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November 5, 2006 | Ruth Ryon, Times Staff Writer
In this tri-level house, even the tub in the master bath has an ocean view. The free-standing tub sits center stage in what architects describe as a "transparent environment," where an occupant can see through the glass walls and decorative glass arch to the beach and beyond. Step outside and there are similar views from terraces overlooking 50 feet of beachfront. The home, in Malibu, was built in 1977 but was recently re-designed by architect Jay Vanos.
August 6, 2006 | Stuart Pfeifer, Times Staff Writer
Even before Mel Gibson's arrest on suspicion of drunk driving last month, the tony coastal hamlet of Malibu had a rich history of celebrities and their brushes with the law. Before Gibson, there were arrests involving Nick Nolte, Robert Downey Jr., Gary Busey and rocker Tommy Lee. Then there was Britney Spears driving on Pacific Coast Highway with her baby in her lap, fleeing paparazzi staking out her local Starbucks.
April 10, 2006 | Richard Winton and David Pierson, Times Staff Writers
Sheriff's deputies have arrested the Swedish video game executive who crashed in a rare Ferrari in Malibu in February, alleging that he didn't own that car and others in his $3.5-million exotic car collection, authorities said Sunday. Stefan Eriksson faces grand theft charges after detectives raided his gated Bel-Air estate Friday night, spent six hours searching it and then took him into custody Saturday night.
March 8, 2006 | Richard Winton and David Pierson, Times Staff Writers
Sheriff's officials investigating the crash of a Ferrari in Malibu last month are asking how a small private transit company could create its own police department and allegedly hand out law enforcement identification to civilians, including the car's owner. According to Yosef Maiwandi, it wasn't as difficult as you might think. The San Gabriel Valley Transit Authority is a tiny, privately run organization that provides bus rides to disabled people and senior citizens.
February 28, 2006 | Richard Winton and David Pierson, Times Staff Writers
The mystery deepened Monday in the case of the puzzling crash last week of a $1-million Ferrari Enzo on Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu. Sheriff's detectives said Monday that they believe a gun's magazine discovered near the wreckage is connected to the crash, and they plan to interview an unnamed person who they believe was in the car with Swedish game machine entrepreneur Stefan Eriksson.
October 28, 2005 | Hector Becerra, Times Staff Writer
The city of Malibu has a message for its residents: When a big quake hits, don't wax up the surfboard and head to the beach. City Hall is beginning to distribute tsunami-warning brochures across Malibu that are tailor-made for the surfing paradise. "Never go to the beach to watch for, or to surf, a tsunami wave!" the guide states in bold letters. " ... Because they are not like regular waves, they are impossible to surf. They are much faster, higher and can come on-shore filled with debris."
August 27, 2005 | Stuart Pfeifer and Andrew Blankstein, Times Staff Writers
Homes dotting the hillside on Winding Way in Malibu are worth millions -- with good reason. The ocean views are spectacular. Forests of eucalyptus trees attract wildlife and provide a rural refuge from the city. But those same trees can obstruct the ocean views, igniting nasty disputes among neighbors. One such conflict now brewing could land a 73-year-old man in jail.
August 14, 2005 | Martha Groves, Times Staff Writer
Sticklers, take note. If heading to Broad Beach in Malibu, be sure to have tide chart, tape measure and public-access map in hand if you want to be sure to plop your beach towel and boogie board in a legal zone. Without those tools, beachgoers will be pretty much at sea when it comes to sorting out the crazy quilt of public easements along the 1.1-mile stretch of prime beach.
August 13, 2005 | Sara Lin, Times Staff Writer
The long-running scuffle over public access on Broad Beach in Malibu took another twist Friday when the California Coastal Commission ordered an end to the posting of no-trespassing signs and the use of security guards on all-terrain vehicles to chase visitors off the dry sand.
August 8, 2005 | Jason Felch, Times Staff Writer
Normally a man injured by a shot from a pellet gun would not warrant much attention from sheriff's deputies in the nation's largest county. A victim's name is taken down. A report is filed. If things were slow, maybe in a few weeks someone would look into it. But that all changes when the man shot is a paparazzo staking out Britney Spears at her baby shower in Malibu.
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