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November 12, 2012 | By Christie D'Zurilla
Matthew McConaughey has gone from "Magic Mike" to minimum Method actor: The guy is so skinny, and it's for a role! The actor, spotted at LAX on Friday, revealed his new shape as he took off his jacket to head through security, according to E! Online.  McConaughey has dropped the weight - reportedly 30 pounds off his normal number - to play a man suffering from AIDS and given six months to live in the film "The Dallas Buyers Club. " According to IMDb , his character is loosely based on the life of Ron Woodruff, who after being diagnosed with the disease in 1986 and striking out with the one drug then FDA-approved to treat it wound up smuggling alternative drugs into the U.S. for himself and eventually others.
March 26, 2014 | By Patrick Kevin Day
Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell's wordless campaign ad has given Jon Stewart and the writers of "The Daily Show" endless pleasure. So much pleasure, in fact, that before their spring break, they bequeathed #McConnelling on the world. The phenomenon, already hashtagged for maximum social media ease, invited viewers to provide their own soundtrack to the McConnell campaign ad. And submit they did. On Tuesday's show, Stewart unveiled his favorites, which included selections from Simon and Garfunkel and the '80s Swiss electronic band, Yello.
June 8, 2012 | By Christie D'Zurilla
Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves appear to be making their longtime lifestyle official: The two are reportedly getting married this weekend in Texas. About two dozen friends and family members will gather for a quiet "weekend affair" in McConaughey's home state, sources told E! Online exclusively. Staff hired to pull off the secret soiree had to sign non-disclosure agreements, the site said Friday. Though"Magic Mike"star  McConaughey, 42, and his fiancee, 30, have been together since 2006 and have two children - and according to Alves have been "living a married life" for most of that time - they didn't get engaged until this past Christmas.
March 26, 2014 | By Amy Kaufman
LAS VEGAS -- Nearly all of Hollywood has come aboard the digital bandwagon, but at least one influential filmmaker still isn't sold on the new format. At CinemaCon on Wednesday, Christopher Nolan said he still feels film is the “best way” to capture and project an image -- even at a time when virtually all theaters have converted to showing movies digitally. “I'm a fan of any technological innovation, but for me, it's going to have to exceed what came before -- and it hasn't yet,” Nolan told a crowd of exhibitors at the annual industry conference.
June 11, 2012 | By Matt Donnelly
Actor Matthew McConaughey married longtime love Camila Alves in Austin, Texas, on Saturday, part of a festive weekend that perfectly represented the actor's laid-back lifestyle. Friends and family gathered at McConaughey and Alves' expansive property where games like bean bag and ring toss kept the party busy. Hammocks and cold beer were on hand for siesta, according to People magazine. The bride spent her Saturday afternoon in jeans and a T-shirt before slipping into a custom white gown from a Brazilian designer, unnamed but noted by the magazine as one of Avles' favorites.
March 22, 2013 | By Houston Mitchell
Disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong has at least one person in his corner: actor Matthew McConaughey. McConaughey and Armstrong have been friends for years, and the actor came to Armstrong's defense in the newest issue of Details magazine . He said that despite Armstrong's years of denial over taking performance-enhancing drugs, the cyclist is not a liar. "He told a lie, he's not a liar," McConaughey said. "When it came out, I took it personally, but then I realized it ain't personal to him....
March 2, 2014 | By Susan King
Matthew McConaughey has won the lead actor Oscar for his performance in the drama "Dallas Buyers Club. "  It was the first Oscar nomination and win for the 44-year-old actor, who lost more than 40 pounds for the movie directed by Jean-Marc Vallée . McConaughey also won the Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild honors for his acclaimed performance in "Dallas Buyers Club. " He plays Ron Woodroof, a hard-drinking, homophobic good-old boy who is diagnosed in 1985 as HIV positive and sets out to find the most promising AIDS cocktail that will help him and others fight the disease's death sentence.
January 27, 2014 | By Oliver Gettell
"Dallas Buyers Club" star Matthew McConaughey went to great lengths to get into character as Ron Woodroof, the real-life Texas electrician who became an unlikely AIDS activist after being diagnosed with HIV in the mid-1980s. McConaughey shed more than 40 pounds and pored over 16-plus hours of interview tapes, for example. At a recent installment of the Envelope Screening Series , the actor talked about his preparation and what his "secret weapon" was. McConaughey's first resource was the cache of tapes that screenwriter Craig Borten recorded with Woodroof months before Woodroof's death in 1992.
November 29, 2012 | By Michael Ordoña
"Magic Mike" charmed the pants off audiences, and its star, Matthew McConaughey, collected some of the best notices of his career as stripper elder statesman Dallas. Reviews of the revue found Britain's the Guardian comparing his performance to Oscar-winning turns as an MC by Gig Young ("They Shoot Horses, Don't They?") and Joel Grey ("Cabaret"), and a breathless - perhaps panting - tribute in the Washington Post called him the best thing about the movie. But the tanned and ripped stud who drove audiences and some critics into fits of lust is not the man who sits down at a table at L'Ermitage.
