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Mother Love

May 23, 1991 | Dianne Klein
I was in a hurry, not wanting to press my luck. She, not quite 8 months old, was strapped in the baby carrier that was straddling the grocery cart. I was picking things off the shelves and throwing them beneath her into the cart. She was happy, sometimes just tossing her arms into the air out of pure delight, but who knew how long it would last? I just wanted to get on with it and get out.
June 23, 2013 | By Mark Olsen
The Los Angeles Film Festival announced its prize winners during a brunch downtown on Sunday afternoon. Actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead was there to present the feature film jury prizes. The jury prize for narrative film went to Janis Nords for “Mother, I Love You,” a Latvian film about a little boy who falls into a world of petty crime. The jury prize for documentary film went to Ryan McGarry for “Code Black,” a look at changes affecting emergency room medicine at Los Angeles County/USC Medical Center.
November 6, 1997
Your Oct. 28 article on the potentially harmful effects that lack of "mother love" and "maternal separation" may cause in the brains of infants failed to speculate on the equally damaging impact that lack of "fatherly love" might have on child development. If researchers are positing that infants are at risk when they go without caresses, assurance, stimulation and other regular demonstrations of love, clearly these are forms of nurture and care that can (and often are) provided as easily by men as by women.
November 30, 2012 | By Tamara Jones, This post has been updated. See below for details
She didn't notice it was gone at first, not in the midnight confusion of a canceled flight, not in the scrum at customer service, not in the sleepy courtesy van ride to an airport hotel where her luggage would not be waiting. The loss didn't register until the next morning, when Bridget Hughes realized she had no hairbrush and went to hide her messy hair with the floppy brown hat that she takes everywhere. The hat wasn't in her backpack - the only bag she had with her. Oh no, oh no, I can't have lost this, she remembers thinking.
October 25, 1990 | RAY LOYND
Diana Rigg's psychopathic mom in "Mother Love" (on PBS' "Mystery!" series tonight at 9 on Channels 28 and 15, and 8 on Channel 50) is a performance that will keep you shivering and running back to your set the next two weeks to catch the final installments. The BBC production is immensely gripping, and Rigg will quickly make you forget her jumpsuited Emma Peel on that '60s British series "The Avengers." Rigg's choking collars and slicked-back hair are telling images.
The worst mother-in-law in California was also the last woman to be executed in the state, in 1962. Elizabeth Ann "Ma" Duncan was 58. She had stalked and finally ordered the death of her pregnant daughter-in-law in an example of mother love gone wrong. Only four women have been executed in California since 1893; the records are unclear whether any were put to death by local agencies before then. All four were convicted murderers.
Dedicated to the author's mother, whose recollections of an extraordinary girlhood provide setting, structure and the three characters who are virtually the entire cast, "Joanna" reduces most conventional coming-of-age novels to pabulum. Each of the four sections is told in the voice of the narrator; Joanna speaking in the first segment as an anguished adolescent and in the last as a mature woman still reeling from the misery of her early life.
May 11, 2003 | Ann Hulbert, Ann Hulbert is author of "Raising America: Experts, Parents, and a Century of Advice About Children" (Knopf, 2003).
Mother's Day brings out the carnations -- emblems of the sweetness, purity and endurance of mother love -- but it also has a history of bringing out the curmudgeon in some Americans. Anna Jarvis herself, the woman whose tireless campaign inspired the 1914 congressional resolution naming the day, spent the rest of her life ranting against greedy florists and assorted exploiters of the occasion.
February 26, 1991 | ALEENE MacMINN, Arts and entertainment reports from The Times, national and international news services and the nation's press
Fox Has a New Love: Former KFI radio personality Mother Love will take up residence on television in a new late-night half-hour show set to start March 18 on Fox's KTTV Channel 11. "The Mother Love Show," airing 11-11:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, will find its outspoken host talking about real-life topics with a comic slant. Mother Love left KFI last November after 14 months to pursue a TV career.
