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Lou Sheldon

December 23, 1990
The article concerning Laguna Beach and AIDS was the worst piece of sensational journalism I have ever read. If the purpose of a feature article is to inform and educate, then you failed miserably. I am a person with AIDS and your article was an unfair representation of gay people in Laguna Beach. To highlight a man who killed himself, to focus on a sex workshop at Laguna Shanti, this is not what the gay community is about. This article could have been written by the Rev. Lou Sheldon.
August 20, 1990
With all the press being given to Sullivan, one bit of information has been omitted. In 1989, the Department of Health and Human Services released a four-volume report on teen suicide. In it the startling fact that adolescent homosexuals are at much greater risk than their non-gay counterparts for both attempted and completed suicides was revealed. Rather than acting on this information and calling for further research in the area, Dr. Sullivan joined with notorious gay-bashers, the Rev. Lou Sheldon and Rep. William Dannemeyer (R-Fullerton)
September 3, 1989
Bravo to Santa Ana City Council members Pat McGuigan, Dan Griset and Mayor Dan Young for not caving in to fundamentalist fanatic the Rev. Lou Sheldon's pressure over the Gay Pride Festival scheduled in Santa Ana's Centennial Park. Ironically, Sheldon doesn't live in Santa Ana but seems to glow in the media notoriety given to this city's issues. As a concerned resident, I am not really interested in Centennial Park tenants, but I am interested in ignoring self-aggrandizement by a small minority of non-residents interfering in our city.
November 24, 1991
So, Lou Sheldon is opposed to ACT-UP providing safer-sex information and condoms to high school students because it is "handing them a gun and telling them to go play Russian roulette." Well, I'm sorry, but teen-age hormones and our sex-obsessed society have already put a loaded gun into their jeans! By offering teen-agers education and condoms, ACT-UP is saying, "If you're not going to choose abstinence, using a condom makes sure that 80% of the bullets are blanks." Even "safer sex" is still risky, but with half of our kids already engaging in unprotected sex, it's criminal not to provide condoms to anyone who wants them.
April 13, 1990
It was interesting to read that most of the conservative Christian counselors who work with homosexuals ("The Last Temptation," April 5) disagree with the Rev. Lou Sheldon, their loudest proponent. They say he is wrong to suggest that homosexuality is "evil" or that all gays need "reparative" therapy. Poor Lou, he is all alone on this issue too. It's too bad the media considers Sheldon a spokesman for the Christian community on homosexuality when he is obviously out of touch, even with the conservative Christians who actually do work in this area.
October 22, 1989
Once again, Lou Sheldon has used the pages of the Los Angeles Times (Oct. 15) to muddy the waters of sensible discussion. Sheldon's contention that homosexuals are asking for "special" rights, whether it is in Irvine or elsewhere, is his favorite way of clouding the issue and creating a smoke screen behind which intelligent discussion cannot take place. Homosexuals are not asking for "special" rights. The Irvine measure does not guarantee any rights that others do not enjoy. In general, what we are asking for is protection of the same rights that all Americans are guaranteed.
October 15, 1989
So William Allen of the U.S. Civil Rights Commission believes that protection of minority rights causes social divisiveness. Well, I suppose so. As long as minorities "knew their place" and did not raise their voices in protest, things looked peaceful--never mind the injustice. We might even give Allen the benefit of the doubt and say he is advocating the theory of "benign neglect." Under this theory minorities quietly work out their own problems without undue attention from the mainstream.
August 12, 1990
Re "Ministers Square Off Over Provocative Art Exhibit" (Aug. 3): Once again the Rev. Lou Sheldon (I used the term ever so loosely) is raking muck and slinging morally right mud where he sees it is needed most. However, this time it's in a location outside of Orange County. Well, isn't that special. Santa Monica won't stand for it and well they shouldn't. For Sheldon to want to limit the rights of Westside residents to view art or limit the role of funding of any artist is just plain fascism at work, not to mention throwing the First Amendment right out the window.
December 16, 1990
The recent study on schoolbook challenges ("Schoolbook Challenges on Steady Course," Dec. 7) is only going to get worse. The far-too-often-quoted Rev. Louis P. Sheldon of the Coalition for Traditional (Christian Fundamentalist) Values in Anaheim is going to have an even greater challenge to his effort to establish Christian Fundamentalism as the one and only true and established state religion in his Christian America. Soon the now 10 million American Moslems (latest count and growing)
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