August 4, 2013 | By Noel Murray
Mud Lionsgate, $19.98; Blu-ray, $24.99 Available on VOD beginning Aug. 6 One of the best pieces of news of this movie year has been the quiet box office success of writer-director Jeff Nichols' coming-of-age drama, starring Matthew McConaughey as a fugitive criminal who enlists two teenage boys to help him fix up a boat so he can escape with his troublemaking childhood sweetheart (Reese Witherspoon). Like Nichols' "Shotgun Stories" and "Take Shelter," "Mud" is about the stress of family obligations and the quirks of lives lived well outside the big city.
March 20, 2014 | By Oliver Gettell
New Yorker film critic Anthony Lane is catching heat for his recent profile of Scarlett Johansson , which detractors say fawns over the actress without bothering to comprehend her. Johansson has two films coming out on the same day (April 4):  "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" and "Under the Skin," and has recently been linked to separate controversies involving SodaStream and Woody Allen. As critics of Lane's profile point out, he devotes much of it to cataloging Johansson 's allure, describing "the honey of her voice" and declaring that she "looks tellingly radiant in the flesh" or seems to be " made  from champagne.
March 11, 2014 | By Patrick Kevin Day
Jimmy Kimmel is hosting his show from Austin, Texas, this week and to celebrate one of the city's favorite sons, he paid tribute to Matthew McConaughey's stellar performance in the HBO series "True Detective. " As many people know, McConaughey and co-star Woody Harrelson were only signed on for one season of the anthology mystery series. Next season will have new actors in an entirely new story. But who will get those plum roles? Speculation is rampant on the Internet. But Kimmel used his Monday night show to "reveal" the identities of season two's actors as well as the location of the second season.
March 9, 2014 | By Claire Zulkey
Critics of the HBO show “Girls” may not have found a lot to love about “Saturday Night Live” last night, as the show's creator and star Lena Dunham hosted and tapped into the good-natured obliviousness and awkwardness of her character Hannah Horvath (or somebody who looks and sounds a lot like her) for a majority of the sketches. Fans of Dunham, though, may have found a lot to enjoy about the show, as she threw herself into her scenes and proved she has a comic sense of timing and capability beyond the gawky moments that make up “Girls.” The best intersection of Dunham's signature character and funny writing was in “Scandal,” where Dunham played a new girl who can't stop marveling over how ridiculously attractive and efficient everyone on the show is. Instead of making Dunham the butt of the joke by making her seem inadequate for not traveling to Mexico and back in ten minutes, she portrayed the actual humans who watch “Scandal,” saying things like “How are you not texting 1,000 people right now?
March 5, 2014 | By Anthony Pesce
There were few surprises during Sunday's Academy Awards show, at least according to the thousands of L.A. Times readers who submitted their Oscar picks via our play-at-home ballot . The average reader got about half of his or her picks correct, with several people getting near-perfect scores. The winner for best picture, "12 Years a Slave," received about 55% of the vote -- with the next most popular choice from the nine-film field, "American Hustle," getting a paltry 14%. Given that most pundits felt the best picture contest was a three-way race among "12 Years a Slave," "American Hustle" and "Gravity," the selection of the eventual winner was a respectable showing indeed.
March 4, 2014 | By Susan Denley
Model Camila Alves-McConaughey made some Oscar night best-dressed lists in her custom-made Gabriela Cadena gown. But she said she was just trying to keep it simple when she accompanied husband Matthew McConaughey (winner for best actor) to the Academy Awards show on Sunday. She didn't want to stand out, she told People, because she didn't want to detract from the nominees. [People] PHOTOS: Oscars best and worst dressed Designer Hedi Slimane presented his best-yet collection for Saint Laurent, Los Angeles Times fashion critic Booth Moore reports from Paris Fashion Week.
March 3, 2014 | By Saba Hamedy
“All right, all right, all right.” These words from the 1993 film “Dazed and Confused” put Matthew McConaughey on the map as an actor -- and returned Sunday night as he  took the stage to accept his best actor Oscar for “Dallas Buyers Club.” After thanking the motion picture academy -- “all 6,000 members," fellow nominees and “Dallas Buyers Club's” director and cast members -- a humbled McConaughey listed the three things he...
March 3, 2014 | By John Horn
In the end, Oscar voters couldn't truly avert their gaze from "12 Years a Slave. " Even though many Oscar voters found filmmaker Steve McQueen's searing chronicle of enslavement almost too harrowing to watch, "12 Years a Slave" prevailed Sunday to win the best picture trophy in one of the closest contests in modern Academy Awards history. In a ceremony in which the space thriller "Gravity" collected a leading seven statuettes - including the first directing Oscar won by a Mexican-born filmmaker - the biggest honor went to the true-life account of the kidnapping and auctioning of Solomon Northup, a New York freeman bartered as a Louisiana cotton picker.
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