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December 6, 1996 | Times Staff and Wire Reports
Billionaire investor Warren Buffett disclosed that Berkshire Hathaway Inc., a holding company he controls, doubled its investment in McDonald's Corp. last year. In a year-old filing with the SEC just released, Berkshire disclosed that it held 9.34 million McDonald's shares worth $357.3 million at the end of September 1995. Those holdings are twice the 4.7 million McDonald's shares, valued at $181.9 million, that Berkshire reported holding at the end of June last year. McDonald's stock rose $1.
March 3, 2004 | From Associated Press
Say goodbye to those super-sized fries -- McDonald's is slimming down its menu. The hamburger giant has started phasing out its trademark Super Size fries and drinks in its 13,000-plus U.S. restaurants as part of an effort to simplify its menu and give customers choices that support a balanced lifestyle, a company spokesman said. McDonald's Corp. added entree salads last year and has been moving to provide more fruit, vegetable and yogurt options with its Happy Meals.
October 10, 1996
Look for a smile today on Speedee's neon face in Downey. Officials are scheduled to announce today plans to restore, reopen and expand the nation's oldest surviving McDonald's hamburger stand. That McDonald's, at Lakewood Boulevard and Florence Avenue, was closed 22 months ago, triggering nationwide protests from fans of the red-and-white tile restaurant and its striking golden arches. "I'm so excited, I can hardly stand it," Downey's Mayor Joyce Lawrence declared Wednesday.
February 21, 1994 | From Reuters
McDonald's Corp. says it is surpassing expectations in its bid to export its fast-food restaurants to the Middle East. James Skinner, senior vice president in charge of Middle East development, declined to disclose sales figures or say how long after its opening a Middle East restaurant begins to turn a profit.
February 25, 1994 | MIKE KUPPER
It really doesn't take long for an American to start feeling at home here. For all of its Nordic differences, Norway comes off as a very Americanized country. The English spoken here by nearly everyone is much closer to American than British, and although all of the national and regional Norwegian foods are served proudly, anyone with a homesick palate can indulge it with little or no trouble.
July 6, 2005 | From Reuters
McDonald's Corp., fresh from a makeover of its menu and ads, now wants to upgrade its restaurant staff uniforms to make them hipper and more befitting the MTV generation, a spokesman said Tuesday. "Our crew in many respects are ambassadors of our brand, and we want their attire to be consistent with that," said Bill Whitman, McDonald's USA spokesman.
November 26, 2008 | Bloomberg News
McDonald's Corp. said Tuesday that it would increase the price of its $1 double cheeseburger to $1.19 in December to cover rising costs, ending the sandwich's run as the top-selling item on the 6-year-old dollar menu. The world's biggest restaurant company will also replace the double cheeseburger with the McDouble. The new sandwich consists of two beef patties and a single slice of cheese, or one slice less than the double, the company said.
September 23, 2008 | From Bloomberg News
McDonald's Corp., the world's largest restaurant company, told some U.S. franchisees to seek other ways to finance store improvements after Bank of America Corp. declined to increase lending. Store owners have exhausted the financing available to install latte and espresso makers and make other upgrades, McDonald's said in a memo obtained by Bloomberg News. BofA won't provide more money, the memo said, because it's in the midst of acquiring Merrill Lynch & Co. and coping with the debt markets.
Hungry shoppers who tell friends to meet them at the McDonald's in San Diego's Stonecrest Plaza need to be a bit more specific. That's because the massive center houses three McDonald's outlets--a traditional one and two express counters in the Wal-Mart and Incredible Universe stores.
Big Mac lovers, say goodby to the foam box. McDonald's Corp. announced Thursday that it will phase out the foam containers and replace them with paper packaging considered less harmful to the environment. The move is the first result of an unusual joint effort between the fast-food chain and the Environmental Defense Fund, a leading group of lawyers, scientists and economists based in Washington, D.C.
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