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March 12, 2014 | By Mery Mogollon and Chris Kraul
CARACAS, Venezuela -- Venezuela's government and opposition marchers were headed for a showdown Wednesday while several Caracas borough mayors defied a supreme court order that they clear barricades in parts of the capital where demonstrations against President Nicolas Maduro have now entered a second month. Opponents to Maduro have organized a march in downtown Caracas in observance of the Flag Day national holiday, even as the government has vowed to stop marchers because they have no permit.
April 28, 2014 | Jim Newton
It's been nine months since I took a leave from this column to complete a book project, and a lot has changed in Los Angeles during that time: Eric Garcetti, who had just taken office when I left, has built an administration, submitted his first budget and established himself as mayor. Mayors invariably are compared to their predecessors, and Garcetti at this early stage is both the heir of Antonio Villaraigosa and his welcome antithesis. Like Villaraigosa, he's liberal and hardworking; unlike Villaraigosa, he's patient, perhaps to a fault, and he's determined to manage the city, not just to imagine its future.
June 20, 2011 | By Andrew Seidman
As Congress continues to debate the soaring national debt, a cohort of mayors on Monday descended on the White House to deliver one message to President Obama: "Jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs," as Los Angeles' Antonio Villaraigosa put it. In the second such meeting with Obama this year, 14 mayors advised the president to resolve the debt limit crisis quickly and focus on the needs of metropolitan economies.   "The clock is ticking" on the debt crisis, Villaraigosa, who assumed the role of president of the U.S. Conference of Mayors this weekend, told reporters after the meeting.
April 27, 2014 | By Ben Bolch
OAKLAND - Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson said Sunday the National Basketball Players Assn. wants the NBA to bar Clippers owner Donald Sterling from playoff games the rest of this season and impose the maximum penalty allowed under league bylaws if racist remarks purportedly made by Sterling can be verified as his. Johnson, who is assisting the players union in its response to the controversy surrounding Sterling, said the players have asked for...
June 22, 2009 | Peter Nicholas
President Obama is facing complaints from big-city mayors and county politicians that parts of the economic stimulus package are shortchanging their constituents. Vice President Joe Biden has been holding private conference calls on the stimulus with elected officials from around the country, some of whom have been telling him that metropolitan regions are losing out to rural areas in the competition for stimulus money. That argument tracks a report released by the U.S.
December 27, 2012 | By Houston Mitchell
Tradition dictates that for big sporting events, such as the World Series, Super Bowl, or NBA Finals, the mayors of the respective teams' cities place a friendly wager on the game. For example, if L.A. and New York were involved, L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa could wager a box of California oranges and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg could wager whatever it is that New York is known for. Crime, I suppose. The loser of the bet sends what he put up to the winner. For the Rose Bowl game, which matches Stanford against Wisconsin, the wager -- announced Thursday by the mayor of Palo Alto, Calif., home of Stanford, and the mayor of Madison, Wis. -- is a bit different.
May 27, 2009 | Tracy Wilkinson
Mexican security forces swept into President Felipe Calderon's home state of Michoacan on Tuesday and arrested a total of 27 mayors and other government officials, the largest operation to target politicians in Mexico's bloody drug war. The officials, including 10 mayors, are being investigated for alleged ties to drug traffickers and other organized crime syndicates that in effect control large sections of Michoacan, the federal attorney general's office said. Michoacan Gov.
June 19, 2011 | By Richard Simon and Kate Linthicum, Los Angeles Times
In a new role that will raise his national profile, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa assumes the presidency of the U.S. Conference of Mayors on Monday, putting him on the front lines in the fight over federal budget cuts and in a good position to secure Washington's help with his pet project: speeding expansion of the transportation system back home. "Mayors, we can't afford to be timid," Villaraigosa declares in an address that he will deliver to fellow mayors in Baltimore on Monday.
May 19, 2001
The mayoral candidates' third debate will be held at 10:15 a.m. today at Crenshaw High School. The event is sponsored by the Baptist Ministers Conference of Los Angeles and Southern California, the Los Angeles NAACP, the New Leaders and the Urban Issues Breakfast Forum of Greater L.A. Reservations were required. Channel 36, the city cable TV channel, will broadcast the debate live. KNBC-TV Channel 4 will broadcast portions of the debate, beginning at 10:30 a.m.
May 1, 1996
The West Hollywood City Council has selected Paul Koretz as mayor of the city. Koretz, who was mayor pro tem last year and was mayor from 1991-92, will preside over the council until next March. The council also selected Councilman Sal Guarriello as mayor pro tem. A staunch opponent of weapons, Koretz co-sponsored the ordinance banning the sale of so-called "Saturday night specials."
April 26, 2014 | By David Zahniser
This post has been updated, as indicated in the notes below. A recording said to be of Clippers team owner Donald J. Sterling making racist remarks was met with swift condemnation from Los Angeles city leaders and prompted a call for the city to formally denounce him. Mayor Eric Garcetti said through a spokesman Saturday that he condemns the "statements and sentiments" attributed to Sterling. Councilman Bernard C. Parks, who represents a portion of South Los Angeles, went further, saying the council should take a formal position denouncing the remarks and demanding action from the NBA. [Updated at 4:07 p.m. PDT, April 26, 2014: Garcetti issued further remarks: "These statements are offensive and despicable and have no place in Los Angeles.
