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November 28, 1999
In response to Craig L. Byrd's letter of Nov. 7 regarding the Oct. 10, 168-page advertisement for Staples Center, I say, "Amen!" I thought I was the only one who noticed. The only way I recognized it as the Los Angeles Times Magazine was by the crossword puzzle in the back. Susan Malone Santa Monica
February 12, 1989
As I have read about the "Project X" controversy, I have become more and more curious about how animals that work in movies are treated. According to the Los Angeles Times Magazine, Vicki Hearne's story was "The Trainers' Side of the Controversy." Now, I would like to hear the other side. WANDA BOWSER Mission Hills
November 20, 1988
I can accept the fact that 51% of the Sept. 18 issue of the Los Angeles Times Magazine is devoted to advertisements. What I cannot understand is why you would expect any significant number of your 1.4 million readers to be interested enough in Jay Chiat for you to devote almost 20% of an issue to him. PAUL JACOBS Goleta
May 3, 1987
In response to the letter from Carolina Torres (Viewers' Views, April 12), I also agree that "Nutcracker: Money, Madness and Murder" was a wonderful six hours of television viewing, but her complaint hardly stands. Had she paid closer attention, she would have noticed that Frances (Lee Remick) was reading the New York Times Magazine, not the Los Angeles Times Magazine. Besides, my father (Paul Bogart) directed "Nutcracker," and he would have never let a detail like that escape him. Tracy Bogart, Malibu
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