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Margo Adams

May 17, 1989 | CHRIS DUFRESNE, Times Staff Writer
By most accounts, Penthouse or otherwise, Boston Red Sox third baseman Wade Boggs once enjoyed visits to Anaheim Stadium, where a generous Angel pitching staff and Margo Adams always awaited. But Tuesday was a different story. The Red Sox were making their first trip of the season through Orange County, where Boggs' troubles with Adams, a Costa Mesa resident, began and continue. After answering questions at a lengthy deposition in Irvine about his extramarital relationship with Adams, Boggs entered Tuesday night's game hitting .299, the lowest his average has dipped in four years.
March 10, 1989 | DIANNE KLEIN, Times Staff Writer
In just about half an hour, talk show host Arsenio Hall will introduce her to his studio audience as "the most notorious woman in America," and right now, Margo Adams, dressed in a body-hugging scarlet knit, is back stage getting ready. "Did you do Sally?" asks the makeup artist as she dabs at Adams' cheekbones. "Sally?" Adams says, her blue eyes flashing upward. "Sally Jessy Raphael." "Oh, no," Adams says. "I did Sonia. Then Larry King." "Ohhh," comes the response.
March 25, 1989 | Associated Press
Wade Boggs says Margo Adams threatened to make his life a "living hell" if he broke off their 4-year affair. In an interview with ABC's Barbara Walters on "20/20" Friday night, the Boston Red Sox third baseman said he worried that Adams, of Costa Mesa, would blackmail him with pictures she had taken of them. "I was between a rock and a hard place," Boggs said. "She had so many pictures of me . . . that I felt that if I make her mad, she's gonna do something.
March 23, 1989 | ANDREA FORD, Times Staff Writer,
If Margo Adams accepts baseball star Wade Boggs' surprise offer of $20,000 to drop her palimony lawsuit against him, the Costa Mesa woman would also have to stop talking publicly about the suit, Boggs' lawyer said Wednesday. The stipulation, however, is not an attempt to stop publication of the second installment in May of an interview Adams gave to Penthouse magazine, said Jennifer J. King, a Tustin attorney representing Boggs.
May 18, 1989 | Scott Ostler
The tough questions . . . Can I have a show of hands of those who, like me, will be satisfied with whatever information is revealed in Bart Giamatti's conclusion on the Pete Rose case, and who don't particularly care if they ever see the 225-page secret report that Margo Adams' ghostwriter was trying to peddle to the media? Speaking of what's-her-name, how come we haven't heard much from her since her latest arrest on shoplifting charges? Can we be sure the mysteriously-obtained Rose report wasn't somehow shoplifted?
February 26, 1989 | STEVE JACOBSON, Newsday
In scholarly tones, the sociological commentary said the incidence of immorality is highest among migratory workers. An insightful baseball writer interpreted that to mean "the road will make a bum of the best of them." The Margo Adams-Wade Boggs kiss-and-tell revelations should be played against that backdrop. They really aren't new, except that it's always new when the covers are pulled off the peccadilloes of the rich and famous.
June 11, 1989 | ERIC LICHTBLAU, Times Staff Writer
Wade Boggs delayed ending an extramarital affair with Margo Adams despite pressure from his agent and his own feelings of frustration, the Boston Red Sox star said in a sworn declaration he recently gave in Irvine. "The feeling was totally different the last two years than the first two years," Boggs, 30, said in a deposition given May 16 as part of Margo Adams' lawsuit against him. "The only way I can describe it is like a volcano getting ready to erupt. Tones in her voice, conversations, arguments that we would have, these kinds of things just led me to believe that this was not a utopia situation."
February 26, 1989 | JOHN SPANO, Times Staff Writer
A state appellate court has thrown out a key claim in a Costa Mesa woman's palimony lawsuit against Boston Red Sox star Wade Boggs, ruling that the jilted lover does not deserve payment for emotional distress. The split decision by the 4th District Court of Appeal leaves intact only Margo Adams' breach of contract allegations, which even if proved could justify only a small fraction of the $6 million in damages she first claimed against the baseball slugger.
July 18, 1988 | MIKE DOWNEY
Orange County's own Margo Adams is the Other Woman in the Wade Boggs affair, the chick he was seeing between chicken dinners. Phil Donahue invited her onto his daytime kiss-and-tell session the other day, whereupon audience members and telephone callers cross-examined Adams as though she were a cross between Erica Kane, the seductress from the soap operas, and Hester Prynne, who had a Big A long before Orange County ever did.
February 5, 1989 | Mike Downey
Sex, violence, wretched excess--golly, there sure is a lot for us to talk about today. Call Oprah and Geraldo. We hardly know where to begin. What about Wade Boggs? Or how about college basketball crowds, which are becoming as dangerous as street gangs? What about America's most exciting game show--Arbitration? ( Orel Hershiser! Come on down! ) Or how about that slumping Loyola Marymount basketball team, being held below 200 points the other night? Boy, subjects, subjects, subjects!
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