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June 12, 2007 | Duke Helfand and Steve Hymon, Times Staff Writers
Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa spoke publicly for the first time Monday about the breakup of his 20-year marriage, saying he was responsible for the split even as he refused to talk about what caused it. In a somber meeting with reporters at City Hall, Villaraigosa declined to answer questions about whether the break with his wife, Corina, was triggered by another romantic relationship.
April 28, 2014 | Jim Newton
It's been nine months since I took a leave from this column to complete a book project, and a lot has changed in Los Angeles during that time: Eric Garcetti, who had just taken office when I left, has built an administration, submitted his first budget and established himself as mayor. Mayors invariably are compared to their predecessors, and Garcetti at this early stage is both the heir of Antonio Villaraigosa and his welcome antithesis. Like Villaraigosa, he's liberal and hardworking; unlike Villaraigosa, he's patient, perhaps to a fault, and he's determined to manage the city, not just to imagine its future.
June 30, 2013 | By Robert Greene
Eric Garcetti was sworn in as mayor on June 28 in a private but “official” ceremony in Echo Park. So doesn't that mean he's mayor? Why not? Since when does somebody get sworn in to be some kind of public official and then still have time to wait around before taking office? He's getting sworn in again this evening just after 6 p.m., ceremonially but “unofficially.” Will he be mayor > then ? Nah. Not until midnight. Pull out your Los Angeles City Charter (you have one, right?
April 27, 2014 | By Ben Bolch
OAKLAND - Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson said Sunday the National Basketball Players Assn. wants the NBA to bar Clippers owner Donald Sterling from playoff games the rest of this season and impose the maximum penalty allowed under league bylaws if racist remarks purportedly made by Sterling can be verified as his. Johnson, who is assisting the players union in its response to the controversy surrounding Sterling, said the players have asked for...
February 20, 2013
Re "2 big boosts for a long shot," Feb. 16 It's unwise to downplay L.A. mayoral candidate Kevin James' chances. In 1993, Republican Richard Riordan captured one-third of the first-round vote against three Democrats; he went on to win. It is this model that James seeks to replicate, with the recent endorsement of the former two-term mayor. Just four years ago, an underfunded Republican named Walter Moore received more than one-fourth of the vote and nearly pushed incumbent Antonio Villaraigosa into a June runoff.
September 21, 2012 | By Michael Muskal
The former mayor of Detroit grew rich while in office by receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash from a contractor who performed work for the city water department, prosecutors alleged Friday at the start of the former official's corruption trial. Kwame Kilpatrick, 42, forced from office by another scandal in 2008, is on trial on charges including racketeering, conspiracy, extortion and bribery. Also on trial are his father, Bernard Kilpatrick; friend and contractor Bobby Ferguson; and former city water commissioner Victor Mercado.
May 22, 2013 | By Ted Rall
The Los Angeles mayor's race saw record-high campaign spending and low turnout for a job that's not all that powerful. ALSO: How to buy happiness Photo gallery: Ted Rall cartoons In L.A., a bad case of Anthony Weiner envy Follow Ted Rall on Twitter @TedRall  
July 16, 2013 | By Robin Abcarian
It's not as if San Diego hasn't had plenty of civic scandals in the past, but you don't get too many news conferences like the one that went down Monday morning in front of San Diego City Hall. After days of references to “unspecified” allegations of sexual harassment against San Diego Mayor Bob Filner, three of his former supporters (a one-time city councilwoman and two attorneys) gathered before a bank of microphones and told stories about Filner that would have been shocking 20 years ago, let alone in 2013.
October 25, 2013 | By Jean Merl
Long Beach politics junkies may have relished the prospect of   Democratic Assemblywoman Bonnie Lowenthal duking it out for mayor next year with her ex-daughter-in-law, City Councilwoman Suja Lowenthal.   But a Lowenthal vs. Lowenthal match apparently was not to be, at least not this time. Councilwoman Lowenthal had already launched her candidacy - along with seven others - when termed-out Assemblywoman Lowenthal   announced last month she   too was getting into the race.
November 20, 2012 | By Tracy Wilkinson
MEXICO CITY -- As a small-town mayor in the drug-trafficking western state of Michoacan, she survived two assassination attempts. One claimed the life of her husband; another three months later left her badly wounded. That was in 2009 and 2010. Her mayoral term ended in 2011. And over the weekend, Maria de los Santos Gorrostieta Salazar was slain, apparently tortured and beaten to death, her body dumped in a ravine. Gorrostieta had been mayor of Tiquicheo, a remote town in the so-called hotlands of Michoacan, farmland firmly under the thumb of drug-trafficking cartels.
April 26, 2014 | By David Zahniser
This post has been updated, as indicated in the notes below. A recording said to be of Clippers team owner Donald J. Sterling making racist remarks was met with swift condemnation from Los Angeles city leaders and prompted a call for the city to formally denounce him. Mayor Eric Garcetti said through a spokesman Saturday that he condemns the "statements and sentiments" attributed to Sterling. Councilman Bernard C. Parks, who represents a portion of South Los Angeles, went further, saying the council should take a formal position denouncing the remarks and demanding action from the NBA. [Updated at 4:07 p.m. PDT, April 26, 2014: Garcetti issued further remarks: "These statements are offensive and despicable and have no place in Los Angeles.
