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Morley Safer

March 24, 2014 | By Michael Hiltzik
What is it about TV news anchors and reporters stampeding to play themselves in fictional movies and TV shows? Do they think they don't get enough screen time doing, you know, their real jobs? This habit has blotted the reputations of TV journalists for years, even decades. But that egregious Netflix show "House of Cards" has stepped up the self-whoring to a whole new level. Brian Rooney of the Rooney Report totes up the reputational wreckage : "To name a few: CNN's John King, Soledad O'Brien, now with Al Jazeera America, NBC's Kelly O'Donnell, and MSNBC's Rachel Maddow.
February 16, 1996 | From Reuters
CBS Inc. told a judge Thursday that Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corp. does not need the confidential information it is trying to force from "60 Minutes" journalists about the tobacco company's former research chief turned whistle-blower. The network is seeking a ruling that would throw out subpoenas issued to television news show veterans Mike Wallace and Morley Safer and others about a controversial interview with former B&W executive Jeffrey Wigand. Louisville, Ky.
February 7, 1992 | ROBERT KOEHLER
Forget cocaine--guns have clearly become the premier American drug of choice. And it's hitting the TV airwaves in a big way this weekend. Whether it's the deadly serious "60 Minutes" segment, "Bang, Bang, You're Dead" (at 7 p.m. Sunday on CBS), or the ironic and mordant "Guns and Violence" episode of the delicious series "The 90's" (at 10 tonight on KCET Channel 28), the message is clear: Like any full-time user, Americans are paying a heavy price for their firearms habit.
November 2, 2002 | Mark Sachs, Times Staff Writer
Someday, the Hollywood power brokers who reign over TV programming will wake up to discover that the cult of celebrity is over, and that the public has finally had its fill of the endless profiles of the rich and famous that have been clogging the airwaves since the medium was in its infancy.
January 30, 1996 | From Associated Press
Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corp. received permission Monday to seek sworn depositions from "60 Minutes" correspondent Mike Wallace and other CBS employees who interviewed whistle-blower Jeffrey Wigand. Lawyers for the Louisville, Ky.
May 12, 1989 | JAY SHARBUTT, Times Staff Writer
CBS News correspondents Meredith Vieira and Steve Kroft will leave the low-rated "West 57th" magazine series for its high-rated older brother, "60 Minutes," the network said Thursday. The shift comes three months after Diane Sawyer made her well-publicized jump from "60 Minutes" to ABC News to co-anchor a new prime-time series, and less than two months after Connie Chung left NBC to anchor what will be a revamped version of "West 57th" next fall. Vieira, 35, has been with "West 57th" since it premiered in 1985.
March 25, 1995 | LYNN TSAN, Lynn Tsan is a USC graduate student who lives in Cerritos.
Working mothers aren't home. Welfare mothers aren't working. You need a thick skin to be a mother in America today. Chastised by politicians, the media and just about everyone else for not instilling proper family values in today's children, American mothers have become scapegoats for an uncertain society struggling with changes too tough for even Mom to fix.
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