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Milken Family Foundation

December 6, 2007 | Andrea R. Vaucher, Special to The Times
AS Anastasia Soare languished in communist Romania in the 1980s, waiting for an exit visa for herself and her young daughter, she never imagined she would be here, dressed in a hip-hugging Chanel jacket and patent leather Bottega Veneta boots, receiving friends at her Beverly Hills home for a holiday party.
October 28, 1998 | HOLLY EDWARDS
In surprise ceremonies Tuesday morning, five educators in the Los Angeles area received $10,000 Milken Family Foundation Jewish Educator Awards. The award winners: kindergarten teacher Deborah Norwood from Stephen S.
October 9, 1999
Sprawled at the top of the Sepulveda Pass with a spectacular view of the brushy hills and city below, Milken Community High School is among the nation's largest non-Orthodox Jewish high schools. At the college-like campus, ancient Jewish traditions share class time with such modern disciplines as robotics and biotechnology. The 10-acre campus cost nearly $40 million to build.
September 30, 1998 | MICHAEL BAKER
Students waved their arms in the air and sang, "Reach out and touch somebody's hand," as part of an emotional and spirited kickoff Tuesday for a yearlong program that takes children with special needs and puts them to work in community service projects. The H.E.L.P. Group in Sherman Oaks, along with its sister campus, Summit View School in Valley Glen, celebrated their participation in the Milken Family Foundation Festival for Youth.
June 16, 1988 | PATRICIA WARD BIEDERMAN, Times Staff Writer
The Los Angeles Unified School District has received a gift of more than $1 million to begin developing an educational park at the former Ft. MacArthur in San Pedro. On Monday the Los Angeles Board of Education accepted a gift of $1,050,000 from the charitable Milken Family Foundation to help build an outdoor education facility and operate a special-education training program on the ocean-view site.
September 18, 1995
Re "Jewish School Renamed for Milkens," Sept. 9: As an American I am shocked that $5 million can buy a convicted felon "respectability" by having a high school named after him. As a parent I am saddened that our sons and daughters have been presented with such a role model. As a Jew I am humiliated that the decision-makers of the Stephen S. Wise Temple have chosen to perpetuate a false stereotype that money can buy anything. Shame on Principal Bruce Powell for his convenient rationalization that Michael Milken was "tried and convicted in the press by innuendo."
June 17, 1998 | MICHAEL BAKER
At a party thrown Tuesday in their honor, more than 400 students from the H.E.L.P. Group, who donated their time doing community service during the school year, celebrated with games, speeches and educational activities. "Instead of receiving services they are giving them," said Thomas Komp, director of admissions and program development for H.E.L.P. "It gives our students an understanding that they have something to give back." The H.E.L.P.
August 4, 1997
Much attention has been drawn lately to the question of whether computers in the classroom make smarter students. Whether they do or not, a new national poll is weighing into the debate with evidence that the American public strongly believes in their educational value and is willing to put money behind that belief. Conducted for the Santa Monica-based Milken Family Foundation by Peter D.
September 14, 1989
The Los Angeles Board of Education has approved an environmental impact report and master plan for the Ft. MacArthur Educational Complex, an educational park in San Pedro that includes a marine animal study center. The EIR was approved 7-0 Tuesday, while the master plan was adopted on a 6-1 vote, with board member Rita Walters dissenting.
October 16, 1987
The creator of a curriculum used at the Humanities Magnet Center at Cleveland High School in Reseda has won a $25,000 California Educator Award for excellence in public education. Neil Anstead, coordinator of the Cleveland Humanities program, is one of 12 California teachers honored during the first year the award has been granted. Prize money, which the educators can use for any purpose, was donated by the Milken Family Foundation of Los Angeles.
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