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December 20, 1992
In the photo accompanying the story on General Motors' plant closures, "GM Drops the Other Shoe" (Dec. 4), UAW workers in Buffalo, N.Y., appear to be sopping up their "lunch" at a local bar. Cancel my order for a new Oldsmobile! JACK VANDERWOUDE San Bernardino
February 7, 1985 | From United Press International
The two-martini lunch is the perfect recreation for some, but for others it's a threat to their lives and well being. About 10 million Americans suffer from alcoholism, and consequently affect the lives of about 40 million others-family, friends and colleagues. Recognizing this problem, the U.S.
March 24, 1985 | Zan Thompson
The first time I was backstage at the Century Plaza Hotel, I led a small but sturdy, well-chosen band through a bland-looking side door, down a concrete corridor and finally into a covey of waiters waiting to serve dessert. Those following me were Ronald and Nancy Reagan, the newly elected governor of California and the First Lady. It was the night of the Governor's Ball at the new hotel.
December 22, 2005
Hotel Bel-Air There are few things more civilized than lunch at The Restaurant at this idyllic property. And even when it's chilly outside, the patio is comfy thanks to a heated floor. The crab and cognac bisque is outrageously good. And there's plenty of lighter fare on the "Spa" menu. * Bisque, $16. 701 Stone Canyon Road, Bel-Air; (310) 472-1211. Zov's Bistro The menu at this recently made-over modern bistro, which takes its name from chef-proprietor Zov Karamardian, spans the Mediterranean.
May 13, 1987 | Marylouise Oates
The ladies who lunch were missing Monday from their usual banquettes at the Bistro Garden and at Jimmy's. Instead, they filled tables in Merv Griffin's backyard, glittering in the pastoral setting with more diamonds and designer clothes than a Rodeo Drive boutique. Dozens of famous names and faces turned out--many of them managing to look good even in direct sunlight, away from the softly lit environs they usually glide through. The large turnout was "because we all love Eva.
Visit the restaurant at nearly any small airport and you'll probably see someone from the "$100 Hamburger Club." These part-time pilots are a staple in Southern California, proof that when you're a pilot the state just isn't that big. They think nothing of flying 150 miles for a killer malt or a tasty buffalo burger. Members of this exclusive group spend about $100 round trip for lunch--the cost of fuel, airplane maintenance and a hamburger with fries.
February 18, 2012
Cheeky's is a great, inexpensive restaurant in Palm Springs. It serves breakfast and lunch; no reservations. The food is great and fresh. Cheeky's, 622 N. Palm Canyon Drive; . Open 8 a.m.-2 p.m. Wednesdays-Mondays. Breakfast from $5, lunch from $8. Judy Herbst Beverly Hills
March 19, 2003 | Corie Brown, Times Staff Writer
Everyone goes to the Grill on the Alley for a reason. And it isn't to eat. Last Wednesday, Michael Caine arrived precisely at 1 p.m. He made his way to a choice side booth, silently nodding to a few of the dozens of talent agents, managers and lawyers who hold court at the Beverly Hills restaurant (no one at the Grill interrupts anyone -- they're all too important). He slid into the green vinyl booth, ordered a quick two-course meal and exited as silently as he came in.
The Princess of Wales came to lunch Monday in a white wool dress and a confident smile. "Please say that I was relaxed and in high spirits . . .," said Diana, a twinkle leading to the punch line. "And that I was remarkably stable."
December 8, 1985 | Ruth Reichl, A selection of the better restaurants in Beverly Hills, by Ruth Reichl, The Times' restaurant editor.
A selection of the better restaurants in Beverly Hills, by Ruth Reichl, The Times' restaurant editor. Prices listed are for food only; tax, tips and beverages not included. The Bistro, 246 N. Canon Drive; (213) 273-5633. The Bistro Garden, 176 N. Canon Drive; (213) 550-3900. Le tout Beverly Hills turns up to kiss each other's cheeks and stare at one another and gossip madly. Both restaurants are quite beautiful.
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