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Madeleine Will

July 12, 1998 | Associated Press
Secretary of State Madeleine Albright will travel to the Philippines later this month for two sets of talks on regional security issues and the Asia financial crisis, the State Department announced. Albright will be in the Philippines from July 26-29. Among the security issues to be discussed are the implications of the nuclear tests carried out in May by India and Pakistan.
May 26, 2001 | From Times Wire Reports
Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright will lead a 35-member multinational delegation to observe Peru's presidential runoff next month. The delegation will arrive in Lima, the capital, on Wednesday for meetings with Peruvian government officials, candidates and others, the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs and the Carter Center announced. On the June 3 election day, the observers will visit polling places and counting centers around the nation. Polls show U.S.
August 14, 1998 | From Times Wire Reports
The leading ethnic Albanian politician unveiled a new team to negotiate the future of Kosovo with the Serbian-led government, but failed to win the backing of rebels fighting for independence for the province. U.S. envoy Christopher Hill, who for weeks has been struggling to persuade ethnic Albanian rebels and politicians to join forces, said the violence in Kosovo made it imperative to start talks immediately.
April 26, 1998 | From Times Wire Reports
U.S. special envoy Dennis B. Ross has begun a fresh mission to revive stalled peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians. Ross launched his trip with talks with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and was also due to meet Palestinian Authority President Yasser Arafat. Ross was sent to the region ahead of separate meetings U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright will hold with Arafat and Netanyahu in London on May 4.
June 9, 1988 | United Press International
A U.S. attorney denied today that he exercised political favoritism in opting to pursue civil rather than criminal proceedings against the estranged wife of conservative syndicated columnist George F. Will, a close friend of the President and Nancy Reagan. WUSA-TV, a CBS affiliate, quoting sources, reported Wednesday that the House subcommittee on human resources and intergovernmental relations is investigating allegations that former U.S. Atty.
October 29, 1998
Secretary of State Madeleine Albright will meet with more than a dozen Silicon Valley executives today to discuss how technology companies have been affected by the Asian economic crisis. The meeting will be at the headquarters of Cisco Systems Inc. and hosted by Cisco CEO John Chambers. The chief executives of Novell Inc., National Semiconductor Corp. and Adobe Systems are among those who will attend. Recessions in Asia have hurt high-tech firms' prospects for growth in the region.
November 15, 1987 | CHRISTOPHER CONNELL and LEE MITGANG, Associated Press
Not many years ago, Dexter, a 10-year-old mute paraplegic in Indianola, Miss., or 7-year-old John from Greenwich, Conn., confined to a wheelchair with cerebral palsy, might have been kept in institutions or left to languish at home in front of the TV. School was an impossible dream for many such children. John, Dexter and the nation's 4.
December 6, 1994 | AMY HARMON
Interactive: Capital Cities/ABC and San Mateo, Calif.-based Electronic Arts have formed a joint venture to develop and publish interactive software for personal computers and video game machines, company sources said Monday. Each company is expected to invest about $10 million in the new venture, dubbed ABC/EA Home Software.
August 30, 1997 | From Times Wire Reports
Secretary of State Madeleine Albright will make her first official visit to the Middle East beginning Sept. 9 in a bid to bring Israeli-Palestinian peace talks "back from the abyss," her spokesman said. The trip, expected to last about a week, will include Israel, the Palestinian territories, Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Saudi Arabia, spokesman James P. Rubin told a State Department briefing. He gave no exact itinerary.
December 26, 1996
Re "With Albright, Will Principle Return to Policy?" Column Right, Dec. 15: My hat is off to Jonathan Clarke for seeing so clearly the challenges Madeleine Albright will face as secretary of State. However, his exhortation that she "turn America's core values into sustainable policy" is out of touch with reality. These values have been repeatedly and seriously compromised by unsavory activities a la Watergate and Irangate, to the point where they now seem more like hollow rhetoric. Principled foreign policy starts at home with strict adherence to democratic processes and decency in the exercise of power.
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