April 26, 2014 | By Bill Shaikin
You're the mayor. A guy walks into City Hall and offers to spend half a billion bucks to revitalize property owned by the city, at no cost to the city. What do you say? If you're Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait, you call it a taxpayer giveaway. This is not a knock at Tait. This is a tip of the cap toward a mayor who has been so incredibly successful in framing the debate surrounding the Angels' stadium lease negotiations that the process has ground to a dead halt. It has been six months since the Anaheim City Council voted to approve the framework of a deal designed to keep the Angels in town for the long term, and to determine how to cover the estimated $150 million needed to keep Angel Stadium up and running for the long term.
April 25, 2014 | By David Zucchino
LATTA, S.C. - Police Chief Crystal Moore was born and raised in this tiny farming crossroads and served as a volunteer police dispatcher while she was still in high school. She became the town's first female officer with a sterling 23-year record on the force - until she was ordered into the mayor's office this month and summarily fired. Mayor Earl Bullard handed Moore a list of seven reprimands citing, among other alleged transgressions, questioning authority and failing to maintain order at a council meeting.
April 25, 2014 | By David Zahniser
A grass-roots group that has been railing against Los Angeles' parking ticket policies has agreed to team up with Mayor Eric Garcetti to look at changes to the enforcement system. Steven Vincent, founder of the Los Angeles Parking Freedom Initiative, said Garcetti invited members of his organization to participate in an official city working group. The panel, Vincent said, will look at an array of possible changes, such as reducing certain fines, expanding parking hours in key locations, making no-parking signs less confusing and halting the practice of using ticket revenue as a tool to balance the city's budget.
April 24, 2014 | By Angel Jennings, Richard Winton and James Rainey
After learning this week of a nine-day aerial surveillance program conducted in 2012, Compton Mayor Aja Brown proposed a policy that would require authorities to notify the public before installing monitoring equipment. “There is nothing worse than believing you are being observed by a third party unnecessarily,” Compton Mayor Aja Brown said Wednesday. “We want to assure the peace of mind of our citizens.” The proposal for the so-called “citizen privacy protection policy” came amid public outrage among Compton residents who were never notified of the pilot surveillance program and said it amounted to an invasion of privacy.  For nine days in early 2012, a small Cessna plane recorded low-resolution images of every corner of the 10.1-square-mile city and beamed them to the local Sheriff's Department station, where deputies observed incidents including fender benders, a string of necklace snatchings and a shooting.
April 23, 2014 | By Patrick Kevin Day
New York Mayor Bill de Blasio stopped by "The View" on Monday and told departing host Barbara Walters that he was declaring May 16 "Barbara Walters Day. " May 16 is Walters' final day on "The View" and her last day as TV personality. The 84-year-old broadcaster is planning to retire when her time on the show she co-created ends. The mayor called Walters a "living legend" for over 50 years. Walters, ever the master of the subtle dig, told De Blasio, "It's very kind. Mayor Bloomberg never did this for me. " PHOTOS: Talk show hosts who didn't make the cut De Blasio replied, "Times are changing.
October 21, 1990
Couldn't San Diego Mayor Maureen O'Connor have used a different analogy in her remarks to GOP officials, instead of calling San Diego "a beautiful girl" who "doesn't have a dowry" ("Mayor Tries to Sweet-Talk GOP Into Picking S.D.," Oct. 12)? And boos also to City Councilwoman Judy McCarty for saying that "we may not have a dowry . . . but we can promise you a lot of fun." In other words, we are for sale; we'll give you our bodies for your money. Can you imagine "a handsome boy" with no dowry who'll give you a lot of fun?
February 14, 1995
The report issued by the district attorney's office on allegations concerning Port Hueneme Mayor Toni Young clearly exonerates her of all wrongdoing. Beyond this and unknown to the public, all the while she was under the cloud of investigation for allegedly taking more than she was due, she was actually accepting 10% less pay than her colleagues. Evidence indicates that the mayor was merely a victim of vengeance from a disgruntled city manager. Fortunately, this evidence surfaces in the D.A.'s characterization that "it makes this appear to be a setup."
April 22, 2014 | By Matt Pearce
It turns out there are consequences to befriending white supremacists. Especially if you're a public official. Mayor Dan Clevenger of Marionville, Mo., handed in his resignation letter Tuesday morning after an uproar among residents and in national media over remarks he made about Jewish people shortly after the April 13 shootings outside two Jewish centers near Kansas City. Clevenger, 59, is an acquaintance of Frazier Glenn Cross Jr., 73, an avowed hater of Jews who has been charged with killing three people in Overland Park in what officials have deemed a "hate crime.
April 18, 2014 | By Catherine Saillant
In the latest sign that business interests are coalescing around his candidacy, Los Angeles County supervisorial candidate Bobby Shriver was endorsed Friday by former Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan. Riordan cited Shriver's time on the Santa Monica City Council and his business and nonprofit backgrounds in announcing his support for the candidate. Shriver is seeking to replace Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky on the five-member Board of Supervisors. "The job of Los Angeles County supervisor is a challenging and important one," Riordan said in a prepared statement.
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