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Meg Ryan

Not withstanding a comment or two from the presidential debates, Rosie O'Donnell uttered the most-used sound bite of 1992. In "A League of Their Own," she got to recite to Madonna the hall-of-fame line "You think there's a man in this country who ain't seen your bosoms?," the petulant New Yawk delivery of which almost made O'Donnell a star all by itself.
November 16, 1997 | Kenneth Turan
This 1996 release portrays honesty, bravery and a sense of decency without plunging into sentimentality. Denzel Washington plays a tank commander. Assigned to determine whether the death in battle of Medevac helicopter pilot Capt. Karen Walden (Meg Ryan, pictured) warrants the medal (Cinemax Sunday at 8 p.m.).
April 19, 1998
In David Kronke's interview with Meg Ryan ("Love, Cosmic Style," April 12), he notes that before her film success, she "did some bad TV (including a stint on the soap 'As the World Turns')." Kronke fails to note that this "bad TV" gave Ryan tremendous exposure and set the stage for an even more brilliant career to come. She filled loyal "As the World Turns" viewers' hearts with joy and complete awe in the talented performer. She established a character named "Betsy" that will forever be associated with her. There are worse things in life.
August 12, 2004
I enjoyed Valli Herman's article on the Pacific Dining Car ("A Little Nip and Tuck for Those Saggy Seats," July 15) and I'm happy to hear they kept intact their "oldness." If I were Meg Ryan, however, I would be a little upset at being mentioned in the same breath with Mary Tyler Moore and Tina Louise. Also, in my several visits to the Pacific Dining Car I have yet to spy a hipster or freak (unless Herman was subtly referring to the numerous politicians who hang there). Marie Watte Sierra Madre
June 25, 1993 | BETTY GOODWIN
The Movie: "Sleepless in Seattle" * The Setup: Fairy-tale romance concerning Baltimore journalist Annie Reed (Meg Ryan, pictured) and a lonely widower in Seattle, Sam Baldwin (Tom Hanks, pictured), whom she hears on a call-in radio show. * The Costume Designer: Judy Ruskin, whose work appeared in "Born on the Fourth of July," "City Slickers" and "Man Trouble." * The Look: Ryan is this summer's second fashion conservative among female leads. ("Dave" first lady Sigourney Weaver was the other.
June 28, 2012 | Meghan Daum
If you're a particular kind of writer, the kind with a taste for "social observation" and a belief in the divine partnership of unbridled humor and unapologetic honesty, Nora Ephron, who died Tuesday, almost certainly fell into the category of Central Influence. If you're a particularly lucky writer, Nora was not only an influence but a sort of literary mother hen with a cashmere-clad wing outstretched. She was a connector, a cajoler, a cheerleader - maybe even a friend. I was among those lucky ones.
June 26, 2012 | By Steven Zeitchik
The passing of Nora Ephronat the age of 71 has evoked a slew of remembrances for the late writer and director. It also has stirred up some of the more trenchant pieces of dialogue from a three-decade film career in which she was credited on hits such as “Heartburn,” “When Harry Met Sally,” “You've Got Mail” and “Julie & Julia.” Here is a small sampling of some of the choicer bits, and a poll where you can weigh in on which Ephron movie...
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