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Mayor Maureen O Connor

January 7, 1990
On Monday, Mayor Maureen O'Connor will give her annual State of the City address. During the 1989 State of the City address, the mayor predicted that a site for a new central library would be designated. The designation has occurred. No monies, however, have been identified to construct the facility. I hope that Mayor O'Connor will address, as a priority, the need for funding of the central library in the 1990 address. JAMES R. DAWE Chairman, Board of Library Commissioners
July 23, 1989
Such pontificating about the Sierra Club and San Diegans for Managed Growth, and the potential out-of-court settlement. I'm surprised at Mayor Maureen O'Connor; methinks the lady doth protest too much. She asks good questions: "What price a wetland, what price open space?" These are the questions many of us have been asking--of the council and the mayor. It isn't the Sierra Club or SDMG who have been giving these away to the developers. NORMA SULLIVAN San Diego
June 29, 1989 | IGOR GREENWALD, Times Staff Writer
The Harbor Police should be merged with the San Diego Police Department as part of the city's "war on drugs," two City Council members urged Wednesday. Ed Struiksma and Gloria McColl said in a morning press conference that the current 85-member force, which polices San Diego Bay and the airport for the San Diego Unified Port District, is ill-equipped to combat the flow of drugs into the city. San Diego representatives will bring up the proposal at the July 11 meeting of the Port Commission, Struiksma said.
June 23, 1989 | ARMANDO ACUNA
Two days after she was formally rebuffed by Gov. George Deukmejian, Mayor Maureen O'Connor wrote a reply Thursday, asking for a meeting. The governor told the mayor Tuesday that he would not consider her request for a one-time grant of $34 million to help the city through what O'Connor and the City Council have labeled a "state of emergency" caused by drug- and gang-related violence. The mayor had wanted Deukmejian to declare a similar state of emergency in order to release the funds from a new-found state budget surplus.
June 13, 1989 | LEONARD BERNSTEIN, Times Staff Writer
Reneging on a promise it made more than 14 months ago, the San Diego City Council on Monday refused to place a package of 13 recommendations from its appointed Charter Review Commission before the city's voters. The 5-3 vote drew a sharp reaction from Ed Butler, the retired state Appeal Court justice who served as chairman of the commission. "They are apparently people without honor," a visibly angered Butler said in an interview after the meeting. "To an eighth-grade civics class, I would have difficulty explaining that they voted how they did when we undertook a year's effort based on their commitment."
May 13, 1989 | LEONARD BERNSTEIN, Times Staff Writer
A majority of the San Diego City Council, concerned that city data-processing officials mishandled the awarding of a lucrative contract to install the city's new telephone system, is demanding an eleventh-hour explanation about whether some firms were treated unfairly in the competition for the project, which will cost from $12 million to $18 million. Led by council members Ron Roberts and Abbe Wolfsheimer, the group will try to force a review of the contract award at Monday's council meeting.
April 26, 1989 | LEONARD BERNSTEIN, Times Staff Writer
The San Diego Board of Port Commissioners, acceding to a demand from Mayor Maureen O'Connor, will again consider the racially charged issue of whether to name the San Diego Convention Center for the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., board Chairman Louis Wolfsheimer said Tuesday night. Wolfsheimer, part of the three-member executive committee that sets the commissioners' agenda, said he will ask that the matter be scheduled for the commission's May 16 meeting. He said approval of that request is virtually automatic.
April 20, 1989 | David Nelson
Be assured that a knowledge of the forms and courtesies of protocol requires more than simply knowing how to ask one's diplomatic dinner partner to pass the sweet-and-sour pork. In the event that a reigning monarch, a head of state, a prince, potentate, pasha or grand panjandrum should visit the city, San Diego is ready to receive the dignitaries with decorum. To prove the point, the city's recently named chiefs of protocol, Anne Evans and Jeanne Lawrence, joined with Mayor Maureen O'Connor on Thursday to receive both the San Diego consular corps and many of the consuls assigned to Los Angeles.
April 17, 1989
Last week's bloody riots in Soviet Georgia so far pose no threat to the "San Diego Arts Festival: Treasures of the Soviet Union," according to Paul Downey, spokesman for Mayor Maureen O'Connor. The October-November festival is built chiefly around the culture of the Soviet state of Georgia. At least 19 died during last week's rioting, triggered by Georgian nationalists who have complained that the Soviet government is dominated by people of Russian descent. Festival organizers were assured last week by officials at the Soviet Embassy in Washington that "there is no point of concern for the festival," Downey said.
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