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Magic Wand

January 8, 1996 | Reuters
The apparent end of the career of Myanmar's opium king, Khun Sa, will have little if any short-term impact on the flood of heroin flowing from that nation's section of the Golden Triangle region, anti-narcotics officials said. But the drug lord's recent surrender to the Myanmar government has given Yangon the chance to prove it is sincere when it says it wants to stamp out opium growing, they said. "The end of Khun Sa does not mean a magic wand has been waved," Richard Dickins of the U. N.
February 6, 1991 | CLAUDIA PUIG, Arts and entertainment reports from The Times, national and international news services and the nation's press
Dr. Ruth in Israel: Sexologist Dr. Ruth Westheimer is the latest personality to pay a solidarity visit to Israel. "I came to stand up and be counted, not to talk about my favorite subject," Dr. Ruth said in Jerusalem Tuesday. "But if you ask about the sealed rooms (against Scud attacks), if the relationship is good, this won't hurt it, but it won't ameliorate a bad relationship." After surviving the Holocaust, Dr.
December 12, 1992 | From Staff and Wire Reports
It worked so well once, why not try it again 20 years later? So went the thinking of University of Pittsburgh officials Friday when they hired Johnny Majors to resuscitate their football program. Majors, recently forced out at the University of Tennessee, signed a coaching contract exactly one week before the 20-year anniversary of his initial hiring by the Panthers, on Dec. 18, 1972.
May 2, 1985 | United Press International
Education Secretary William J. Bennett says the average teacher salary of $22,000 is about right for the "average teacher," but that the "very good" ones should get more and bad teachers should get "zero." Bennett, in an interview with the National Education Assn., America's biggest teachers' union, also said that if given a magic wand that could accomplish one change in schools he would wave it to eliminate drugs.
January 30, 2001
David Paul Hammer is set to be executed for the murder of his cellmate ("Forgotten in Life, Jail and Death," Jan. 22). But is execution a sufficient punishment for this terrible crime? Shouldn't Hammer be made to suffer first? Perhaps we could wave a magic wand, go back in time to Hammer's childhood and persuade his parents to beat him with a belt, a shoe, an extension cord; or hold his hands to the stove's gas burner until they are singed; or force him to shoot his favorite dog; or put three puppies into a sack and beat them with a shovel until they die; or give him enemas as a punishment; or force him to have sex with his little sister.
March 16, 2012 | By Christi Parsons and Neela Banerjee, Washington Bureau
  President Obama launched a fiery defense of his energy policy Thursday amid growing pressure to stem rising gasoline prices, perhaps by releasing oil from the nation's emergency petroleum reserve. Obama avoided mentioning the Strategic Petroleum Reserve option, but acknowledged the pain Americans feel at the pump and mocked Republicans for "acting like 'We've got a magic wand and we will give you cheap gas forever.' " "We've seen it all before; we know better. You know better," he told a crowd at Prince George's Community College in Maryland.
Let's face it, those off-white colors that were the height of spring fashion are now more off than white. It isn't that they weren't lovely in May--it's just that by September the pristine pales aren't so pristine anymore. The near-whites showed their age quickly. A little wine here, a little salad oil there, some soy sauce on the cuff and what have you got? A wardrobe that looks like an array of tablecloths and a big dry-cleaning bill. No wonder black was so popular for so long.
December 17, 2008 | John Holland
A dead man was officially named Adam Walsh's killer Tuesday, but not because of any new evidence or a deathbed confession. Police simply took another look at 27 years of tips, psychic revelations, often-botched police work and a serial killer's chilling admissions and decided it was time. Time to ease the suffering of the Walsh family and time to point the finger at the man Hollywood Police Chief Chad Wagner said had been the prime suspect all along: Ottis Toole.
September 15, 2011
The Census Bureau reported Tuesday that almost 1 in 6 Americans was living below the federal poverty line in 2010, the highest percentage since 1993 and the largest number in at least five decades. The same day, the head of the Congressional Budget Office told a newly created deficit-reduction committee that the federal government couldn't sustain the services it had been providing for decades without major reductions in other spending, significant increases in taxes or both. As distressing as those presentations were, they merely reinforced what is already common knowledge: The economy is in terrible shape, and the federal government can't afford to do much to help.
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