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June 8, 1986
Regarding Lewis Beale's "The Kong Isn't Dead; Long Live the King" (June 1), there always was and always will be only one "King Kong," and he comes in the form of the 1933 classic film masterpiece. There was never any other "queen" for Kong himself, and that part will always belong to the one and only Fay Wray, and nobody else, ever. Everything everyone else churns out on the subject of "King Kong" is nothing more than unimaginative, recycled rubbish. And, while the producers only claim to fame is monetary reimbursement for their boring efforts, the original masterpiece remains timeless and priceless not only for generations to come, but obviously for all eternity.
October 11, 2008 | From the Associated Press
A new exhibition opening at Atlanta's High Museum this weekend, featuring 91 artworks from the Louvre in Paris, challenges viewers to define what constitutes a masterpiece and explores how that definition has evolved over the years. "We are attempting to explore this fundamental question in the field of art, a question that has no definite answer: 'What is a masterpiece?' " Louvre director Henri Loyrette said. One gallery, dubbed "Find the Forgery," allows visitors to play museum curator.
August 30, 1987
When I found out KCOP Channel 13 was airing "Brideshead Revisited," I was ecstatic.After viewing the first episode, however, I was appalled. It was edited without even notifying the viewers! What a shame for first--time viewers as well as those of us who were watching it for the second or third time. A masterpiece such as "Brideshead Revisited" should be shown in its complete form or not at all. Next time I'll tune into PBS. Leslie Allenbach, Simi Valley
August 20, 1986 | United Press International
Picasso's missing oil painting, "Weeping Woman," was found undamaged in a railway station locker Tuesday, 17 days after self-styled "cultural terrorists" stole the masterpiece and threatened to destroy it. The thieves had demanded a ransom in the form of increased government funding for the arts. The government did not increase arts funding. Police said officers discovered the small painting, measuring 22 inches by 18 inches and valued at $1.
January 10, 2000
In defending the DGA's bone-headed decision to "retire" the D.W. Griffith Award, Ted Elliott's own words betray him ("The DGA Is Right, D.W. Griffith Was Wrong," Dec. 27). He writes, "It is given to honor a director whose lifetime achievements are deemed worthy of extraordinary recognition." Exactly. The award is being retired because of one film. It does not take into account Griffith's true masterpiece, "Intolerance," which he made primarily as an apology for "The Birth of a Nation."
December 28, 2008
This year Home of the Week looked at noteworthy houses for sale throughout the Southland. Some were iconic works by significant architects, some told tales of L.A.'s history, others were simply jaw-dropping for their appearance or amenities. Among them was the Kaufmann House in Palm Springs, a Richard Neutra-designed Modernist masterpiece listed for $12,975,000. To see a photo gallery and the complete list of the Top 10 editor's picks for 2008, go to
November 3, 1985
Shame on KNBC for lobotomizing "A Town Like Alice," one of the most intelligent and touching dramas ever shown on television. The two-part presentation (shown Oct. 9 and 11) boiled down six hours of the original PBS production into roughly four hours, not to mention the commercials added to this masterpiece. KNBC surgically removed the film's heart, thoughts and a lot of its action by squeezing it into a "Movie of the Week" time frame between the baseball playoffs and the news. Cindy Riley, Brea
December 3, 2009
Even if you've already read William S. Burroughs' heroin-cured masterpiece " Naked Lunch ," chances are it's not easy to describe what happened in this stream-of-consciousness story of a junkie's hellish journey to the Interzone. All the more reason to get reacquainted with Burroughs' surreal world with this marathon reading that closes Beyond Baroque's three-day celebration of the novel's 50th anniversary. The story kicks off at noon and, appropriately, has no scheduled end time. 681 Venice Blvd.
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