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August 11, 1987
"The First 3R's: Rock, Rattle and Read," a Los Angeles Public Library program to encourage children to read, is being implemented in maternity wards of 60 area hospitals under a grant from the California State Library. Packets to be delivered to new mothers will also include child care information, tips on choosing toys and books and information on the branch libraries' services for children. The program hopes to reach 100,000 new parents.
August 2, 1991
Western Medical Center in Anaheim officially named its new birthing center the Mother and Child Maternity Center at groundbreaking ceremonies Thursday. Officials at the center, which will offer 14 beds and expects to serve about 2,000 women annually, hope to meet the growing need for prenatal and postnatal care, particularly among low-income women. About 200 community leaders and city and hospital officials were on hand to mark the start of the project to be built next to the hospital.
October 20, 1985 | From Reuters
An epidemic, blamed on negligent health care, has gripped a maternity clinic in the southern Soviet Union, killing an undisclosed number of babies, the Communist Party daily Pravda reported Saturday. Pravda said 60 babies have been stricken at a clinic in the city of Rostov-on-Don. "It was not possible to save some of the newborn babies," it added, without saying what the disease was. The paper said authorities in charge of the clinic had failed to observe minimum health requirements.
March 15, 2002 | Jeannine Stein
Dear Fashion Police: I am 41/2 months' pregnant and officially need maternity clothes. I cannot raid my husband's closet, as many pregnancy books advise, because I do not want to wear belted extra-large polo shirts. Avoiding sailor-suit maternity outfits does not seem to be the problem it was in the past, but it is still challenging to find reasonably priced, not-too-trendy yet stylish pieces for the growing belly. Both the Gap and Old Navy have some appealing styles on their Web sites, but do you know of other sources or stores worth checking?
April 29, 1988 | JIM CARRIER, Carrier is a reporter for the Denver Post. and
It was a miserable day to be pregnant. Hot, humid, late in July, 1987. Afternoon thunderheads teased the mountains to the east of the city, and even skinny people sweated. Had it not been for motherhood, Darci Pierce and Cindy Ray might never have met on a broiling blacktop parking lot outside an obstetrics clinic. On this day, particularly, it was no place for a mother to be.
September 6, 1996 | From Bloomberg Business News
The Senate unanimously voted Thursday for an amendment opposed by businesses and insurers that would set minimum coverage for hospital stays by mothers and their newborns. The amendment would require insurers to cover hospital stays of at least 48 hours for newborns and their mothers during normal deliveries and 96 hours for Caesarean births if a patient's doctor calls for it.
December 26, 1986 | ROSE-MARIE TURK
With a little help from her own experiences and Walt Disney, Frenchwoman Veronique Delachaux has launched an international chain of maternity boutiques dedicated to high fashion. Unable to find clothes to make her feel "comfortable, radiant and chic" while she was pregnant, Delachaux simply created her own. After friends convinced her to do the same for them, she decided to open a boutique in Paris and name it after the charming character with the ample tummy in Disney's "Jungle Book."
December 30, 1992 | MARESA ARCHER
Manami Kaneko did not know she was in labor when she arrived at her doctor's office Monday for a final checkup. After all, her baby wasn't due for three more weeks. But no one told the baby, who decided Dec. 28 would make a fine birthday. Mayuka Emily arrived at 1:55 p.m., the first baby to be born in the new Mother and Child Maternity Center and Clinic at Western Medical Center-Anaheim. The center, which opened Monday, was built in part with money from Proposition 99 tobacco tax revenue.
November 15, 2009 | Greg Braxton
Katey Sagal is back in Mommie-Not-So-Dearest mode. The actress was hardly the model mother as the wise-cracking, lazy housewife Peg Bundy on Fox's "Married . . . With Children." But that character would be "Mother of the Year" next to Gemma Teller Morrow, the ruthless matriarch of an outlaw biker club on FX's "Sons of Anarchy." The role on the drama, which has grown in its second season to one of the cable network's most popular dramas, is the latest in a gallery of TV mothers for Sagal, who also played a soccer mom on the comedy "8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter."
September 20, 2010
State law requires group health insurance plans to cover maternity care, but there's no similar requirement on individual plans. Lawmakers tried to close that gap in 2004, 2008 and 2009, passing bills that would have required individual plans to include maternity coverage. Each one was vetoed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Now a new version, AB 1825 by Assemblyman Hector De La Torre (D-South Gate), is on Schwarzenegger's desk, and supporters fear it could meet the same fate. The state provides maternity coverage for the poor through Medi-Cal, and some private insurers routinely include it in individual policies.
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