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Michael Vick

February 4, 2011 | By Sam Farmer
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said Friday that team owners are committed to working out a collective bargaining agreement with players and are ready to engage in "intense negotiations" with the NFL Players Assn. to get one done. The current deal expires after March 3, opening the door to a lockout that could threaten training camp and possibly games in the 2011 season. Goodell, speaking at his annual pre-Super Bowl news conference, said he hopes something can be worked out "in the next few weeks.
January 10, 2011 | By Sam Farmer
One career playoff victory, and Aaron Rodgers already has his ring. That is to say, Rodgers and his Green Bay Packers have taken Philadelphia full circle. Green Bay beat the Eagles in their opener, then ended their season on the same field four months later, posting a 21-16 victory over Philadelphia on Sunday before a frigid fan base at Lincoln Financial Field. In the process, the Packers closed the book on the comeback season of Michael Vick, and started a new chapter of their own ?
January 8, 2011
Filibuster ? who needs it? Re "Choke the filibuster," Opinion, Jan. 2 If there is one New Year's resolution that the Senate should seek to accomplish, it's the dramatic scaling down of the anti-democratic filibuster. Let's face it, the Senate is the place where good legislation goes to die and the will of the electorate is ignored. I can't think of an example in which the filibuster was used (or threatened to be used) where the best interests of the American people was the guiding principle.
January 4, 2011 | Sandy Banks
I'm a dog lover and a football fan. And it doesn't bother me to cheer for Michael Vick, even though he's probably better known right now for his animal cruelty than for his gridiron heroics. His conviction for running a dog-fighting ring isn't something he'll soon leave behind, no matter how far his Philadelphia Eagles carry their winning season or how well he plays in the Pro Bowl this month. President Obama drew fire last week when reports surfaced that he thanked the Eagles' owner, Jeffrey Lurie, for giving Vick a chance to rejoin the game after he served his 19-month prison term.
December 30, 2010
Is 'I'm sorry' enough? Re "Obama draws fire for comments on Vick," Dec. 29 There are many kinds of bad conduct in professional sports, but the conduct of Michael Vick is extremely shocking stuff. President Obama's recent comments not only lessen the impact of Vick's offense, they also help condone animal cruelty. Has the president actually read or looked at what this talented and well-paid athlete was doing to living creatures, animals unable to defend themselves from the pain and torture they endured?
December 29, 2010 | By Brian Bennett and Michael A. Memoli, Washington Bureau
A standout season has done plenty to calm the controversy surrounding quarterback Michael Vick. But President Obama's praise of the Philadelphia Eagles for giving the convicted dogfighter a second chance has brought new energy to an old firestorm. "This is a nation of football lovers," said Lisa Lange, a spokeswoman for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. She also said Obama was underestimating the negative reaction his comments would provoke. "It is also a nation of dog lovers.
December 28, 2010 | Wire reports
Michael Vick's sensational comeback has been spiced by a Pro Bowl start. The Philadelphia Eagles quarterback, who sat out two seasons while serving a federal sentence for dogfighting, will start for the NFC in the Jan. 30 Pro Bowl in Honolulu. The honor is yet another major step in Vick's resurgence. Vick was selected to three Pro Bowl games with Atlanta before being suspended by the NFL and served prison time for running a dogfighting ring. This season, he has gone from a seldom-used backup to the NFC's leading passer, the catalyst for Philadelphia's dynamic offense.
December 23, 2010 | Meghan Daum
What does Michael Vick want for Christmas? A dog, apparently. Don't panic: He's not allowed to get one until 2012, when he finishes the probation that followed his nearly two-year prison sentence for running a dog-fighting ring. But there's much anticipatory anxiety in the air nonetheless. It all started this month, when the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback told a group of children at the Boys and Girls Club of Newark, N.J., that he longed for a canine companion "more than anything in the world.
December 22, 2010 | Chris Erskine
My dog is dumb as a stick, but that doesn't necessarily make him a bad person. He's just gifted in other areas ? such as chewing himself raw or hurling himself across the dinner table in pursuit of scraps. Trust me, the guy would Fosbury Flop across the Panama Canal to acquire the dead end of a stale French fry. I love him still, in that way you love things that need you a little more than you need them ? bosses, hamsters, street mimes. Michael Vick, former resident of the federal penal system and now a contributing member of the Philadelphia Eagles, one of those win-at-all-costs football organizations that Nietzsche could have coached, knows the value of a dog as well.
December 21, 2010 | Jerry Crowe
It happened in 2010.? A Superior Court judge, echoing Dodgers fans, found Frank and Jamie McCourt to be not credible.? Drew Brees brought New Orleans its first Lombardi Gras.? Pau Gasol played Batman to Kobe Bryant's overeager Robin in the Lakers' most important game of the year.? Shrink-saluting Ron Artest partied like a rock star.? Ben Roethlisberger partied like a frat boy.? Tiger Woods, a partier no more, went 0 for '10.?
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