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January 24, 2011 | By Melissa Healy, Los Angeles Times
Jackie Nink Pflug was shot in the head at point-blank range, rolled down a set of metal stairs and left for dead on an airport tarmac in Malta in November 1985. The man wielding the gun was one of five Palestinian militants who had hijacked EgyptAir Flight 648 bound from Athens to Cairo, where Pflug was a psychologist and special education teacher at a school for international students. By training and by nature, Pflug had always been a problem solver, quick to come up with a solution to a child's reading problem or a classroom dilemma.
Joe Polidano was thinking of the prawns in garlic butter he would serve for lunch that day, but mostly he was thinking about The Plane. He savored an image of the droop-winged U.S. Air Force Galaxy C5-B transport jet: a monster wrapped in green-and-black camouflage paint. Thirty-six wheels in the landing gear; a reporter for the Malta Times had counted them. Page 1 story. "From one plane they took two 40-foot containers! This whole bar's not 40 feet. One plane!" Joe Polidano marveled.
October 10, 2004 | Lyn Hamilton, Lyn Hamilton is the author of a series of archeological mysteries published by Berkley Prime Crime. "The Magyar Venus" was published in April, and "The Moai Murders" will be published in April 2005. She lives in Toronto.
I was lost. Again. Signs for Malta's police headquarters in Floriana, which heretofore pointed right, now inexplicably pointed left, meaning that between the sign in front of me and the last one I passed, there should have been a police station. But unless officers hang their laundry from the second-floor balcony and sell fruit and vegetables out front, I had missed it. Help, however, was at hand. "Yoohoo, dearie," a nearby voice called.
November 12, 1989
The latest issue of Traveling in Style magazine, compiled biannually by Travel Editor Jerry Hulse, appeared in the Oct. 22 edition of The Times and brought the usual assortment of "reviews" from readers. Herewith a sampling of their comments: Congratulations on yet another highly enjoyable issue. My wife and I took great pleasure in the article by Nick Clooney ("Memories Are Made of This"); we especially enjoyed Jerry Hulse's story ("Sheer Grace: A Visit to Madewood, Queen of the Bayou")
December 1, 1985 | PATRICK McDONNELL, Times Staff Writer
Friends, family and officials gathered here Saturday to bury Scarlett Marie Rogenkamp, the only American killed in the hijacking of an Egyptian airliner last weekend. At a graveside ceremony, an Air Force officer presented Rogenkamp's parents with a posthumous Purple Heart, honoring her service as a civilian Air Force employee. The Purple Heart, said Col. John C. Novak, "recognizes her contribution to world peace . . .
October 2, 2011 | By Katherine Skiba
Sen. John McCain, who visited Libya with other Republican senators last week, said as the military mission there winds down the U.S. should consider helping the North African country cope with its “horrendous” casualties. The Arizona senator proposed sending some of the injured to the U.S. Army hospital in Landstuhl, Germany, or sending a U.S. hospital ship either to Libya, or, if that was too dangerous, to Malta, a European island nation south of Sicily. He said the revolution that toppled Moammar Kadafi had left 25,000 people dead, 3,000 maimed and 60,000 wounded.
The gale-force winds and crashing waves that swept over the seaborne summit here Saturday were more than a humbling demonstration that even the mighty are vulnerable to the weather. It was also a symbolic reminder that even the nuclear superpowers are fast losing their ability to control a world that they used to bestride like the Colossus. While President Bush and Soviet President Mikhail S.
May 2, 2004 | Stephanie Booth, Special to The Times
A cabdriver taking us to the ferry at Malta's Cirkewwa Harbor shook his head when we told him we were planning to spend the remaining days of last April's weeklong vacation on Gozo, Malta's tiny sister island and only a third the size of its sibling. "Gozo is slow." He shook his head disapprovingly. "There's nothing there!"
June 20, 2000 | Associated Press
Six locations popular as tax havens with Americans and Europeans have promised to end within five years the practices that gave them that reputation.
July 25, 1985 | Associated Press
Tentative plans for a North American tour by the Soviet Red Army hockey team, including a game in Los Angeles and highlighted by a 10th anniversary game of the celebrated Red Army-Montreal Canadien matchup, were announced Wednesday by Al Eagleson. It was on Dec. 31, 1975, during the Red Army's first extended series against National Hockey League opposition that the Soviet army team and Montreal Canadiens played a 3-3 tie in the Forum at Montreal.
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