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June 18, 2012 | By Andrea Chang
Microsoft has finally released the details of its much-hyped media event: The invitation-only news conference, where the tech company is expected to debut a tablet device, is scheduled to take place at Milk Studios in Hollywood on Monday afternoon. Milk Studios, at the corner of Cahuenga Boulevard and Willoughby Avenue, says on its website that it "stands at the crossroads of the fashion, music, photography and film worlds. " The company is based out of Los Angeles and New York and "is a hub for nurturing creativity and supporting partnerships with some of the industry's most visionary talent and innovative brands.
April 2, 2014 | By Chris O'Brien
Look out, Siri. Watch your back, Google Now. Here comes Cortana. At its annual Build 2014 conference on Wednesday, Microsoft took the wraps off Windows Phone 8.1. The new features include a personal digital assistant called Cortana.  Cortana is Microsoft's challenge to voice-activated services such as Google Now and Apple's Siri. The new Cortana will be powered by Microsoft's Bing search engine. Users will be able to use a feature called a "Notebook" which will let them decide exactly which things Cortana should keep track of. They can also select quiet hours during which Cortana won't bug them.
September 3, 2013 | By Chris O'Brien
The announcement that Microsoft will pay $7.2 billion to buy Nokia's device business raises one question both simple and complex:  Why? The company will address that in a conference call scheduled for Wednesday morning at 8:45 a.m. But in the meantime, it also released several documents, in addition to the main news release, to provide some rationale for the deal.  PHOTOS: Biggest tech flops of 2013 -- so far   The first document...
October 25, 2012 | By Salvador Rodriguez
Microsoft today officially launched Windows 8 and the new Windows Store. The company said Windows 8, its latest operating system, will be available for purchase online and in stores today starting at $39.99. The operating system retains Windows' traditional desktop but also adds another view that is heavily geared toward touchscreen devices. Windows President Steven Sinofsky said that more than 1,000 computers have been certified for Windows 8 and that there will be some Windows 8 PCs that'll sell for less than $300.
February 6, 2013 | By Jessica Guynn
SAN FRANCISCO -- Microsoft Corp. is taking another swipe at Gmail with a campaign to encourage people to dump Gmail for over privacy concerns. The Redmond, Wash., technology giant is drawing new attention to an old issue: Gmail scans the content of personal emails in order to better target ads. Microsoft is pushing a new poll it commissioned that found that nearly 9 in 10 Americans disapprove of the practice. Seven in 10 Americans said they didn't believe or didn't know that any major email service provider did that, according to the poll.
August 31, 2013 | By Chris O'Brien
Well, look who's suddenly all the fashion. Why, it's Bill Gates! The big philanthropist who stepped away from running the company he co-founded is suddenly being labeled a visionary, and there are even some whispers that he and only he can return from the wilderness and restore Microsoft to greatness!  In other words, he's getting the kind of love from pundits and Silicon Valley he never seemed to get when he was actually in charge of Microsoft. Quiz: How much do you know about Google?
January 29, 2010 | By Nathan Olivarez-Giles
For Microsoft Corp.'s earnings, a new set of Windows made a huge difference. Boosted by the arrival of its Windows 7 operating system, Microsoft had a 14% rise in sales in its fiscal second quarter that ended Dec. 31, the software giant said Thursday. That helped make for a 60% jump in profit to $6.7 billion, or 74 cents a share, compared with a year earlier when the Redmond, Wash., company had net income of $4.17 billion, or 47 cents. Revenue increased to $19 billion from $16.6 billion.
September 6, 2012 | By Salvador Rodriguez
Microsoft is taking a page out of Pepsi's book for its latest Bing marketing strategy with a blind comparison test it's calling the "Bing It On Challenge. " Just as Pepsi did against Coke in the 1970s, Microsoft is challenging Google and letting users decide which product they like better when branding is removed. In the test, which you can take here , users search five queries and get results that have been stripped of any formatting that might give away which search engine they're from.
May 23, 2013 | By Randy Lewis
Here's an aspiring musician whose major label debut won't have to struggle with the budget constraints most first-timers are faced with. “Everywhere at Once” is the introductory effort from Paul Allen and the Underthinkers. Allen, in case you're wondering, is the same Paul Allen who back in 1975 created a little venture called Microsoft with his pal Bill Gates. Allen, who also owns the Portland Trailblazers basketball team, has always been a music aficionado and an accomplished amateur guitarist who used a chunk of his Microsoft fortune to start the Experience Music Project museum in Seatte.
April 19, 2008 | From Times Wire Services
Microsoft Corp. acquired travel website Farecast Inc., gaining technology that predicts whether airfares will rise or fall. Seattle-based Farecast analyzes airfare patterns to predict when prices might be cut and also searches for the cheapest fares. The company didn't disclose financial terms.
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