September 3, 1989
What's a newcomer, Mother Love, doing on your cover when Los Angeles already has theliveliest, most provocative and thoughtful talk radio host in the country, Carole Hemingway? BARBARA SHORE Los Angeles
September 14, 2012 | Gale Holland, Los Angeles Times
Everyone else seems to have calmed down. But I'm still shaking my head at the mom Olympics that competed with the real ones this political season. First, former State Department official Ann-Marie Slaughter in the Atlantic magazine told us we can't have it all. Then Marissa Mayer, the new head of Yahoo, declared she'd work through her brief maternity leave. The usual chorus of voices rose to defend or attack each woman. The mommy wars, yawn. I just can't get worked up over them anymore.
December 15, 2009 | Bill Dwyre
Nobody would fault middleweight boxing champion Kelly Pavlik for being a bit overconfident going into his match Saturday night. He might think, after all, that he is fighting a mama's boy. FOR THE RECORD: Boxing: Bill Dwyre's column in Tuesday's Sports section said Saturday's Kelly Pavlik-Miguel Espino fight would be an HBO pay-per-view event. It is a Top Rank Productions pay-per-view event. — At least that could be one perception of his opponent, Miguel (Mike)
We see the boots first, then the leather cigarette case, the silver lighter -- all very worn, very male -- in the seedy motel room where sounds of sex, raw and desperate, fill the air. But appearances are rarely what they seem in "Trucker." It will be the woman who shrugs off the night; the boots and the rest are hers too. Lean and sinewy, she heads for an 18-wheeler in the parking lot out front, slides behind the wheel and kicks the engine into a dull roar. As the road stretches out in front of her, only then does she breathe easy.
June 19, 2009 | F. Kathleen Foley; Charlotte Stoudt; Philip Brandes; David C. Nichols
"El Ogrito (The Ogreling)" is a deliciously unexpurgated fairy tale with a decidedly grisly bent. Part of 24th Street Theatre's Teatro Nuevo Internacional program, "Ogrito" was originally written in French by Quebec-based playwright Suzanne Lebeau and translated into Spanish by Cecelia Iris Fasola. This U.S. premiere is performed in Spanish with English supertitles translated by Shelley Tepperman. That may seem a case of too many cooks, but nothing was lost in this translation, which functions as both charming entertainment and pointed political allegory.
March 19, 2008 | DAN NEIL
Let's begin with a verity, an undeniable truth that is evident from 3 feet away or from the cold distance of outer space: The new 1-series BMW is ugly. Seriously ugly. Ugly with X-wings locked in attack formation. Spare me your E.H. Gombrich or Helen Gardner. I know an ugly car when one blows past me at 100 mph. Ugly cars are unusual, for very good reasons.
May 29, 2007 | David Wharton, Times Staff Writer
The woman in the black jacket and short gray hair, sitting a dozen or so rows above the ice, had spent most of the evening stuck to her chair, trying to look calm, occasionally wringing her hands. This time was supposed to be easier for Carol Niedermayer. Not like four years ago when her sons reached the Stanley Cup finals with different teams, Rob on the Ducks against Scott on the New Jersey Devils.
June 27, 1989 | ALEENE MacMINN, Arts and entertainment reports from The Times, national and international news services and the nation's press
Actress Diana Rigg will be the host of the PBS series "Mystery!" next season, taking over from Vincent Price who has hosted the program since 1981. Rigg, who played Emma Peel on the British spy series "The Avengers," also will star in a "Mystery!" presentation next year titled "Mother Love."
October 30, 2006 | Mark Goulston, Special to The Times
"You're not a bad daughter," I told my patient, a grown woman with children of her own. Her body shook as she sobbed. Her 92-year-old mother was in failing health, living in an upscale assisted-living facility. Although she did not require a walker, wheelchair, feeding tube or oxygen as did many of the other residents, she complained incessantly -- about the food, uncaring family members, the brusqueness of the staff.
January 11, 2005 | Michael Standaert, Special to The Times
For all of the tragedies that have befallen Africa over the past century, none has had ramifications more serious than the scourge of HIV and AIDS. As a senior correspondent for ABC News "Nightline," Jim Wooten has long known the plagues, the civil wars, the genocides and the famines that (sometimes) grab the headlines.
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