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Martin Landau

May 12, 1996
It's touted as the biggest Mother's Day celebration in the world, and it's happening today at the Jewish Home for the Aging's Eisenberg Village Campus in Reseda. More than 2,000 people--including celebrities Martin Landau, Mary Hart and Renee Taylor--are expected at the festivities that will include brunch, music, comedy and a magic performance. The celebration, in its second year, attracted 1,500 people last year.
May 31, 1996
Sony Pictures Entertainment named Bruce Stein, head of Sony Interactive Entertainment, president of its new consumer products marketing group. Stein had headed the interactive unit, working on such products as the company's PlayStation video game unit, since late last year. In his new job, Stein is expected to work on enhancing the Sony brand name. Sony Signatures, a merchandising and licensing unit of the company, will become part of Stein's new group.
June 30, 2008 | Gary Goldstein
If you've seen any of a hundred movies about star-crossed lovers, the fate awaiting the titular teens in "David & Fatima" can be predicted from the start. Still, this journey of David (Cameron Van Hoy), an idealistic Israeli Jew who falls for the gentle Fatima (Danielle Pollack), a Palestinian Muslim, is an earnest, reasonably absorbing drama, particularly in its first half.
July 4, 2004 | Don Shirley
The Tiffany Theaters are being resurrected, at least briefly. The twin 99-seat Sunset Strip theaters closed in 2002 because the building that houses them was to be demolished as part of a mixed-use real estate development. That's still the plan, but the wrecking ball isn't expected until next year. So the developer of the proposed Sunset Millennium project, Apollo Real Estate Advisors, is donating the use of the Tiffany spaces to the Actors Studio for at least the rest of 2004.
January 17, 2013 | By Susan King
The American Cinematheque shines the spotlight on Oscar-winning director Michael Cimino with a three-day retrospective at the Egyptian in Hollywood. Cimino worked in advertising before turning to filmmaking. He co-wrote "Magnum Force," the 1973 "Dirty Harry" sequel, then made the move to directing with 1974's well-received "Thunderbolt and Lightfoot. " His next film was the Oscar-winning 1978 Vietnam War epic "The Deer Hunter," followed by the ill-fated 1980 western "Heaven's Gate.
January 8, 1990 | RAY LOYND
"Max and Helen" (tonight at 5 and 7 on TNT cable) is a suspenseful and textured production with a burnished performance by Martin Landau as Nazi-hunter Simon Wiesenthal pursuing the only case against a barbaric Nazi that Wiesenthal felt compelled to close--to destroy the evidence--in order to protect the living.
July 29, 1990 | David Pecchia \f7
The Chair (IRS Media). Shooting in L.A. Rod Steiger, "Poltergeist's" small medium Zelda Rubinstein and "Drugstore Cowboy's" Heather Graham all star in this darkish, revenge comedy. A man constructs a homemade electric chair in his basement with which to fry rapists and murderers who get off via technicalities. Another plot jolt involves a malicious politician and his vindictive spouse. Producer Randy Gale. Director Sam Irvin. Screenwriter Charles Gale. The Color of Evening (Christara Pics.).
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