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September 12, 1997
Re "Native Americans Win 17-Year Fight," Sept. 8: Instead of attempting to abolish a symbol of heritage, the groups of Native Americans should be doing everything possible to sensitize the schools to recognize these as symbols of pride and to foster understanding. How many other mascots or symbols--Vikings, Maccabees, Celtics--bring a sense of pride to their people? The Times reported that the cost to one school would be $35,000. It had been earlier reported that for all schools to comply would cost an estimated $300,000.
August 12, 1993 | MIKE HISERMAN
* SAN BERNARDINO The Bug, really a 34-year-old big-rig truck driver. Says his only professional training was "27 episodes of American Bandstand." Very energetic. Second-best in the league, behind Rancho Cucamonga's Tremor. * HIGH DESERT Wooly Bully. Decent costume. Good with kids. Not a professional talent. * BAKERSFIELD Roger the Dodger and Dodger Dog. A feud appears to be brewing. The characters seem to prefer to steer clear of each other.
December 15, 2013 | By Kevin Baxter
The best sports nicknames connote power, speed, bravery and even whimsy. But many fans say they see something else in some of the country's most popular team names and mascots - racism. The Oneida Indian Nation is pressuring the NFL and Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder to change that team's name and logo, which many Native Americans say is offensive. And thousands of baseball fans have signed an online petition asking the Cleveland Indians to retire Chief Wahoo, the team's smiling, red-faced caricature.
October 16, 1998
Republican congressional candidate Randy Hoffman has run afoul of Tommy Trojan. Officials from USC ripped into Hoffman, a 1976 USC graduate, for misusing the Tommy Trojan logo in a campaign mailer recently sent to university alumni. The two-page mailer, paid for by the Hoffman campaign, was sent from "USC Alumni for a Stronger America" based in Thousand Oaks and was signed by four Hoffman supporters. The letter urged alumni to support "a fellow Trojan for Congress."
October 21, 1998
The Northwood TimberWolves. That's the mascot selected by a vote of eighth- and ninth-graders who are planning to attend Northwood High School in Irvine when it opens next September. They also selected the new school's colors: navy blue, silver and white. Students in the Northwood attendance area originally suggested 88 different mascots and 90 color combinations. A committee of more than 100 eighth- and ninth-graders narrowed the choice to 10 mascots and 10 sets of colors.
December 23, 1997 | From a Times Staff Writer
The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday narrowly rejected a proposal that would have allowed the county's fire stations to keep dogs as official mascots. Supervisor Mike Antonovich, who introduced the measure, said the County Fire Department should allow the canines into fire stations because so many children and other people--as well as some firefighters--like dogs. But the supervisors voted 3 to 2 against the proposal after Fire Chief P.
May 13, 2002
Re "Mascot Bill May Snare Normans, Saxons Too," May 6: I am part Cherokee and Canadian Indian, and along with my immediate family and all of our relatives it is something we are extremely proud of. I am appalled that some would think it is an insult to have a Native American name/logo used as a mascot. If anything, it is an honor. A mascot is something that is cherished and rooted for. Is it so offensive to hear "Go Redskins" or "Win Redskins"? Truly, a well-organized minority can make a law or change a law and not be speaking for the rest of us. Even if the majority of Native Americans in California are, in their bitterness of views, trying to eliminate Indians from being mascots, they do not speak for this proud Indian girl or many of my Indian friends, and I hope that they will not be successful in this endeavor.
February 8, 1995 | From Associated Press
Cincinnati Cyclone Coach Don Jackson drew a 10-game suspension Tuesday for attacking the Atlanta Knights' mascot in the stands. The International Hockey League also fined Jackson $1,000. Atlanta was fined $1,000 because of the mascot's conduct. Jackson climbed a glass partition and attacked "Sir Slapshot" during a game Saturday in Atlanta. Mike Centanni, who performs as the mascot, wasn't seriously injured.
Battles over use of Indian mascots by high schools and sports teams have become commonplace across the country, but the standoff over Arcadia High School's use of an Apache mascot is different. That's because Principal Martin Plourde may be the first public school official in the United States to seek a tribe's blessing to use its name. The educator, who is white and views himself as a social justice advocate, is married to an African American and taught for years in South-Central Los Angeles.
Monty Montezuma, the controversial mascot of San Diego State, could get a new name, a new costume and a more serene demeanor under a recommendation Wednesday by a task force charged with advising the university president. The task force, on a split vote, recommended a plan in which the Montezuma character, played by a student, could continue to attend football and basketball games but would dress and act more like the real Aztec ruler.
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