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Mother In Law

March 26, 1985 | Associated Press
A prison inmate who wrote threatening letters to his mother-in-law may be convicted of making threats of bodily harm, even though he could not carry them out, a state appeals court ruled Monday. The justices upheld the conviction of Gerald Ditsch, 45, who is serving a 2 1/2-year sentence in the Norfolk County House of Correction in Dedham for raping his 12-year-old daughter, and sentenced him to an additional six-month term for writing the letters.
May 1, 1989 | MARCIDA DODSON, Times Staff Writer
They call it the "sandwich generation." That may sound like baloney and the makings of even more puns. But for those of us who have joined the ranks, it is no joke. The term refers to adults who are caring for not only their own children, but their aging parents as well. Squeezed in the middle, they are raising children while juggling the emotional, financial and logistical problems of playing parent to their own parents. Caring for the elderly is nothing new, but this "middle generation squeeze" is bound to become a growing issue, according to Sharon Hamill, a doctoral student at UC Irvine who is studying multigeneration families.
April 21, 2000 | From Associated Press
A woman suspected of shooting her new daughter-in-law in the head one day after the victim's wedding was being held Thursday in lieu of $1-million bail. The shooting occurred at a funeral wake Saturday in the remote Shasta County town of Hat Creek. A sheriff's deputy said it was precipitated by the younger woman's refusal to allow her mother-in-law to use a truck belonging to the suspect's son. Yvonne Ann Elmore, 30, is in critical condition, Deputy Dist. Atty. Stew Jankowitz said.
June 11, 1990 | From United Press International
Allstate Sues Over Alleged Conspiracy: Allstate Insurance Co. filed suit Thursday, claiming that it is not obliged to defend or indemnify a woman accused of conspiring to kill her husband. The U.S. District Court suit, filed in Los Angeles, says Cynthia Lyerla of Santa Barbara was sued by her mother-in-law for conspiring to murder Harold Lyerla. A man was convicted of the murder, but Cynthia Lyerla has not been charged.
September 20, 1986 | United Press International
A Palm Beach County jury Friday found Charles Harris not guilty of charges that he strangled his mother-in-law, Martha Dodge Gerlach, former wife of automobile heir Horace Dodge Jr. Pathologists testified that Gerlach died accidentally in her Jupiter, Fla., condominium. They said the 72-year-old woman crawled, while intoxicated, on her bedroom floor and her neck was somehow caught in a loop of a telephone cord, which strangled her.
April 7, 1994
As a father, I found Linda Feldman's "For Seniors" column ("Grandma' Puts Things Into Perspective," March 27) very sad. While I admire her contentment and her compliance with her daughter's wish that she stay away for two weeks after the birth of her first grandchild, why would this be the desire? How sad that young men tell her, "The worst thing was having my mother-in-law with us. . . ." I was very happy to have my mother-in-law, Anne Rubin, stay with us and help after each of our children was born.
May 22, 1991
I enjoyed your column today on the Casserole Brigade. It is an aspect of getting older that can be both funny and serious. Although not yet 40 myself, I am fascinated by the social conditions of "ageism." My father-in-law passed away last year and my mother-in-law has had the toughest time of all of us. Fortunately, there is a bereavement group in Leisure World that meets weekly, and it has been a great help to her. Not long after his obituary was in the paper, someone called and offered her help and the information about the group.
September 19, 2013 | By Betsy Sharkey, Los Angeles Times Film Critic
"Mother of George" is an unexpected gem about true love, infertility and a meddling mother-in-law. The couple under duress is part of Brooklyn's close-knit Nigerian immigrant community. Not a side of that borough we usually see. But it is the kind of distinctive, culture-driven drama from emerging filmmakers that I wish we saw more of. Darci Picoult's screenplay is refreshingly spare and alive with energy in director Andrew Dosunmu's hands. The Nigerian-born Dosunmu knows the New York immigrant experience firsthand.
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