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September 14, 1986 | Associated Press
An early morning fire on a Canadian National Rail bridge near this northern Manitoba community has effectively cut off a Canadian grain port until the middle of next week. Train travel to the northern grain port of Churchill was stopped Friday during the fire and is not expected to resume until Wednesday, a CN Rail spokesman said.
April 29, 1997 | From Reuters
As the Red River's levels remained stable and dikes held, Canadian emergency officials were optimistic Monday that the worst may be over for flood-ravaged towns near the Manitoba-North Dakota border. But upstream in the city of Winnipeg, flood preparations continued at a fever pitch as the swell of the river moved northward.
July 29, 1988 | Associated Press
A 41-year-old Danish man was charged with mischief in a Manitoba court Thursday after being caught smoking in a washroom on a British Airways 747 bound for Los Angeles and then tussling with the crew, police said. He was arrested after the pilot landed at Winnipeg International Airport.
March 3, 1987 | Associated Press
More than 400 horses in Manitoba province have been ordered destroyed in what is believed to be the worst outbreak of swamp fever in the province in 15 years, Dr. Val Kjernisted, a veterinarian with Agriculture Canada, said Monday. The viral disease, spread by mosquitoes and known also as equine infectious anemia, was first detected last December, Kjernisted said.
April 27, 1996 | From Times Wire Reports
An outbreak of bloody rioting that began late Thursday at a Manitoba prison continued, with authorities reporting four injured guards and a dozen injured inmates. Seventy prisoners remained holed up in an unheated, heavily damaged cellblock at the facility outside Winnipeg.
June 18, 1998
Hudson's Bay Co. Digital Collection, provided by the Manitoba Museum of Man and Nature, is a graphical collection of 19th and 20th century aboriginal (and European and Canadian) artifacts. The address is:
April 18, 2000 | SCOTT MOE
The Long Beach Ice Dogs finished seven points ahead of the Manitoba Moose and held a 6-1-0 advantage in the season series. The reward? Opening a best-of-three series at Manitoba tonight in the first round of the Turner Cup playoffs. The Ice Dogs, the fourth-place team in the Western Conference of the International Hockey League, finished 44-31-7 and had 95 points, the final two coming in a season-ending victory at Manitoba on Saturday. The Moose finished fifth at 37-31-14 and had 88 points.
July 26, 1989 | From Times Wire Services
Thundershowers rumbled across Manitoba and Saskatchewan provinces on Tuesday, spilling light rain onto hundreds of forest fires that have blackened more than 2.2 million acres across a wide area of Canada. Officials held out hope that more rain, expected overnight, would dampen the fires. The worst forest fires in Manitoba's history have consumed about 3,500 square miles of land--more than the combined area of Delaware and Rhode Island--and continued to burn Tuesday night.
July 30, 1995 | From Times Staff and Wire Reports
An explosion north of Brandon in Manitoba ripped through a natural gas pipeline owned by TransCanada Pipelines Ltd., Canadian media reported. The early morning blast sent a huge fireball into the sky, the Canadian Press news agency reported. The pipeline's gas supply was cut off, and the fire was extinguished an hour later. No one was injured in the explosion, which took place about 120 miles west of Winnipeg.
October 24, 2004 | Sam Quinones, Times Staff Writer
As a child in his Mennonite settlement in northern Mexico, Jacobo attended a one-room school, where he did his lessons in chalk on a small black slate, and barely learned to read and write. As a teenager, he was forbidden from listening to music, playing sports, dancing, even yelling, by Mennonite authorities intent on protecting their people from the world. Instead, those good intentions left Jacobo vulnerable -- unprotected -- when the real world beckoned.
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