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January 15, 1995 | Research by NONA YATES / Los Angeles Times
Total estimated damage: $250 million MAJOR RECONSTRUCTION PROJECTS: * I-5 and Highway 14: Rebuild interchange Phase 1: Total cost: $23.1 million Early completion bonus: $3.5 million Date of reopening: July 8 Phase 2: Total cost: $13.2 million Early completion bonus: none Open: November 4 * Gavin Canyon Bridges I-5: Rebuild Total Cost: $19.75 million Early completion bonus: $4.
December 5, 1993 | Following are excerpts of a question and answer session President Clinton held Saturday with Times editors and executives:
QUESTION: Mr. President, we all (saw) this morning's story on the (roughly) $50 million the Administration is giving the state of California. Still a lot of people say that that's just not going to be enough. . . . So I'm just wondering, what can California expect? CLINTON: California has done very well with this Administration, given the money we had to spend.
January 18, 1994
Water bottles may be filled free at: * Chatsworth High School, 10027 Lurline Ave. * Granada Hills High School, 10535 Zelzah Ave. * John F.Kennedy High School, 11254 Gothic Ave., Granada Hills * Sylmar High School, 13050 Borden Ave. Report water trouble: (818) 503-1783; Between 3:30 p.m. and 7 a.m.: (213) 580-8120 MISCELLANEOUS PHONE NUMBERS In areas that are part of the city of Los Angeles: * Trees down and removal of street debris, call the city of Los Angeles: (213) 485-5661 or (213) 485-2121.
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