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October 26, 1985
All year I've heard nothing but what a great motivator Tommy Lasorda is. Well, where was this motivation when the Dodgers needed it most? The Dodgers didn't go down fighting, they quit with three outs to go. If the Cardinals had quit after Mike Marshall's home run, there would have been a Game 7. Is Lasorda's idea of motivation using every four-letter expletive in the book? It seemed to me Lasorda's mind was somewhere else, maybe on his next meal. MARK C. RICHARDSON Northridge
April 17, 2005
Just as Dustin Hoffman found the essence of the pain in his characters, Mary McNamara found the soul in Dustin's journey. Discovering the essential motivation in any action is the basis for true art, journalism or any other activity. Mel Epstein Sherman Oaks
September 9, 1990
Concerning Charles Champlin's Sept. 2 article on Jerry Lewis: Even if Lewis' primary motivation for his amazing charitable contributions was pure ego (as some have suggested), so what? The bottom line is that he has helped an awful lot of people ease their pain, physical and otherwise. Anyone who attempts any kind of great achievement must have some kind of ego to believe he or she can accomplish it . . . and that person deserves recognition. After all, the good doctor from La Jolla didn't object when they called it the Salk vaccine, did he?
October 2, 2003
I wanted to thank you for a fantastic and inspiring article ("L.A.: Gehry's Laboratory," Sept. 11). Frank Gehry has been a hero of mine for the past 25 years (since moving to Santa Monica -- only blocks from his home). My only wish is that James Verini gets the motivation to expand his article to a series on the master. Allan Holzman Santa Monica
February 24, 2007
So the Anaheim Ducks received inspiration from their dads' presence in their come-from-behind win over the Phoenix Coyotes. So that's why they've been playing so poorly lately. They needed their daddies present to motivate them. One might think possibly winning the Stanley Cup would be motivation enough for these guys. I guess not. RON REEVE Glendora
March 24, 2008 | Larry Stewart, Times Staff Writer
Coaches are always looking for something to fire up their players. For the University of San Diego's Bill Grier, it wasn't what he heard before his Toreros knocked off Connecticut in the first round of the NCAA tournament, it was what he didn't hear. "I was in my hotel room getting ready to go, and Seth Davis, who I know fairly well, was talking on CBS [saying], 'I feel there is going to be a lot of upsets today,' " Grier told Fox Sports Radio's Andrew Siciliano. "He went through all the ones he thought were going to win, and never mentioned our name.
January 2, 1993
Rather than concentrating on playing football, USC's players seemed to be much better at shooting off their mouths about how wonderful they were and how unworthy an opponent Fresno State was. The net result was providing motivation for the opposition to deal USC possibly the most ignominious defeat in school history. A football team is not a democratic institution. If the coach is unwilling or unable to control his team, he's not doing his job. Larry Smith needs to find a new line of work.
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