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Mexican Border

August 31, 1992
The conventions came and went. Neither the Democrats or Republicans mentioned the immigration problem. Every survey shows that all border states and ports of entry struggle with legal and illegal immigrants. We are obligated under the law to take certain immigrants. Why do we allow all their relatives to follow? The Mexican border is a joke. If a group is picked up running through traffic (your pictures), the police are not allowed to turn them over to the immigration authorities.
February 17, 2009 | Associated Press
A 23-year-old fugitive wanted for his alleged role in the killing of a San Bernardino rapper has been arrested at the Mexican border. Officials said Monday that Jeffrey Berrouet was taken into custody Saturday night at the San Ysidro Port of Entry. San Bernardino County sheriff's detectives issued an arrest warrant for Berrouet in the June 2008 robbery, kidnapping, torture and slaying of Robert Mastrangelo. The Press Enterprise newspaper says Mastrangelo, who performed under the name Self Sufficient, was found in a drainage ditch off Interstate 15 in Barstow.
December 3, 1989
Regarding the article "Latinos Fight for Recognition" by Edmund Newton, in the San Gabriel Valley Section of the L.A. Times (Nov. 26), it's about time the media gave more publicity to the contributions of Mexican-American vets. The piece focused on what I think some Latinos have only just begun to realize, and others still don't realize, that, not only did Latinos serve in significant numbers during WWII, Korea and Vietnam, but they also won the most medals of any other minority group during these three conflicts.
February 26, 1985 | JUAN M. VASQUEZ, Times Staff Writer
Mexican police Monday reported the arrests of a suspect and two companions in the kidnaping of U.S. narcotics agent Enrique S. Camarena. The three men were flown to Guadalajara, scene of the abduction, for questioning. The suspect was identified as Tomas Morlet Borquez, who said he has retired after 22 years of service in Mexico's Department of Federal Security, a plainclothes police agency. Camarena was seized at gunpoint Feb. 7. There has been no ransom note and no word of his whereabouts.
February 14, 2010 | By Patrick J. McDonnell
David E. Metzger seemed destined to be a soldier. "He always had a kind of passion for the military," said his longtime friend, Rob Casillas, who recalled mock childhood battles in the suburbs of southern San Diego County. "We'd play little war games in the fields near the Mexican border." At Mar Vista Senior High School in Imperial Beach, Metzger wore his slacks freshly pressed and his shoes scuff-free, and was careful to stay in shape, his friend recalled. "He always fit the profile of a soldier," Casillas said.
May 1, 2010 | By Paloma Esquivel and Nicholas Riccardi, Los Angeles Times
A Pinal County sheriff's deputy was shot by an apparent drug smuggler and suffered a superficial wound Friday night in an encounter sure to inflame passions in the state that recently passed the toughest law against illegal immigration in the country. Arizona has been fiercely criticized for the new law, which makes it a state crime to lack immigration paperwork and requires police to determine whether people they stop are in the country legally. Opponents have contended that the law will force police to racially profile people.
March 4, 1989
After a long career in the INS, most of it along the Mexican border, I am still amazed at the audacity of Mexican officialdom. Every measure we have devised to impede the flow of illegal aliens and drugs through our thin green line has met cries of protest. So it is once again with this latest idea of the proposed ditch on Otay Mesa near Tijuana (Part I, Feb. 21). Wherein lies the controversy that sparks such "intense opposition" from Mexico's government? In all the predictable clamor from the south, no one has yet offered a plausible reason for concern.
May 20, 1986
Two Los Angeles police officers flung open the back doors of a trailer rig parked near a produce loading dock early Monday and found 92 illegal aliens crammed inside. The Newton area officers had become suspicious when they saw what they thought was a burglar get out of a van and into the truck about 12:30 a.m. at a warehouse near Olympic Boulevard and Alameda Street, police said. Even though the evening was cool, it was estimated to be nearly 100 degrees inside the truck, the officers said.
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