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Malpractice Suits

August 13, 1996
Rodney G. King has sued his former attorney for malpractice, contending that lawyer Steven Lerman misappropriated money won in a civil suit against the city of Los Angeles stemming from King's 1991 beating by police. In the suit, filed in Superior Court on Friday, King alleges that Lerman has failed to comply with repeated requests to fully account for money awarded to King. In April 1994, a jury awarded King $3.
October 20, 1987 | ALAN C. MILLER, Times Staff Writer
A state Court of Appeal has affirmed its decision to order a new trial in the "clergy malpractice" lawsuit filed by a couple whose son committed suicide after receiving counseling at Grace Community Church. The court held that church counselors have a " compelling secular interest" to prevent suicide by referring someone who is suicidal to mental-health professionals.
March 17, 1999
A Ventura County doctor turned down an offer to settle a malpractice lawsuit for $1, saying that his reputation was at stake. "I've been told by my malpractice firm, 'You've won. Give them a hundred pennies on the courthouse steps,' " Dr. Edward M. Feldman said. "But if I give them a dollar, then who wins the lawsuit? I'll never settle." He pressed for a trial, which got underway late Monday at Ventura County Municipal Court.
April 6, 1999
A frustrated judge and jury cleared Thousand Oaks obstetrician Edward Feldman of malpractice Monday, calling a Moorpark woman's lawsuit a waste of time. Deliberating only one hour, a Municipal Court jury rejected Amber Onstot's negligence claim against Feldman, who refused a $1 settlement offer before the trial because he wanted a jury to clear his name. "I'm vindicated," a tearful Feldman said after the unanimous verdict, hugging his wife, Pattie. "The people who know me knew this wasn't true."
January 25, 1985 | From a Times Staff Writer
Marvin M. Mitchelson, the Los Angeles "palimony" lawyer, has lost a round in a malpractice suit brought against him by Genevieve Gillaizeau, a former client, who claimed that Mitchelson botched her forgery challenge to Darryl F. Zanuck's will by allowing the statute of limitations to run out before filing papers in court. Zanuck, co-founder of 20th Century Fox, died in Palm Springs at the age of 77 in December, 1980.
August 28, 2012 | By Stuart Pfeifer
Personal-injury lawyer Larry H. Parker is best known for his tough-talking television commercials and a catchy slogan: “We'll fight for you.” But a Riverside County woman who was badly injured in a 2011 traffic collision contends that Parker's firm made a series of mistakes that left her with no hope of compensation for her injuries. She has filed a legal malpractice lawsuit against Parker's firm. Selena Burns of Hemet suffered numerous broken bones and is confined to a wheelchair more than one year after the accident, said her attorney, Eric Dubin.
September 6, 1989
A Superior Court judge in Santa Ana has thrown out a legal-malpractice lawsuit brought by a Corona man who blamed his attorney for his 1980 conviction on charges of illegally exporting optical equipment to the Soviet Union. Judge William F. Rylaarsdam last week dismissed the $10-million claim by Walter J. Spawr, citing a five-year statute of limitations on the prosecution of civil litigation, attorneys in the case said. Spawr, 48, alleged in a 1984 lawsuit that attorney William A.
February 24, 2004 | Jean-Paul Renaud, Times Staff Writer
A man who sued his Fountain Valley veterinarian for malpractice has been awarded nearly $39,000 for the death of his dog. Five years and $375,000 in attorney's fees later, Marc Bluestone, 61, of Sherman Oaks, persuaded a Superior Court jury in Santa Ana that his dog's veterinarian, Craig Bergstrom, was guilty of malpractice.
April 1, 1985 | HARRY NELSON, Times Medical Writer
Much like California a decade ago, Florida is in the midst of a medical malpractice insurance crisis. But unlike California, which saw its crisis ended after the Legislature went into special session to enact laws aimed at protecting the physicians, there appears to be no end in sight here. Further, says the American Medical Assn., the crisis does not appear to be limited to Florida.
March 27, 1986 | MARK ARAX, Times Staff Writer
A $4.6-million medical malpractice suit against Huntington Memorial Hospital and several doctors has been settled out of court after a Superior Court jury deliberated six days without a verdict. Attorneys for both the hospital and the plaintiff, Tahleen Gertmenian, a 6-year-old blind and mentally retarded girl, refused to reveal the terms of the complex settlement reached last week.
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