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April 10, 2001
In "The Shock of the Nouveau" (March 16), the model carrying the boombox-shaped purse has an iridescent green painter's mask hanging around her neck. I wonder if you are aware that people under the influence of Ecstasy use such masks. As a high school counselor, I see the consequences of drug use by students and their parents. I find it very offensive and irresponsible to see a picture that I feel promotes or at least condones the use of drugs. PAT FREEMAN Irvine
September 2, 1990 | Associated Press
For the first time since 1951, police on Saturday did not stop members of the Ku Klux Klan from donning face masks for a march. Several dozen klan members and members of other white supremacist groups gathered amid heavy security. The state's 1951 anti-mask law, which prevents concealment of identity in public places, was ruled unconstitutional in May by a state court judge in Gwinnet County. Georgia Atty. Gen.
May 5, 2006 | David C. Nichols
Entering the lobby of the Edison Theatre in Long Beach for "(M)asking Questions: The Life Stages of Humanitas Persona," encased masks from various cultures indicate that thematic issues will be paramount. Moving through an entryway adorned with abstract faces -- "Mysterious Face," "Jubilant Face," "Angry Face" -- we enter a white-and-teal museum display, where masked figures tellingly pose.
September 24, 1988
When the hosts did their "confusion" number, with masks representing the whole world, it was said that they could not find a mask indigenous to the United States. Someone should have told them about our "Sunday best"--football helmets with face masks. KAYE WELLS Los Angeles
December 16, 2009 | By Rong-Gong Lin II
The fellow passenger with the hacking cough -- making no effort to cover his mouth -- is among an air traveler's biggest gripes, right up there with the screaming baby and the toddler who won't stop kicking the seat. Amid concern about H1N1 and seasonal flu, federal health officials issued guidelines late last month on how to handle obviously sick passengers: Flight attendants should ask the person with the cough to wear a mask and move them at least 6 feet from others. In the air, recent travelers report a different reality.
October 28, 1989 | From Associated Press
An Arab-American organization said Friday that it will boycott and picket outlets of a national novelty company it says reneged on a decision to recall two Halloween masks the group finds offensive. The American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee said its members will demonstrate this weekend at outlets of Spencer Gifts because the company has decided to put back on the market its "Sheik" and "Arafat" Halloween masks.
May 18, 1995 | From Associated Press
The Laguna Beach-based seller of an emergency fire mask has agreed to notify owners that--contrary to advertisements--the product doesn't filter out carbon monoxide, the Federal Trade Commission said Wednesday. The agreement will settle false claims charges filed by the government against the maker and distributor of the Duram Emergency Escape Mask. Mask maker Duram Rubber Products is based in Israel. Frank Latronica Jr.
March 31, 1995
I'm writing concerning the article "Pesticide Ban Sows Frustration Among Farmers," March 18. Let me begin by stating that I am involved with the strawberry industry in Ventura County and the methyl bromide issue will have direct financial impact on me. I'm not sure if the impact will be positive or negative in the long run, and I don't think anyone else really knows. The only thing sure is that without methyl bromide strawberries are just one of the many crops that are going to cost more to grow and therefore purchase.
October 22, 1988 | ANNE Z. COOKE
Artsy-craftsy types are getting ready for next weekend, when the Los Angeles Craft and Folk Art Museum will stage its biennial Festival of Masks from noon to dusk, both next Saturday and Oct. 30, in Hancock Park. And, beginning at 6 p.m. Friday, the museum and the Contemporary Crafts Market are jointly hosting a preview party and museum fund-raiser at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium. The preview kicks off the Craft Market's two-day show and sale of art-quality crafts.
December 3, 1998 | From Times Wire Reports
A bighearted bidder from California paid $40,000 for a carved wooden Aleut mask so she can return it to the Alaskan tribe, which had pleaded unsuccessfully with the owner not to sell. A second Aleut artifact, however, was pulled from Sotheby's auction by the owner, who said he doubted whether the tribe could protect the piece. The tribe had sought the two artifacts for a museum it is trying to establish. "I am almost speechless," said Allison A.
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