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Military Uniforms

March 5, 2000 | From the Washington Post
In the next few months, every member of the armed forces, from private to general, is supposed to undergo instruction to stop harassment of gays in uniform. But the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines have prepared widely differing, sometimes contradictory and often perfunctory lessons. Everyone in the Navy, for example, will see a slide show that begins with sailors working heroically together as wind-whipped waves crash around their ship.
June 9, 2011 | By Roula Hajjar and Borzou Daragahi, Los Angeles Times
Gunmen in "military uniform and government cars" were responsible for the recent killings of as many as 120 Syrian security forces in the northwestern city of Jisr Shughur, the official Syrian Arab News Agency said Wednesday. The news agency's statement could signal a dramatic division within Syria's security forces and lend credence to opposition claims of clashes between forces loyal to President Bashar Assad and those refusing to take part in a violent crackdown against pro-democracy demonstrators.
December 15, 2013 | By David P. Barash
On Dec. 1, 1948 - 65 years ago this month - Jose Figueres, then president of Costa Rica, made a fiery and eloquent speech, after which he took a sledgehammer and bashed a hole in a huge stone wall at the nation's military headquarters, Cuartel Bellavista. Its imposing towers and massive gates had loomed over the capital city of San Jose since 1917, the country's premier symbol of military power and the home of the "Tico" military establishment. Figueres was not just being a showman; he was announcing something truly extraordinary: Henceforth, Costa Rica would take the almost unheard-of step of renouncing its military.
March 16, 2005 | Tina Daunt, Times Staff Writer
Gary Webb planned his death with polite precision. He typed out four lengthy suicide notes and put them in the mail to family members. He placed his prearranged cremation certificate and Social Security card on the kitchen counter of his suburban Sacramento home. He put the keys to his cars and motorcycles in an envelope addressed to his oldest son.
February 4, 1990 | Reuters
Nine robbers, some of them killers, were executed by firing squad Saturday, Ghana's national news agency reported. The nine men had donned fake military uniforms to gain entry to homes and had killed some of their victims.
July 7, 2006 | From Times Wire Reports
Police captured six fugitive military officers linked to a 2003 failed mutiny against Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, officials said. The officers, along with a lawyer and another civilian, were seized from a house in suburban Quezon City. Ranulfo Ludovica, village chief of the Batasan Hills district, said the raiders recovered explosives, firearms, ammunition and military uniforms.
April 12, 1998 | From Times Wire Reports
Twenty-four people died in an attack in a village 20 miles southwest of the capital, Kigali, the independent Rwanda News Agency reported. The attack brings to 125 the number of people who have been killed in a spate of violence that began Tuesday night. The agency said the attack was believed to have been carried out by Hutu militia. Officials quoted survivors as saying the attackers were dressed in military uniforms.
March 1, 1989
Tamil separatist guerrillas, dressed in military uniforms, went house to house in a Sri Lankan village, systematically killing 37 Sinhalese with swords, knives and guns, according to survivors and officials. At least 10 children were among the victims in Welikande, a village about 100 miles northwest of Colombo. Officials said that about 30 rebels attacked the village, hacking and slashing people.
February 8, 2003 | From Times Wire Reports
Four Cuban coast guardsmen defected after steering their patrol boat to a Key West resort in an apparently spontaneous decision after a conversation about poverty in their communist homeland. The men were still dressed in their military uniforms when they docked, walked into town and surrendered to police. One man had a Chinese handgun holstered to his side. Police found two loaded AK-47 assault rifles along with ammunition on the boat, which was still flying a Cuban flag.
April 8, 2003 | From Times Wire Reports
Armed Iraqis abducted two Polish reporters at a checkpoint south of Baghdad, their editors said. Marcin Firlej, 27, a reporter for the private TVN24 news channel, and Jacek Kaczmarek, 31, with Polish state radio, had set off from Nasiriyah with a group of journalists and were stopped near Hillah. TVN24 reporter Marcin Woroch, who was in the same convoy, said the group was driving toward Karbala and hit the checkpoint after leaving the highway.
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