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January 20, 1998 | BARBARA MURPHY
Brad J. Fanshaw will become managing director of J.T. Granatelli Lubricants in Camarillo when it merges with Genus Chemical Corp., company officials announced. Fanshaw, 35, is the new chief executive officer of World Wise Technologies, the parent company of Genus Chemical. Fanshaw, formerly president and director of Boyds Wheels Inc., was credited with structuring the company and increasing annual sales from $600,000 to $17.86 million in six years.
September 29, 1998 | BARBARA MURPHY
J.T. Granatelli Lubricants in Camarillo announced it has received official Commonwealth of Independent States government certification for sale of its products in Russia. Company officials said the government endorsement will help Granatelli products gain acceptance in the marketplace. The product line includes motor oil, motor vehicle lubricants, car care products, multipurpose cleaners and a tire sealant.
July 8, 1997
76 Lubricants Co., a division of Tosco Corp., said Monday that it has signed a long-term deal for Exxon Co. to become the primary supplier for the 76 line of automotive, commercial and industrial oils. 76 Lubricants, previously a division of Unocal Corp., was recently acquired by Tosco, a major independent refiner and marketer of petroleum products and operator of convenience stores.
August 4, 1998 | Barbara Murphy
Officials with J.T. Granatelli Lubricants in Camarillo announced that the company will use a 30-minute infomercial to introduce its product line to the North American marketplace. The spot will premiere in markets throughout the Southeast and Southwest in August and will feature J.T. Granatelli Engine Treatment, Cleaner and Degreaser, Waterless Car Wash and Penetrating Lubricant. J.T. Granatelli products currently are not available at retail prices.
October 7, 1997 | BARBARA MURPHY
J.T. Granatelli Lubricants in Camarillo has received approval from the Chinese government to sell its line of petroleum-based products. As a part of this approval, the Chinese government issued Granatelli its own symbol, which is the equivalent to a United States trademark. The symbol notifies the Chinese consumer that the government has tested the product and found that it performs as promoted.
Q: We have a white screen door with a white pneumatic closer on it. The problem is that we get lots of black dust on the door and closer, which I presume is from the lubricant in the closer. I have to clean it off every few days. Is there a way to stop this? N.H. Laguna Niguel * A: It sounds as though a graphite lubricant has been used inside the closer, says Frank Eckert of Arrow True Value Hardware in Orange.
October 25, 2002 | Jeremy Rifkin, Jeremy Rifkin is the author of "The Hydrogen Economy: The Creation of the World Wide Energy Web and the Redistribution of Power on Earth" (Tarcher/Putnam, 2002).
Does the Bush administration have a hidden agenda? If you want to know how utterly estranged Europe and the United States have become, listen to the talk in the streets over the possible U.S. invasion of Iraq. In the U.S., most Americans believe President Bush when he says we have a moral obligation to protect the world from Saddam Hussein's pathological desire to build and employ weapons of mass destruction. In Europe, by contrast, most people believe that the U.S.
October 28, 2011 | By Michael Muskal
Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. worked for President Obama as the U.S. ambassador to China before deciding to run against his former employer for president. On Friday, Huntsman and the Obama camp found that they agree on something else: that Mitt Romney changes his mind so much, no one can tell what he really believes. Huntsman, trailing in almost every national poll, called Romney “a perfectly lubricated weather vane,” echoing contentions by Democrats and GOP conservatives that the former governor of Massachusetts often changes his mind.
February 27, 2012 | By Jessica Guynn
Will Facebook ads supply our friends with too much information? Consider the case of Nick Bergus, a writer, multimedia producer and instructor from Iowa City, Iowa, who can now add another line to his resume: personal lubricant pitchman. It all started when he favorited a tweet on Stellar (a service that aggregates “favorites” on social networks) that linked to a 55-gallon drum of Passion Natural water-based lubricant being sold on for $1,495. (For interested buyers, that's 46% off the list price for the kind of supply better suited to Mark Wahlberg's character in “Boogie Nights” than mere mortals)
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