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Martina Mcbride

November 13, 2009 | Randy Lewis
Taylor Swift was predictably flummoxed when she got on the phone Wednesday night with The Times, a few minutes after becoming the youngest person ever, and the first female in nearly a decade, to be named entertainer of the year by the Country Music Assn. "I am absolutely at a loss for words," she said, the sounds of celebration clattering in the background. "I feel like I'm in a dream. It honestly was one of those moments where my second-grade music teacher, my crew who puts that stage together and takes it down every night, all the fans in the meet-and-greet lines, all these faces came flashing through my mind."
March 24, 2009 | Margaret Wappler; Mikael Wood; Randy Lewis
Prince "LotusFlow3r" * * * "MPLSound" * * 1/2 Bria Valente "Elixer" * * By now, most music fans are well aware that Prince will self-release three albums that will sell in one $11.98 bundle at Target and on the artist's website starting Sunday. Which one you fancy the most depends on what flavor of Prince "u" prefer -- the nasty antiquity of "MPLSound," the guitar-hero antics of "LotusFlow3r" or the VIP-lounge purrs of his protegee Bria Valente on "Elixer."
December 20, 2008 | associated press
So you fancy yourself a singer, eh? . . . Alone, in your car, with the windows up, when no one's looking. Well, now you can test your pipes against Martina McBride and Elvis Presley in private, and if you like what you hear, you can share them with your friends via e-mail. As a promotion for the "Elvis Presley Christmas Duets" album, Sony BMG Music Entertainment has created a website that allows you to record "Blue Christmas" as a duet with Presley, singing McBride's part from the album.
April 26, 2007
"American Idol" did not, in fact, miss an opportunity last week to "channel emotion" toward the hurting hearts in Virginia and the whole country ["A Missed Opportunity to Honor Victims," by Randy Lewis, April 19]. On Wednesday night's results show, guest country artist Martina McBride sang "Anyway" -- her new single that is an anthem of hope amid pain and loss: "God is great, but sometimes life ain't good. And when I pray, it doesn't always turn out like I think it should. But I do it anyway."
March 31, 2007 | Randy Lewis, Times Staff Writer
When Martina McBride turns up in a couple of weeks on "American Idol" to coach contestants on the finer points of singing a country song, don't be surprised if she starts quoting the adage that "less is more." The woman who has won nine trophies from the Country Music Assn. and the Academy of Country Music, mostly for female vocalist of the year, isn't big on singers who like to showboat.
February 8, 2004 | Robert Hilburn; Richard Cromelin; Randy Lewis; Soren Baker; Don Heckman; Agustin Gurza; Mark Swed
Album of the year Missy Elliott: "Under Construction" Evanescence: "Fallen" OutKast: "Speakerboxxx/The Love Below" Justin Timberlake: "Justified" White Stripes: "Elephant" The OutKast and White Stripes entries are both so boldly satisfying that a victory by either deserves our applause, yet "Elephant" holds a slight advantage because it is such a concise and urgent mixture of rock aggression and vulnerability that it feels uplifting and soothing.
If a talent scout walked into a record company with a tip sheet on Martina McBride, the execs would be nuts not to want to land her immediately. "Powerhouse voice. . . good ear for catchy new songs and country classics . . . willing to try out new material . . . relentlessly cheery stage manner . . . fashion-model beauty." But (remember New Coke?) every sure thing on paper doesn't always play out in real life.
Martina McBride is sitting at the offices of RCA Records, behind a glass table so big you wonder how they got it through the door--the perfect setting for an upcoming country music star with a knack for making the right decisions. In between interviews, the 27-year-old singer was signing posters of herself. Demand for such mementos dramatically increased last fall when her "My Baby Loves Me" single finally upgraded her from wanna-be to a real contender.
Martina isn't a name that's often mentioned along with Trisha, Patty, Suzy, et al. in the young guard of female country singers. But with a new single knocking at the top of the country charts, and with the live show she delivered on Monday at the Crazy Horse, Martina McBride has to be added to the list of contenders.
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