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August 20, 1993
Kids for Kids, a committee of second-generation entertainment industry members, will host a Sept. 2 party at the Hollywood Palladium, from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m. following the MTV Video Music Awards. The event, hosted by "Wings" star Crystal Bernard and E! Entertainment Television's Michael Castner, benefits Caring for Babies With AIDS. The event includes food, dancing and magicians. Tickets are $40 in advance; $50 at the door. Information: (310) 285-2257.
March 11, 1988 | TODD KARR, Karr, a magician and a graduate of USC's School of Journalism, is a Times intern
Thirty years ago, TV stations told magicians there was one impossible feat that even they couldn't pull off: presenting magic on television. "People will just believe that it's television trickery," they were told. "Magic doesn't work on television." Today, dozens of magic specials and magic-themed series later, those ideas have practically vanished and prime-time prestidigitation is now a common commodity.
February 28, 2010 | By Veronica Walsh
"Attention!" called out Professor Ravendish. The classroom bustled with activity as the aspiring magicians of Conjurers 101 prepared for the day's lesson. "Today's assignment calls for your utmost attention. Please take care to follow the instructions. " Greta looked at Abby, her lab partner, and rolled her eyes. "Of course we'll follow the instructions," she mumbled. "One mistake could be disastrous. " "Right -- disastrous," Abby agreed, hiding a small smile. Greta placed the thick book, "Conjuring Tricks for Beginners," on the table and turned its ancient pages.
Siegfried and Roy and billboards notwithstanding, magicians historically have been an itinerant breed, relying on posters to sell their tickets. They might advertise--as, for instance, does a 1928 poster for the magician George--"a carload of scenic effects." That poster--one of 35 vintage magic-show posters on display through Aug. 22 at the Kissler-Painter Gallery here--happens to be Lonnie Painter's favorite.
October 26, 2013
Re "Engaging N. Korea," Opinion, Oct. 21 Since 2009, during each of my three visits as a guest of the North Korean government, I have seen firsthand the value of the kind of low-key, people-to-people exchanges that British Ambassador to North Korea Mike Gifford is promoting with that country. In 2012 I was allowed to bring with me an American delegation of magicians to Pyongyang. The next step is bringing some of their magicians to the United States. North Korea's leadership has approved the plan, and now I must get the support of the State Department.
June 27, 2012 | By Amy Reiter
The Vegas round of "America's Got Talent"kicked into higher gear on Tuesday, with a second night of call-back performances that weren't bad and, finally, some verdicts as to who would advance to the live shows in New York and who would be sent home. Speaking of which, the episode saw the elimination of Tim Poe, the country singer-soldier who showed up to auditions with a stutter that he said he'd developed in Afghanistan after being injured in an incident that, turns out, may never have occurred.
On a hillside overlooking Hollywood, developer Bob Klebs stepped through the doors of the mansion--now a private club--and found himself in an old Victorian room hung with red velvet wallpaper. On a bookshelf stood a brass owl. Klebs approached and spoke to it: "Open sesame." Immediately, the bookcase slid aside, giving way to a secret passageway and other rooms--and laughter--beyond.
July 20, 2003 | MICHAEL T. JARVIS
The celebrated Magic Castle in Hollywood is home to the Academy of Magical Arts and features magicians who perform nightly in various showrooms throughout the haunted Victorian mansion. The most difficult trick at the Magic Castle, a private club since 1963, is just getting in; one must be a member or know a member to be admitted. We asked a few old hands what's up their sleeves. * William Henry "Billy" McComb Magician, 81 Hollywood What's your specialty? I try to do good sleight-of-hand magic.
October 29, 2012 | By David Ng
Neil Patrick Harris will direct a new magic-themed show at the Geffen Playhouse that is set to open on Nov. 27. "Nothing to Hide," featuring magicians Derek DelGaudio and Helder Guimarães, will run at the company's Audrey Skirball Kenis Theater through Jan. 6. The show, which Harris will direct but not appear in, is a series of stage vignettes revolving around sleight-of-hand tricks, according to the Geffen. The company said the production won't be part of its regular season and won't be open for critics to review.
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