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Metrolink Board

Orange County commuters who ride Metrolink trains can expect to pay higher prices soon for the privilege. Metrolink's board of directors Friday approved an average 12.5% increase in ticket prices over four years on the Los Angeles region's fast-growing commuter railroad. The three-step price increase--beginning with a 4% hike effective Oct. 1--is the first in Metrolink's more than five years of operation and will affect about 13,000 commuters who ride the 416-mile system.
January 27, 1993 | HUGO MARTIN
Midday Metrolink rail service will be extended to Chatsworth and Simi Valley beginning Feb. 22, Metrolink officials announced Tuesday. Metrolink officials had previously announced that 15 new trains would be added throughout the three-line system to expand Metrolink from a commuter schedule to a daylong service. But because of track improvement work on the Ventura County line--which has its terminus in Moorpark--the added service could not be extended west of Van Nuys, they said.
May 10, 1994
Metrolink officials Monday gave a tour of earthquake-related improvements to the track on the Santa Clarita line. The changes are designed to cut 30% off commuting times between the Antelope Valley and Los Angeles by July 1. Crews are straightening many of the 50 curves on the commuter rail line between the Santa Clarita and Antelope valleys, allowing the average traveling speed to increase by 35 to 45 m.p.h.
March 10, 2000 | MILO PEINEMANN
Three Simi Valley council members and the city's top staffers are heading to Washington, D.C., today. Mayor Bill Davis and council members Glen Becerra and Steve Sojka will join top city staff members at a National League of Cities conference, which gives city leaders from across the country a chance to hear the latest on what's coming out of the Capital and possibly get a head start on applying for new programs.
December 27, 1996
In what could be a signal that a daily commuter train is only a few years away on the route, Metrolink's first Rose Parade express made a trial run Thursday from Claremont to Arcadia, and seats are selling fast for the New Year's Day rail ride. As the 130-ton locomotive and three double-decker cars pulled into a temporary station in Arcadia on Thursday, where passengers on Jan.
November 10, 1994
Metrolink officials on Wednesday announced a 25% discount on December monthly passes, an offer aimed at increasing ridership of the regional commuter train network. "This one-month promotion should serve as an unexpected bonus to our commuters," said Larry Walker, Metrolink's board chairman and a San Bernardino County supervisor. "In this holiday season, we want to encourage potential riders to give us a try," he said.
February 18, 2000 | CATHERINE BLAKE
Metrolink fares could go up 4% July 1, and Ventura County Transportation Commission officials want to know what the public thinks about that. The increase, which would be the second 4% hike in two years, is meant to provide more money for service and equipment improvements, not a specific project, according to Mary Travis, commission manager of rail programs. A round-trip ticket to Los Angeles from Simi Valley would cost $11, instead of $10.50.
February 16, 1997
As a longtime Dodger season-ticket holder and the immediate past chairwoman of Southern California's MetroLink commuter rail Board of Directors, I couldn't agree more with William Fulton's "Connect the Stadium to the City" (Opinion, Jan. 26). I, too, would like to see baseball--as well as other sports and entertainment activities--become part of a positive urban experience in Los Angeles. And I believe MetroLink's mission of providing reasonable and accessible transit can play an important role in doing so. After all, it's less than a 10-minute bus ride from our Union Station stop to Dodger Stadium and about the same distance, via MTA's electric rail system, to the Convention Center site proposed for a new Lakers and Kings venue.
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