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March 24, 1991 | JIM MURRAY
As you know if you've been paying attention, it always gives me great pleasure to herald the return of a supposedly extinct or even endangered species. I wish the Great Plains bison would return. I deplore the disappearance of the dinosaur, the whooping crane, the woolly mammoth. I am saddened by the increasing extinction of the tiger, the elephant. I am sorry to see shark meat become a table delicacy because I know it means the great whites will soon cease to prowl the ocean's floor.
July 6, 1988 | Mike Downey
Wednesday: Billy Martin was signed to a four-hour contract today to manage the New York Yankees. "I'm just going to take things one minute at a time," Martin said. Thursday: Billy Martin's job as manager of the New York Yankees was rumored to be in jeopardy today after pitcher Tommy John hurt his arm by pitching every inning of a 21-inning loss to the Boston Red Sox. "Billy doesn't know how to handle pitchers," John said. "Oh, yes, I do," said Martin, grabbing John by the throat.
As the results of Tuesday's primaries were still being assimilated Wednesday, Bucky Dent was removed from office--a predictable exit that required no poll. In his 18th season as dictatorial owner of the New York Yankees, George Steinbrenner has changed managers 19 times. Dent's firing was accompanied by familiar rhetoric. "George languished long and hard over this decision," General Manager Harding Peterson said. "We all believe the club is better than the record indicates."
September 24, 1988
The Philadelphia Phillies fired manager Lee Elia Friday and named coach John Vukovich as interim manager for the rest of the season. General Manager Lee Thomas said that next year's manager will come from outside the organization and will be named as quickly as possible after the end of this season. Elia was hired on June 18, 1987, replacing John Felske. The Phillies are in the National League East cellar and have lost 33 of their last 47 games.
October 15, 1997 | Times Staff and Wire Reports
St. Joseph Hospital took over financial management Tuesday of struggling Children's Hospital of Orange County. The management plan, which allows CHOC to remain an independent institution with its own board and management, was approved by both institutions' boards. The two organizations announced plans for the business arrangement in June.
July 20, 1996 | Reuters
Quaker Oats Co. said Friday that it is realigning the management of its Snapple Beverage unit, which has failed to meet the company's expectations since it was acquired in late 1994 for $1.7 billion. Quaker also said that Donald R. Uzzi, president of Quaker Oats Beverages, North America, is leaving the company. His duties will be performed by a management team that will report directly to Quaker Chairman William Smithburg.
February 14, 1993 | Reuters
A 46-year-old British man collapsed and died from a suspected heart attack while trekking through mountains in freezing fog on a management training course, police said Saturday. Rescue teams found that four of his companions had failed to revive the man, who had been walking in the Brecon Beacons in Wales Friday.
September 27, 1994 | Jack Searles
Dawn Hodson, president of J. D. Hodson & Associates, a Ventura management consulting firm, says there are four main behavioral styles in business: * Drivers. "They're direct. They hate indecision. Deal with them by being equally direct and producing results." * Amiables. "They're warm, sincere and loyal, but they hate sudden change. Cooperate with them; don't compete." * Expressives. "They're confident and very verbal. They want to be liked. Don't argue." * Analyticals.
October 29, 1992 | MICHAEL SCHRAGE, Michael Schrage is a writer, consultant and research associate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He writes this column independently for The Times
Would you buy your next computer from a "holonic" technology company? Nippon Electric Corp.'s president, Tadahiro Sekimoto, is betting that you will. According to Sekimoto, a holonic company is organized around the design principle of laser holography: Each part of the company reflects the structure of the whole, giving it the twin strengths of unity and diversity.
March 27, 2004 | From Bloomberg News
Gateway Inc., the personal computer maker that lost $1.84 billion in the last three years, announced a new senior management team that reports to incoming Chief Executive Wayne Inouye. Of the 13 senior vice presidents, six come from EMachines Inc. Gateway said six executives in charge of PC products, consumer products, professional products, customer service and support and operations would leave the company after an unspecified transition period.
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