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August 30, 2012 | By David Lazarus
Just in case you were beginning to think rich people were deeply misunderstood and that they feel the pain of those who are less fortunate, here's the world's wealthiest woman, Australian mining tycoon Gina Rinehart, with some helpful advice. "If you're jealous of those with more money, don't just sit there and complain," she said in a magazine piece . "Do something to make more money yourself -- spend less time drinking or smoking and socialising, and more time working. " Yeah, let them eat cake.
September 3, 1994
As millionaire owners and millionaire players negotiate the distribution of many hundreds of millions of dollars, Glenn Burke ("When Glory Has Soured," Aug. 30) suffers on the streets of San Francisco, enduring the horrifying and lonely torment of AIDS. SCOTT PIAZZA Los Angeles One facet of Burke's athletic career rarely gets mentioned. In 1976 at the University of Nevada Reno, he briefly played on the basketball team. The Dodgers, fearing an off-season injury, forced him to quit and he left UNR shortly thereafter.
June 17, 2006
Finally a real golf course: Winged Foot, site of the U.S. Open. The pros are finding out what it's like to play a real test, not some Palm Desert course where 35 under might win. By the time you read this, two or three under might be the 36-hole leader. We hackers love watching this ordeal for these millionaire pros. RON COOPER La Crescenta
February 17, 1991
As California dries up, it's good to know that Dale Rorabaugh can fill his 288,000 gallon swimming pool. While the state's agriculture has its faucet turned off, and us poorer folk must ration our landscaping to death, we can all witness a millionaire's dream come true. San Diego County can look to that mountain-top mansion with pride, knowing inside and outside those walls lies a Guiness Record Book pool. DENNIS LYNCH, Encinitas
October 5, 1991
Your recent articles on Kenny Walker of the Denver Broncos, Glyn Milburn of Stanford and Charles Johnson of Colorado were outstanding. All three of these young men have tremendous character and courage. More articles should be written about true role models such as these, rather than articles about millionaire athletes who whine about contracts they voluntarily sign and then deem unsatisfactory. Regardless of what happens to these men in the future, they are already highly successful.
March 25, 1999
Re "Smithsonian Museum in Cross-Hairs of Debate," March 21: The millionaire big-game hunter who sent the carcass of an endangered Asian wild sheep to the Smithsonian said that he had killed only one trophy male out of the seven which were in the herd and that could do no harm to the population. Seems rational to me. Perhaps the same technique can be used to thin out the environmentalists, one for each seven. Would certainly cut down on the baleful bleating of that herd.
May 9, 1992
Byron Scott, whom I have long regarded as a very thoughtful and responsible young man, is quoted three times as saying: "I don't condemn what they're doing." This amazing quote could only lead me to the surprising and sad conclusion that I, who happen to be white (and not a millionaire), care more about the suffering and loss of livelihood of his fellow black victims than he does. RABBI YEHUDAH DOLGIN Los Angeles
November 24, 2001
When a branch of my bank closed, did Congress go into an uproar over it? No. When a local stereo store moved, did Congress hold hearings? No. So why the uproar over a branch of major league baseball closing? With a war and a recession going on, doesn't Congress have anything better to do? A few people with no lives in Minnesota might care, but 98% of America is not interested in the squabbling of millionaire sports figures. Elected officials, get back to your real job. Represent the people of America, and solve our problems.
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