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Mission Viejo High School

March 29, 1996 | KIMBERLY BROWER
A group of high school students played teacher Thursday, leading 125 Foothill Ranch Elementary School kindergarten students on a nature hike through Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park to study animal habitats and native foliage. For some of the youngsters, the field trip was their first experience in the wilderness and an educational one. "I learned not to touch poison ivy," said Leah Bloomanstein, 5. Said classmate Brieann Hood, 5, "I got to see plants, holes and a squirrel."
December 22, 1990
School district officials are offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of vandals who twice this month have started fires in Mission Viejo High School lockers. The first incident occurred the morning of Dec. 5, when school officials found the contents of eight metal lockers had been set on fire. The second incident occurred Sunday evening, when school officials found the contents of three more lockers had been destroyed, said Peter A.
May 7, 1991 | CHRIS FOSTER
Capistrano Valley High School has lodged a protest against the Mission Viejo High School boys' swim team, and it could affect the outcome of the South Coast League final, league President Tom Anthony said Monday. Capistrano Valley protested that a Diablo swimmer should not have been allowed to compete because he had been scratched during a coaches' meeting Wednesday. The swimmer originally had been declared academically ineligible, according to Anthony.
March 11, 2001
Re "Student's Suit Over Bible Club Ban Reinstated," March 2: The 4th District Court of Appeal decision to overturn the lower court's ruling, and allow the lawsuit by the Fellowship of Christian Athletes against the Saddleback Valley Unified School District to proceed, conveniently overlooks the applicability of the equal access laws in the real world. If the organization is allowed to have meetings on the Mission Viejo High School campus, the provisions of the same Equal Access Act demand that the school accommodate requests for similar clubs with different religious orientations.
September 26, 1993
Some Mission Viejo parents appear to be lacking both a sense of humor and trust in their children at Mission Viejo High School. Surely a little devilishness on the part of young people raised in Christian homes is not going to condemn them to hell. It's the young people's school so let them choose how to present it. The parents are upset by a cartoonish depiction of an otherworldly figure. The situation might be different if there was an actual photo of Old Scratch. Who knows what the devil looks like?
January 16, 1997 | KIMBERLY BROWER
The Israeli consul general to the United Nations and an FBI agent will help to kick off a three-day Model United Nations conference Friday as more than 1,500 students from 28 California high schools gather at Mission Viejo High School for the annual event. The three-day session gives high school students an opportunity to examine international affairs and address world issues while exercising their diplomatic, compromise and debate skills.
Tom Anthony, principal at Capistrano Valley High School, gave four-day suspensions to two students on Monday for their involvement in a brawl during the Cougars' basketball game at Mission Viejo High School Friday night. Anthony said Capistrano Valley parents and students identified the students. He said he could not reveal the students' names. Anthony suspended the students for joining a fight between players in the fourth quarter of the Cougars' 77-63 victory over Mission Viejo.
January 15, 1993 | TOM HAMILTON
Mission Viejo High School center David Bayer is scheduled to have surgery to remove his gall bladder today at UCLA Medical Center and will miss the remainder of the basketball season. Bayer, 17, suffered a gall bladder attack before Mission Viejo's South Coast League opener against Capistrano Valley Jan. 8 and was rushed to the hospital by the school's principal, Bob Metz.
March 2, 1993 | ANNA CEKOLA
Several Mission Viejo High School students helped sheriff's deputies arrest five boys Sunday evening as the suspects allegedly spray-painted graffiti on the back wall of a golf shop. "These students not only reported the malicious mischief, but had the presence of mind to photograph the vandals as they were spray-painting the rear wall of the Las Vegas Golf Shop in the area of Crown Valley Parkway and Puerto Real," Sheriff's Lt. George Johnson said in a written statement.
January 21, 1993 | KENT JANCARIK, Mission Viejo High School
Mission Viejo High School played host to its 10th annual Model United Nations conference this past weekend. More than 1,200 students from 25 high schools across the county gathered to debate the world's crises. When all was said and done, the delegation from Huntington Beach High, representing the United Kindgdom, was the overall winner. The conference was sponsored by Mission Viejo students and parents and MUN adviser Laurie Kund.
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