine is devoted to advertisements. What I cannot understand is why you would expect any significant number of your 1.4 million readers to be interested enough in Jay Chiat for you to devote almost 20% of an issue to him. PAUL JACOBS Goleta
November 28, 1999
In response to Craig L. Byrd's letter of Nov. 7 regarding the Oct. 10, 168-page advertisement for Staples Center, I say, "Amen!" I thought I was the only one who noticed. The only way I recognized it as the Los Angeles Times Magazine was by the crossword puzzle in the back. Susan Malone Santa Monica
March 19, 1999
The Los Angeles Times Magazine explores Oscar fashion through the years. Calendar provides a complete pre-show guide to the Oscars. The Web site,, offers photo galleries, trivia quizzes and more. The site will report winners as they are announced Sunday night.
December 18, 1994
My compliments on the upgrading in quality of the Los Angeles Times Magazine. Being a native of New York, I continue to receive the New York Times on Sunday, mostly for its magazine. Now it's a tossup as to which magazine to read first. In recent months, yours has been incredibly interesting and thought-provoking. Dr. William H. Parker Santa Monica
May 9, 1993
What an incredibly ugly picture to have on the cover of the Los Angeles Times Magazine, especially on Easter Sunday (April 11). Easter is supposed to represent the Resurrection of Christ, not some carnival figure. If you wanted to avoid any sign of Christianity, it would have been far more appropriate to have a cover celebrating flowers making their annual return. ALICE PIERRET Santa Barbara
May 28, 1989
Capturing the classic Southern California image was the challenge for entrants in this year's Los Angeles Times Magazine photo contest. The winning photos shown here were selected from more than 1,500 pictures whose subjects included pets, Rose Parade floats and, of course, sunsets, kids and beaches. The top four photographers received cash prizes of $1,500, $750, $500 and $250. The contest was judged by members of the magazine staff.
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