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April 30, 1989 | JERRY COWLE, Jerry Cowle is a Pacific Palisades homeowner. and
I used to think I knew a few things. Always managed to earn a good living for my family. Sometimes I even finish a crossword puzzle, providing it isn't too hard. Along the way, a man has to get accustomed to accepting constructive criticism--from fellow workers, superiors and customers. Keeps you from getting too self-satisfied. But certain things have been happening lately that make me wonder if perhaps I shouldn't have tried a career other than business. Not long ago, I was engaged in the many transactions that accompany buying and moving into a new house.
September 25, 1986 | HERB HAIN
Eleanor Cooper of Laguna Hills has raced around all over Orange County in her search for individual poker chip holders ; she needs eight of them. Can you help Cooper get a good deal, or will she be buffaloed by four pairs of chip holders that just aren't in the cards?
July 23, 1987 | HERB HAIN
R. Kutner of West Hollywood wants to know where he can get a restringing for a string painting that has loosened. Can you help before Kutner feels completely at loose ends, or will he wind up being so strung out he'll never be in the picture again? Muriel Arnold of Pasadena has two domestic difficulties. She needs to find an Englander mattress , and she wants to get hold of some System Royal walnut shelves.
May 10, 2007
LOVE the article on new bed technology ["Memory Foam Mattress? That's So Last Night," May 3]. Very informative and helpful. Too bad we didn't have it three weeks ago when we bought our expensive Simmons mattress. You should do a follow-up article about sheets. Our mattress is 17 inches thick and a California King. I purchased the appropriate sheets for deep mattresses; however, the flat sheets are not adjusted for the deep mattress, and I cannot tuck the ends under. When will the industry formulate a new size for the flat sheets?
February 7, 2004 | From Times Staff and Wire Reports
A fire that apparently started in an electrical panel destroyed a mattress warehouse Friday afternoon. Sparks from the panel ignited nearby mattresses about 4 p.m., and flames swept swiftly through the 8,000-square-foot building at Central Avenue and 134th Street, fire officials said. Firefighters couldn't quell the blaze, which burned the structure to the ground. No damage estimate was immediately available. Eight employees in the building escaped unharmed, officials said.
January 19, 1986 | Pat H. Broeske
"It's one of those low-budget, sexist, exploitative women's prison movies. The kind with a lesbian gang." That's how Kin Shriner matter-of-factly described "Angels Behind Bars," in which he plays a sleazy, bearded prison warden "who more or less serves some of the women behind bars--you know?" It's set for release this year. (Shriner also will be seen in a small role in the upcoming "Red Dragon.") Shriner knows all about playing bad guys.
December 16, 2005 | Robert Lloyd, Times Staff Writer
As horrible as the human race can seem at times, it may be said at least that we invented the musical comedy, that alongside our peerless capacity for self-destruction there glows a spark that can conceive of a world in which men and women burst into song or dance just because the moment demands it. It is as unlikely a thing, the musical, as it is easy to accept.
September 24, 2006
WHEN I plan a vacation, I shop around online for good value on hotel rooms ["Competing for Your Sack Time," Sept. 3]. The hotel websites show all the great services and amenities that are offered. Of course, the good location and the decor are selling points for me to book a reservation, but I wish there were a bed rating system. A good night's sleep on a vacation is priceless. HANK BAYLIS Los Angeles
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