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Manned Mission

May 26, 1990
President Bush's call for a manned mission to Mars by 2019, while exciting, is irresponsible. Unmanned space exploration, which is much cheaper than manned programs, has proven to be highly successful. The Viking Mars mission, which cost about $1 billion, returned photos and other data for years; a manned mission costing 100 times as much would only collect data for months before returning to Earth.
September 17, 1985 | From Reuters
The Soviet Union today launched a spacecraft carrying three cosmonauts into orbit to join two spacemen already aboard the Salyut-7 space station, the official Tass press agency said. Cmdr. Vladimir Vasyutin, pilot Georgy Grechko and researcher Alexander Volkov blasted off at 4:39 p.m. Moscow time, the agency said. The flight is the ninth manned mission to the Salyut-7 station since the complex was placed in space in April, 1982.
August 7, 2000 | JOHN MERCHANT, John Merchant is a retired aerospace engineer and consultant in Needham, Mass. E-mail:
The possible discovery of water on Mars raises the question of whether there is, or ever has been, life on Mars. Should a manned mission be undertaken to find out? The problem is that the limited results of a one-shot visit to that planet may not be sufficient to justify the enormous difficulty, danger and prohibitive cost of such a mission. There is much more at stake in the human exploration and development of space, however, than water on Mars, and there may be a much easier way to get there.
June 23, 1995 | From Times Staff and Wire Reports
Engineers sealed a helium leak in the space shuttle's steering system, but storms still threatened today's planned launching of Atlantis on the 100th U.S. manned mission--a historic flight to the Russian space station Mir, NASA said. Agency officials at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida said the mission had a 20% chance of taking off as scheduled.
May 8, 1990
L. Nicholas Ruwe, 56, former ambassador to Iceland and aide to two presidents. Appointed U.S. assistant chief of protocol by President Richard M. Nixon, Ruwe arranged the state funerals of Presidents Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1969 and Harry S. Truman in 1972 and the world tour of astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins after the first manned mission to the moon in 1969.
October 12, 2005 | From Times Wire Reports
Two astronauts blasted off on China's second manned space mission. A rocket carrying the Shenzhou 6 capsule and the astronauts -- Fei Junlong, 40, and Nie Haishen, 41 -- was launched from a remote base in China's northwest. The launch was shown live on state television.
December 6, 2012 | By Amina Khan and Rosie Mestel, Los Angeles Times
Years of trying to do too many things with too little money have put NASA at risk of ceding leadership in space exploration to other nations, according to a new report that calls on the space agency to make wrenching decisions about its long-term strategy and future scope. As other countries - including some potential adversaries - are investing heavily in space, federal funding for NASA is essentially flat and under constant threat of being cut. Without a clear vision, that fiscal uncertainty makes it all the more difficult for the agency to make progress on ambitious goals like sending astronauts to an asteroid or Mars while executing big-ticket science missions, such as the $8.8-billion James Webb Space Telescope, says the analysis released Wednesday by the National Research Council.
November 13, 1988
Two Soviet cosmonauts broke a 326-day record for endurance in space as the official Tass news agency announced that a second attempt to launch the Soviet space shuttle will take place Tuesday. The first attempt on Oct. 29 to launch the shuttle Buran ended 51 seconds before scheduled liftoff when equipment on the launch pad failed to move away from the unmanned craft.
August 26, 1989 | From Reuters
A Soviet space cargo craft docked successfully with the orbiting station Mir Friday to supply scientific equipment for a manned mission next month, Tass reported. The Soviet news agency said the unmanned Progress-M craft, a new type of space vehicle, docked with Mir at 9:19 a.m. Moscow time. Two Soviet cosmonauts are due to lift off for Mir Sept. 6 for a five-month stay on the space station.
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