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September 10, 2006 | Milt Policzer
From Stephanie Stevens vs. Matt LeBlanc in Los Angeles County Superior Court: Defendant "did intentionally slander the Plaintiff" by making false statements, which he knew would be printed in the National Enquirer, about her being sexually aggressive at work. "In truth and fact," she "never engaged in sexual debauchery at her place of employment . . . All sexual contact between the Defendant and the Plaintiff took place in the privacy of the Plaintiff's residence."
April 20, 2004 | From a Times staff writer
How to counterprogram the final installment of NBC's long-running sitcom "Friends"? TV Land isn't even going to try. The cable network said Monday that it will essentially go dark for the hour when the conclusion of "Friends" airs on May 6, showing footage of TV Land staffers sitting around the office supposedly watching NBC.
The Scene: Plenty of "Friends" and other friends were among the 700 or so people who showed up at the Directors Guild on Thursday night for the premiere of "The Pallbearer," a dark but sugary romantic comedy starring the "Friends" TV series' cute nice guy David Schwimmer in his first feature film lead role--where he coincidentally plays a cute nice guy who is mired in perpetual adolescence.
July 18, 2013 | By Jessica Gelt
Laura Dern was in Chicago with her kids when she received word that she was nominated for lead actress in her recently canceled HBO comedy "Enlightened. " "I was very surprised in that I wasn't aware of it at all," said Dern of the nomination announcements that happened early Thursday morning. "It was a nice way to be surprised. And I'm totally thrilled -- it's a lovely compliment, or gift, or however an actor wants to take something like this. " The nomination was also welcome in that it was further proof to Dern of what she already strongly believes: That "Enlightened" is an important and respected show, worthy of gaining a wider audience than it initially did. VIDEO: Laura Dern talks 'Enlightened' In "Enlightened," Dern plays Amy Jellicoe, a woman who has a mental breakdown in the series premiere and strikes out on a path to enlightenment.
September 11, 2004 | Scott Collins
Is Donald Trump still America's favorite boss? Ratings for Thursday's premiere of NBC's "The Apprentice" tumbled from last season, when the "reality" series starring real-estate mogul Trump and a group of would-be proteges became a national sensation. The heavily publicized "Apprentice" averaged 14 million viewers, according to figures from Nielsen Media Research, plummeting 32% compared with last season's average. In direct competition during the 9 p.m.
April 6, 1995 | LAURIE K. SCHENDEN
Grant Show, Jason Priestley, Matt LeBlanc, Vince Neil and Anthony Edwards are all familiar with life in the fast lane. But these and other celebrities will see how they do at speeds of more than 100 m.p.h. behind the wheel of a Toyota Celica GT lift-back at the Pro-Celebrity Race on Saturday. The event is a prelude for the big race Sunday, the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach, in which professional drivers race through the streets of Long Beach.
April 13, 1991 | HOWARD ROSENBERG
Fox hits the bottom of the barrel with "Top of the Heap," its new comedy from the producers of "Married . . . With Children." It premieres after "Married . . . With Children" at 9:30 p.m. Sunday on Channel 11, a quasi-spinoff that reeks with the raunch of the older show's Bundy clan, but inherits not a whiff of its humor. The main protagonists are the Verduccis: illiterate Vinnie (Matt LeBlanc) and Vinnie's boorish father, Charles (Joe Bologna). Vinnie was introduced on "Married . . .
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