April 26, 2014 | By Bill Shaikin
You're the mayor. A guy walks into City Hall and offers to spend half a billion bucks to revitalize property owned by the city, at no cost to the city. What do you say? If you're Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait, you call it a taxpayer giveaway. This is not a knock at Tait. This is a tip of the cap toward a mayor who has been so incredibly successful in framing the debate surrounding the Angels' stadium lease negotiations that the process has ground to a dead halt. It has been six months since the Anaheim City Council voted to approve the framework of a deal designed to keep the Angels in town for the long term, and to determine how to cover the estimated $150 million needed to keep Angel Stadium up and running for the long term.
April 25, 2014 | By David Zucchino
LATTA, S.C. - Police Chief Crystal Moore was born and raised in this tiny farming crossroads and served as a volunteer police dispatcher while she was still in high school. She became the town's first female officer with a sterling 23-year record on the force - until she was ordered into the mayor's office this month and summarily fired. Mayor Earl Bullard handed Moore a list of seven reprimands citing, among other alleged transgressions, questioning authority and failing to maintain order at a council meeting.
April 25, 2014 | By David Zahniser
A grass-roots group that has been railing against Los Angeles' parking ticket policies has agreed to team up with Mayor Eric Garcetti to look at changes to the enforcement system. Steven Vincent, founder of the Los Angeles Parking Freedom Initiative, said Garcetti invited members of his organization to participate in an official city working group. The panel, Vincent said, will look at an array of possible changes, such as reducing certain fines, expanding parking hours in key locations, making no-parking signs less confusing and halting the practice of using ticket revenue as a tool to balance the city's budget.
April 24, 2014 | By Angel Jennings, Richard Winton and James Rainey
After learning this week of a nine-day aerial surveillance program conducted in 2012, Compton Mayor Aja Brown proposed a policy that would require authorities to notify the public before installing monitoring equipment. “There is nothing worse than believing you are being observed by a third party unnecessarily,” Compton Mayor Aja Brown said Wednesday. “We want to assure the peace of mind of our citizens.” The proposal for the so-called “citizen privacy protection policy” came amid public outrage among Compton residents who were never notified of the pilot surveillance program and said it amounted to an invasion of privacy.  For nine days in early 2012, a small Cessna plane recorded low-resolution images of every corner of the 10.1-square-mile city and beamed them to the local Sheriff's Department station, where deputies observed incidents including fender benders, a string of necklace snatchings and a shooting.
April 23, 2014 | By Patrick Kevin Day
New York Mayor Bill de Blasio stopped by "The View" on Monday and told departing host Barbara Walters that he was declaring May 16 "Barbara Walters Day. " May 16 is Walters' final day on "The View" and her last day as TV personality. The 84-year-old broadcaster is planning to retire when her time on the show she co-created ends. The mayor called Walters a "living legend" for over 50 years. Walters, ever the master of the subtle dig, told De Blasio, "It's very kind. Mayor Bloomberg never did this for me. " PHOTOS: Talk show hosts who didn't make the cut De Blasio replied, "Times are changing.
April 24, 1996
The Malibu City Council appointed a new mayor at its weekly meeting Monday. John Harlow, 66, who was mayor pro tem last year, was selected by fellow council members. He took the reins from Joan House, who was reelected. Harlow said one of his priorities is finalizing development plans for the city's Civic Center property, where the Malibu City Hall is located.
December 13, 2013 | By Richard Simon
Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti joined a group of other newly elected mayors in a meeting with President Obama at the White House on Friday, looking for ways they can work together to promote common priorities such as job creation and immigration reform. Garcetti expressed eagerness to work more with the other mayors "to find the best ideas for L.A. "  The group included mayors and mayors-elect, mostly Democrats, from a dozen states, including New York Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio and Boston Mayor-elect Martin Walsh.
April 22, 2014 | By Matt Pearce
It turns out there are consequences to befriending white supremacists. Especially if you're a public official. Mayor Dan Clevenger of Marionville, Mo., handed in his resignation letter Tuesday morning after an uproar among residents and in national media over remarks he made about Jewish people shortly after the April 13 shootings outside two Jewish centers near Kansas City. Clevenger, 59, is an acquaintance of Frazier Glenn Cross Jr., 73, an avowed hater of Jews who has been charged with killing three people in Overland Park in what officials have deemed a "hate crime.
April 18, 2014 | By Richard Verrier
New York City has a new film commissioner. Mayor Bill de Blasio appointed Cynthia Lopez as the new head of the city's Office of Media and Entertainment. Lopez, formerly an executive vice president of PBS' award-winning "POV" (Point of View) documentary series, replaces Katherine Oliver, who served under former Mayor Michael Bloomberg and was praised for reviving the city's film and TV business.  PHOTOS: Box office top 10 of 2013  |  Biggest flops of 2013 Oliver's departure had raised concerns in the film industry about whether De Blasio would champion the entertainment industry in the way his predecessor did, making New York one of the leading production hubs outside of Los Angeles.
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