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March 15, 2009 | Kevin Baxter
Halfway through the Mexican national team's morning workout Saturday, a man slowly wheeled a cart full of baseballs toward the middle of the infield. Not every team has the luxury of using a 17-year major league veteran and Cy Young Award winner to keep its batting practice pitcher supplied with balls. But in this case, Fernando Valenzuela was only too eager to oblige. "Whatever they need," Valenzuela said. "I'm real, real happy to be part of this."
June 14, 2007
Re "Another bloody week rocks Mexico as drug battles rage," June 9 How many people who read with horror about the growth of drug-related murders in Mexico have used illicit drugs themselves? Everyone who does should realize that they are complicit in those murders. Whether or not their drugs are from Mexico, they are contributing to the acceptance of the culture of illegal drugs. It's time to give up chemical highs and come back to reality. NOELLE DONFELD Malibu
May 6, 1997
Re "Clinton's Mexico Trip Offers Fence-Mending Opportunity," editorial, April 21: It is difficult to see how it will be possible for President Clinton to do much "fence-mending" with Mexico, given its leaders' most recent comments and actions. Mexican officials insist that their sovereignty be scrupulously honored while at the same time dismissing our right to enact and enforce laws that protect our sovereignty. Mexico can't have it both ways. In response to our new immigration laws, the foreign ministry said that Mexico will not tolerate foreign forces dictating and enacting laws on Mexicans.
July 6, 2011 | By Tim Johnson
U.S. and Mexican officials Wednesday resolved a cross-border long-haul trucking dispute that will lift punitive tariffs on about $2.4 billion in U.S. products. Under the agreement, which ends a nearly two-decade ban on Mexican trucks entering the United States, Mexico will halve the punitive customs duties within the next 10 days and remove the rest by the end of the summer. "The agreements signed today are a win for roadway safety and they are a win for trade," U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said.
November 18, 2004
On the Nov. 15 article, "Eye to Eye in Search of Justice," about the careo [or face-off], I found the words "medieval" and "primitive" describing some of Mexico's legal proceedings. Surely Mexico can and must modernize, but what about the U.S.? Isn't the death penalty primitive and medieval? A little more self-criticism on the part of Americans and a bit less patronizing of the neighbor to the south would do this country lots of good too. Jose Nuno Los Angeles
August 24, 2012 | By Christopher Reynolds, Los Angeles Times staff writer
Earlier this year, the Trans-Border Institute at the University of San Diego released “Drug Violence in Mexico,” a report by the institute's Cory Molzahn, Viridiana Ríos and David A. Shirk. Looking for broader perspective on the estimated 50,000 drug-war killings in Mexico since December 2006, the researchers compared Mexico's overall homicide statistics with other nations'. They found that Mexico's overall homicide rate was about 18 per 100,000 inhabitants - “uncomfortably high,” yet also “about average for the hemisphere.” In fact, that figure matches rates for the city of Los Angeles in the troubled early 1990s.
March 17, 2010 | By Kevin Baxter
Mario Enriquez, his 9-year-old son Brian and a bulldog wearing a Mexican soccer jersey were all part of a sellout crowd of more than 30,000 that crammed Territorio Santos Modelo on Wednesday for a festival, a wrestling exhibition, competing mariachi concerts, a dressage demonstration and a celebration of Mexico's bicentennial. Oh, and not coincidentally, they followed that up with a soccer game in the adjoining stadium, one that saw Mexico score twice in the second half to beat North Korea, 2-1. "It's great to see this many people come out and support the national team," Enriquez said.
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