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Military Personnel

September 12, 2012 | By Jon Healey
Proposition 33, an initiative to let auto insurers offer discounts to competitors' customers, isn't quite the same as Proposition 17, a similar proposal that voters rejected in 2010. But the campaign in favor of the measure seems to be following the same truth-distorting playbook. The Yes on Proposition 33 campaign has bought airtime on 19 radio stations in five cities for what appears to be its first commercial, which is due to begin broadcasting Wednesday. The 30-second spot declares: "Proposition 33 protects our veterans and military families, and allows them to keep their discount on car insurance, saving them money.
August 23, 2012 | By Richard Fausset, Los Angeles Times
MEXICO CITY - Mexico's Supreme Court has ruled unconstitutional a section of military law that allowed soldiers accused of abusing civilians to be tried in front of military tribunals, a practice opposed by human rights advocates. In an 8-2 decision Tuesday, the court cited an article of the Mexican Constitution that states that military courts should "in no case and for no reason" have jurisdiction over civilians. Judge Arturo Zaldivar stated that military courts should be "restricted to offenses committed by military personnel who threaten the military order - that is, against military discipline.
August 11, 2012 | By Tony Perry, Los Angeles Times
California's attorney general filed a civil lawsuit against a Riverside County charity that raises money to support programs for military veterans and active-duty personnel, particularly for those hospitalized with war wounds. Help Hospitalized Veterans has used much of its donations for lavish salaries and pensions, self-dealing business relationships and loans, and perks such as $80,000 in golf memberships and use of a condominium, Atty. Gen.Kamala D. Harrissaid in a lawsuit filed Thursday in Riverside County Superior Court.
August 7, 2012 | By Tony Perry, Los Angeles Times
SAN DIEGO - In a ceremony that was brief but redolent of the sacrifice and pain of war, one of the last bits of unfinished business from the Vietnam War was completed Monday at the Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery. The remains of Marine Pfc. Richard Rivenburgh were buried 37 years after his helicopter was shot down during the attempt to rescue the crew of the U.S. merchant ship Mayaguez, which had been taken hostage byCambodia'sKhmer Rouge. The rescue is considered the last battle of the Vietnam War. Rivenburgh's name was one of the last placed on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall in Washington.
July 22, 2012 | By Tony Perry, Los Angeles Times
SAN DIEGO - Led by a Marine sergeant wearing her dress blue uniform and bearing the American flag aloft, several hundred members of the military marched in the city's LGBT Pride parade Saturday, marking the first time the Department of Defense has permitted personnel to wear their uniforms in a gay festival parade. A crowd estimated at 200,000 whistled, waved, cheered and applauded as the service members walked the parade route through the city's largely gay neighborhood of Hillcrest, ending at the western extension of Balboa Park.
July 19, 2012 | By Tony Perry, Los Angeles Times
SAN DIEGO - Gay military personnel can wear their uniforms in San Diego's LGBT Pride Festival and parade, the Pentagon said Thursday. An announcement from the office of the deputy assistant secretary of Defense said that wearing their uniforms is permitted "provided service members participate in their personal capacity and ensure the adherence to military service standards of appearance and wear of the military uniform. " The decision marks the first time that gay personnel will be allowed to wear their uniforms in a gay parade.
May 23, 2012 | By Mary Forgione, Los Angeles Times Daily Travel & Deal blogger
Fleet Week , which has been a New York City tradition since 1984, starts Wednesday (that's today) with a parade of tall ships and war ships that will be docked and open to the public through Tuesday. Members of the Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard will be aboard ships and participating in parachute jumps and other equipment demonstrations. There are lots of free activities to go and see. In honor of Fleet Week, Gray Line New York honors all military personnel in uniform with a free tour of Manhattan on its double-decker buses.  The deal: Members of the military (all branches, not just sailors and Marines)
May 6, 2012 | By Jung-yoon Choi, Los Angeles Times
JEJU ISLAND, South Korea -- To the South Korean military, this picturesque island is the perfect place to build a naval base: a strategic location guarding the country's southern flank from possible invasion. To its residents, its small-town feel, harbor and coral reefs make it close to perfect just the way it is. The conflict between the two visions has turned into a South Korean David and Goliath story, with Mayor Kang Dong-kyun of the town of Gangjeong leading the majority of its 1,930 people in fighting the giant.
May 5, 2012 | By Gary Klein
Louis Zamperini, the 95-year old former Olympic runner, World War II veteran and subject of the 2011 bestseller “Unbroken,” is scheduled to throw out the first pitch Sunday when USC's baseball team plays host to Washington on Salute to the Brave Military Appreciation Day at Dedeaux Field. The event is the brainchild of Ryan Morris, a former USC walk-on baseball player who started a company called Salute the Brave that manufactures and sells baseball caps and garments celebrating the military.
April 20, 2012 | By Ken Dilanian
? Three more Secret Service employees who were involved in the Colombian prostitution scandal are leaving the agency, bringing the total to a half-dozen agents or uniformed officers who saw their careers cut short in a widening investigation of alleged misconduct. The latest casualties of the embarrassing episode "have chosen to resign," according to Paul Morrissey, spokesman for the Secret Service. He also announced that a 12th agency employee is being investigated, one more than previously known.
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