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May 25, 2012 | By Leah Ollman
Debra Scacco was born in New York of an Italian father and American mother, grew up there and in Georgia, and now lives in London. These locales are key to her absorbing drawings at Marine Contemporary, which map psychic more than physical territory, places defined by memory, association and pervasive yearning. In each of seven large ink drawings that form the core of the show, a single shape floats against stark whiteness. The islands aren't recognizable places as much as concentrated meditations on place, mantra-like repetitions of phrases aligned in concentric rings like ripples emanating from a dropped stone, the widening bands of a target, the lines of a contour map. From a few steps back, the urgency and intensity of the written pleas -- "I cannot reach you," "All I ask is one more day" -- devolves into pure pattern.
October 19, 2012 | By Bob Pool, Los Angeles Times
The discovery that real estate agent Matthew Greenberg made when he stepped inside a Mount Washington cottage will put the Los Angeles Public Library on the map. Stashed everywhere in the 948-square-foot tear-down were maps. Tens of thousands of maps. Fold-out street maps were stuffed in file cabinets, crammed into cardboard boxes, lined up on closet shelves and jammed into old dairy crates. Wall-size roll-up maps once familiar to schoolchildren were stacked in corners. Old globes were lined in rows atop bookshelves also filled with maps and atlases.
March 26, 1999
Maps showing areas in Los Angeles and Orange counties where earthquake damage is most likely to be exacerbated by soil liquefaction were released Thursday by the state Department of Conservation. The 24 maps, which cover about 2,600 square miles in 83 cities, are intended for use when planning new structures or selling existing ones, said state geologist James Davis.
November 8, 1987
We read with great dismay Jerry's response to R. B. of Canoga Park regarding "a store that specializes in maps and travel books" in Travel Tips Oct. 4. R. B. need not have looked farther than her backyard: MAPS, etc. is at 21919 Sherman Way in Canoga Park just east of Topanga Canyon Boulevard. As the only complete map and travel bookstore in the west San Fernando Valley, we also carry foreign travel maps, USGS Topo maps, hiking books, nautical and aeronautical charts, raised relief maps and globes, as well as sales and marketing maps for business.
December 26, 2012 | By Bob Pool, Los Angeles Times
None of them could have predicted the direction their lives would take when tens of thousands of maps were discovered this fall in a tiny cottage at the top of Mount Washington. Just ask the librarian, the neighbor, the real estate agent and the retired Air Force man in Las Vegas, whose fates converged around the collection amassed over half a century by John Everett Feathers, who died of AIDS in February. The cottage was crammed with bound atlases, wall-size roll-up maps and globes.
February 9, 2012 | By Mary Forgione, Los Angeles Times Daily Travel & Deal blogger
The U.S. State Department issued a new state-by-state warning for travelers to Mexico that details the more violent areas of the country but also points out popular places such as Cabo San Lucas and Mexico City where travel advisories aren't in effect. The warning announced Wednesday gives specific cities and states, with a map of the country, where gun battles and drug trafficking violence are likely to occur. Mexican tourism has been under a cloud for the last six years since gruesome killings related to drug cartels scared off visitors to many parts of the country.
July 27, 1986
I have found a wonderful map and travel bookstore that I often recommend to my clients. They have maps of every foreign and domestic city, which no driver driving in a strange or unfamiliar area should be without. They also carry a wonderful line of globes, language books and everything related to travel. Their address is Maps, Etc., 21919 Sherman Way, Canoga Park 91303, telephone (818) 347-9171. MARILYN GLASSER 20th Century Travel Los Angeles
December 13, 2007 | From Times Wire Services
Microsoft Corp. said it had acquired a British online mapping company to enhance its Windows Live Web-based services. The software maker did not say what it paid for Multimap, which provides street-level maps, travel directions and local information as well as hotel and restaurant booking services.
May 6, 1990
David Shaw's article ("Stretching a Trip by Leaving Nothing to Chance," April 8) struck a familiar chord. My wife and I have found that the carefree joys of living and eating well without reservations have become impossible, even off-season. Not only do we endorse Shaw's approaches, but we go further. After determining primary and alternative places we want to visit, we study all necessary maps and write out driving instructions for each day in detail, giving directions, route or highway numbers and all other pertinent data including in-city directions.
July 20, 2011 | By Eryn Brown, Los Angeles Times
Two independent research teams have used a new method to develop the first detailed maps of the places where DNA is likely to be reshuffled in the genomes of African Americans, creating a tool that will help find genes that cause disease, scientists reported Wednesday. The new maps pinpoint thousands of "hot spots" on chromosomes where recombination — a gene-swapping process that is crucial to creating genetic diversity but is sometimes linked to disease — is likely to occur.
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