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May 19, 2007
Re "Liberte, egalite, infidelite," Opinion, May 15 Pamela Druckerman aptly points out the differences between our morality and that of the French, but she forgets to mention that, for the French, marital loyalty and fidelity have little or nothing to do with how strongly, logically and intelligently a person leads the country. As I remember, the French shook their heads in disbelief at the televised scandals of Bill Clinton and Clarence Thomas. FARROKH ALLEN Santa Monica
August 7, 2009
Re "The (political) party is over," Opinion, Aug. 2 Mickey Edwards is right on target when he writes that "loyalty to party undermines the very essence of representative government." One problem is that our representatives too often act not according to the honorable principles in their official party platforms but to improve their chances of reelection, which of course involves party unity and special interests. A second problem is that we have no reliable mechanism to tell us which representatives are voting strictly for party unity instead of following their acknowledged principles.
November 18, 2006
Re "Conflict in the name of loyalty," Opinion, Nov. 14 Although Andrew Cohen's history of the Pledge of Allegiance is accurate, it misses an important point regarding loyalty. Who is loyal to America? Is loyalty a salute to the flag, with or without the word "God"? Is it singing the national anthem? Is it being drafted or volunteering for military service? Is it not disagreeing with government leaders? Is it voting or refusing to vote because the choices are so poor? Loyalty is understanding that America was born of revolt, flourished on dissent and became great through experimentation.
March 15, 1997
Interesting comments by Bill Plaschke in his Sunday Scene column. In discussing Peyton Manning's decision to stay and play his senior season at Tennessee, Plaschke comments, "Why is he . . . more honorable than somebody who leaves school early for the same reason [to play football]?" He goes on to state that Manning must want the Heisman Trophy or the national championship or to stay away from Bill Parcells. Maybe Plaschke has been a sportswriter too long. In the real world, loyalty, upholding your commitments and personal responsibility are more honorable than breaking your commitments and discarding loyalty in order to make millions of dollars--earlier than you will anyway.
July 23, 2006
Regarding "Bringing Gen Y Aboard for the Long Haul," July 10: Managers who believe that mentors are going to increase Generation Y's corporate loyalty are willfully ignoring changes in American corporate culture. These are children who have watched their parents weather repeated layoffs and are aware of the way downsizing increases stock values. These students have read articles advising workers to keep up their skills and to be ready for radical changes in labor opportunities.
April 27, 1991
This is the last straw. The Dodgers should rot in the cellar this season. My husband says they have lost their soul, and after the piece on Mickey Hatcher I'm sadly agreeing with him. As Kevin Grossly Overpaid's ERA nose-dives from 19 to 16, Hatcher is still declaring his love for an organization that slapped him in the face and won't take him for free. Tommy, you of all people should know that you can't buy loyalty like that. KELLY MAYFIELD Hollywood
June 29, 1988
As a Cabinet member in the hoped-for Democratic Administration, Jesse Jackson could accomplish more for this country, and the American people than if he were vice president. Is there any doubt that George Bush is blocked in many directions to prove his loyalty to his boss? Jackson is too vigorous to be satisfied with that job. He has so much to offer and should have the opportunity to use his valuable expertise to the American people. JACKIE SAMENOW Los Angeles
January 20, 2007
I could not believe my ears. At Monday's game against the Heat, Shaq sat quietly on the bench. One close-up shot and we boo him? Are you kidding me? Three championships are not enough to put him in the Lakers' pantheon of greatness? You boo him? Excuse me? He makes comments. So what. Who cares? You better realize what Phil and Kobe have known all along. Another championship without him will be a freak of nature. Nice loyalty, Los Angeles. LARRY FRAZIN Santa Monica
May 31, 1992
Bill Clinton had impressed me for years on C-SPAN, primarily for his innovative educational plans. Last January, when the Gennifer Flowers story broke, I was heartsick. I was sure that all the "smart money" politicos would desert him and his campaign would collapse. Then I heard Mickey Kantor on Michael Jackson's KABC talk show defending Clinton. I knew nothing about Kantor, but such loyalty pleasantly surprised me. Now, I'm quite amazed as I read about Kantor's outstanding background in public service.
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