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Money Laundering

September 13, 2001 | From Reuters
After a review of U.S. anti-money-laundering efforts, the Bush administration will push banks to file fewer reports on potentially suspicious cash transfers while pursuing efforts to extend similar requirements to securities firms and casinos, sources said Wednesday. The new moves were detailed in a Treasury Department report that was to be presented to Congress Wednesday, people familiar with the report said.
October 25, 1990 | From McClatchy News Service
An Orange County man pleaded guilty Wednesday to helping former South Lake Tahoe Mayor Terry A. Trupp launder drug money during an elaborate undercover probe. Richard D. Brokhausen, 42, admitted that he carried $250,000 to the Caribbean island of Antigua on Trupp's behalf in December, 1988, without filing a disclosure report with the U.S. Customs Service.
June 3, 2008 | David G. Savage, Times Staff Writer
Hiding $81,000 in cash under the floorboard of a car and driving toward Mexico is not enough to prove the driver was guilty of money laundering, the Supreme Court ruled Monday. Instead, the court said, prosecutors must also prove the driver was traveling to Mexico for the purpose of hiding the true source of the funds. This was one of a pair of decisions handed down Monday that could make it harder for prosecutors to win convictions for money laundering.
May 13, 1997 | Reuters
Atty. Gen. Jorge Madrazo Cuellar said Monday that he has launched an investigation into allegations of money laundering by the government's food distribution agency, Conasupo. He said the government began its own investigation after the Washington Post reported Sunday that the U.S. Justice Department is looking into allegations that the older brother of former President Carlos Salinas de Gortari used Conasupo to launder drug profits through U.S. banks.
March 29, 2000 | Associated Press
A former Bank of New York employee pleaded guilty to charges stemming from a $7-billion Russian money-laundering scheme in a plea deal that calls for several months of home confinement. Svetlana Kudryavtsev, 50, of Brooklyn, N.Y., entered the plea in U.S. District Court in Manhattan. She will be sentenced July 7. Kudryavtsev, who was an associate in the bank's Eastern European division, admitted accepting $500 a month to monitor accounts being used to launder money.
January 15, 1997
A Corona del Mar attorney has been sentenced to 15 months in prison and ordered to pay a $40,000 fine after pleading guilty to money-laundering charges related to a telemarketing scam involving office products, according to the U.S. attorney's office. John Connelly Jr., 50, was indicted in November 1995 for engaging in illegal financial transactions, including helping conceal assets, related to a boiler-room operation run by his brother Dennis Connelly.
March 6, 2001 | From a Times Staff Writer
A Los Angeles attorney pleaded guilty in federal court Monday to laundering money for participants in an $18.9-million armed robbery at the Dunbar Armored truck depot. David Matsumoto, 50, who practices immigration and personal injury law, entered a plea to six counts of money laundering and one count of aiding and abetting in the filing of a false income tax return. U.S. District Judge Lourdes Baird set sentencing for May 21.
November 22, 1994 | From Associated Press
An American Express Co. subsidiary has reached a $50-million settlement with the government that prosecutors said includes the biggest civil fine ever assessed against a U.S. bank for money laundering. The settlement with American Express Bank International, which provides banking services to overseas clients of American Express Bank, stemmed from an investigation of a Mexican drug ring that allegedly smuggles hundreds of tons of Colombian cocaine a year into the United States.
February 5, 1995 | Associated Press
A city councilman has resigned after admitting that he took $70,000 in bribes in exchange for supporting developers on two projects. Michael Hernandez 34, resigned last week in an agreement with prosecutors, pleading guilty to tax evasion and conspiracy to solicit and accept bribes and launder money. He was released on $10,000 bond. U.S. Attorney Steve Hill said Hernandez is cooperating with authorities on a public corruption investigation.
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