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March 8, 2006
THE Food section is the highlight of my week, especially when you include recipes from our favorite restaurants in L.A. Thank you for publishing it. KARYN HIRSCH Santa Monica
April 23, 2007
Re: ["Her Self-diagnosis: Too Much Googling," April 16], I can relate to the article. I recently diagnosed myself with stomach cancer -- until it passed as gas. WENDY BECKENDORF Santa Monica
February 4, 1985 | KEVIN THOMAS, Times Staff Writer
Between Wednesday and Feb. 12 the Monica and Town & Country will present "A Salute to New French Cinema," consisting of 15 features as yet without U.S. distribution. They're not all masterpieces, of course, but there are some gems among the first dozen. "Viva la Vie" (Monica on Wednesday, T&C on Friday), a Claude Lelouch variant on "Close Encounters" with anti-nuke sentiments, lets down after a mysterious and exciting start.
January 4, 2007
"Wooing With Writing: A Story's Quick End," [Dec. 28] is one of the cleverest articles you've had in The Times in a long time. Get rid of Joel Stein and give Stephen Krcmar his space. ERIC COOPER Santa Monica
May 2, 2007
Iloved Regina Schrambling's story about immersion blenders ["Why Did the Hard Roll Run for Its Life?" April 25] and am inspired to obtain one. I was also enchanted by her reference to her persevering Osterizer. Mine was a wedding present in 1958, and it's still working. KIT DREYFUSS Santa Monica
November 11, 2006
Watching the gifted Terrell Owens' on-field escapades over the years, culminating in last week's "nap" in the end zone, I'm reminded of the words of the immortal Notre Dame football coach Frank Leahy: "Egotism is the anesthetic that dulls the pain of stupidity." IRA WIEDER Santa Monica
May 26, 2007
Jerry Crowe's article on Wes Parker [May 21] should be required reading for every major league ballplayer. As these millionaires sit in their mansions and count their autograph earnings, this remarkable story about Wes Parker might provide them with a little food for thought. They might even cut their autograph fees in half. WILLIAM RILEY Santa Monica
September 16, 1998 | PATT MORRISON
The scorn, the small sympathies, the smutty derision clamor and blare from the many-voiced media choir: Monica, you're a predatory slut. Monica, you're a sacrificial victim. Monica, get a talk show. Monica, get a book advance. Monica, get lost. Through these months of Fornigate, in a house in Newport Beach where the cats enjoy more freedom than their owner, lives a woman who has heard it before, because she heard it said about herself.
May 21, 2006
I enjoyed Jane Engle's May 14 article, "Special Airfares, When Available, May Not Be Bargains" [Travel Insider, May 14]. There is an alternative. Although it's not practical for everybody, we do have a national rail passenger system called Amtrak. Obviously, if a funeral is across the country tomorrow, you can't spend days on a train getting there. But with time on your side, you can save a bundle. ROGER WHITE Santa Monica
January 13, 2007
Let me get this straight: New York and Starbucks are busy banning and removing trans fat from their respective universes and the McCourts are installing a feeding trough in the right-field pavilion? Hate to tell Frank and Jamie, but those new seats will need replacing sooner than later with this marketing coup. MARK ROBINSON Santa Monica
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